• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lesley Field Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

English Springer Spaniel Club Of Wales

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)


There was most certainly a ‘welcome in the hillsides’ from the ESSC of Wales Committee and my thanks for the warm welcome. I was more than pleased with the general quality of my winners, but, that said, breeders look to have a challenge on their hands to find the necessary ways to address some concerning breed specific conformational elements which have crept into the Breed.

What has happened to heads and expressions? Balance too appears inconsistent and not always commensurate with the Standard. While I acknowledge that the floor surface was not ideal, there was little evidence of true ESS movement in several of the exhibits present on the day.


Minor Puppy No Entries

Puppy No Entries

Junior 3 entries (1 Absent)

1. Topliss Beresford Night Train

Smart, masculine young dog with plenty of worthy breed points to commend him. Pleasing head structure, slightly light of the eye, but not harsh enough to spoil his expression, short coupled with good body proportions, including powerful rear end which he used well on the move, in spite of the unaccommodating floor surface.

2. O’Connor Calvdale Night on the Town with Karlejay smart young dog, quietly handled to show him off at his best. Not quite the refinement in head proportions of 1, but still with kind expression, sufficient depth of body and bone for his age. Still plenty to look forward to as he matures.

Yearling 1 entry

1. Eyeington Meadowdale Storm Trooper

Unopposed in this class, but impressive in many departments. There is no doubting this b/w’s quality, both in construction overall and his movement, which was sound and effortless, despite the floor restrictions, impressed. Yes, he has still to mature in body, but was to my mind just right at this stage. To top it all his head and expression are just what I look for in the breed; without doubt all male, but with a suggestion of elegance. Delighted to award him the Reserve CC, because on the day he pleased me so much.

Maiden No Entries

Novice No Entries

Graduate No Entries

Post Graduate 7 Entries (3 Absent)

1. Savell Plaiglen All that Jazz with Allenie

A lot to admire about this dog in construction and balance. I would prefer a slightly more masculine head structure, but his eye and expression were likeable. He certainly scored in good depth of bone with lovely legs and feet. Hind angulation was unexaggerated and he used his well-muscled hindquarters to travel to good effect.

2. Such Trimere Ticks the Box at Mujascal

Perhaps overall more the style of dog that appeals to me, but today he was not making his handler’s job easy in what was a confined space and he consequently paid the price. He was presented in good order and certainly as he matures his endearing, when not being over ebullient, personality, should stand him in good stead.

3. Merrick Tiverstone Stirling Castle at Stormerick

Limit 2 Entries

1. Smith Melverly Top Geezer

Oozes breed type and well named. Fills the eye for balance and structure, melting head and expression, with gentle flow of good length of neck into just the right degree of slope to his shoulders. Great front and depth of chest, and with appropriate angulation in rear to allow him to move with effortless drive, purpose and precision. I was chuffed to have the pleasure of judging him in his best bib and tucker and he did everything asked of him today for me to award him the Dog CC and BIS.

2. Whitworth Freworth Polar Express

Unfortunately, up against the superior quality and body proportions of 1 and not helping his handler to show off his good points, which were his good depth of bone and body, with no obvious exaggerations overall to his detriment.

Open 7 Entries

A tough decision between 1 and 2, as they are quite different stamps of quality dogs. Both clearly are well constructed and therefore able to strut their stuff to advantage. In the final analysis for me, the more masculine outlook and balance of 1 held sway.

1. Smith Sh Ch Melverly Buona Notte

A top-quality masculine dog from this breeder’s stable, who already holds his laudable title. His head without doubt is his crowning glory and once seen, never forgotten. Super body proportions with first class neck and shoulder placement. To be honest, I would prefer less angulation in rear. Having said that he moved fluidly and with just the right amount of self-confidence to win this class.

1. Bott & Savell Sh Ch Art-Waves Standing Ovation for Allenie (imp Swe)

This dog’s quality and physical attributes, particularly his head and expression cannot be denied. For me, however, not quite the overall preferred balance or masculinity of 1, but in truth all the parts fit perfectly together as they should. He is certainly the ultimate showman and handled with great skill, empathy and efficiency. Cannot fail to catch your eye and I wish him well for the future, which I am sure will be rosy.

2. Brough & Walker Riselawroad No Deal

Veteran 2 Entries

1. Tracz Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM

Like all good wines, they get better with age and much the same could be said for this senior citizen. In hard condition, good body and bone, make and shape overall and put down to the minute at the ripe old age of rising 10. Moved freely and happily and can still show the youngsters how to shift!

2. Drinkall Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft IR Vet CH only a year younger than 1 and not quite the balance of the winner. However, he was in good coat and condition, went well and clearly enjoying his day.


Minor Puppy 1 Entry

1. Smith Belavita Star

Unchallenged, she was however very pleasing to examine with a typical headpiece and eyes of a good colour. Ample substance with good depth of body and bone. I was happy to excuse her ebullience, as she presented a pretty picture and showed me enough on the move to assess her soundness. BEST PUPPY

Puppy 1 Entry

1. Holman Wenark Mayzin Grace (Naf Taf Araf)

Pretty headed bitch, whose sweet expression and dark eye cannot fail to please and she has a lot going for her. Perhaps still a little raw for her age but, overall, she is an acceptable size, with good bone and tight feet. Once she learns to settle better on the move, she ought to be able to make her mark.

Junior 6 Entries (1 absent)

1. Hydon Clentonian Pandemonium

I was really taken with this lovely young lady, whose feminine head and expression are a delight. There is no denying her excellent body proportions, with a good depth of chest. She stands on super legs and tight feet and possesses excellent fore and rear angulations. No surprise then to find her movement was fluid and accurate. Some would coin the phrase to describe her as unexaggerated or honest, but she is more than that. Just not the finish today for higher awards just yet, but I hope they are on the horizon.

2. Calvert Beresford Night Spell

Lots going for this attractive well made bitch whose head is a touch stronger in skull than 1. She too presents a lovely outline, with good body and bone and exhibited in hard condition. Not quite the movement of 1, but top marks to her adept and accomplished young handler for showing off her virtues so confidently and making my decision a close call.

3. Topliss Beresford Night Class

Yearling 4 Entries

1. Calvert Calvdale Heritage of Folly JW

In stance this bitch exudes class, due in most part to her excellent neck and shoulder placement. She is well balanced in body and her head is well proportioned with a melting expression. She moved out with freedom and handled to perfection.

2. Cunliffe Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf Celtic Jnr Ch

Pretty bitch with quite a bit going for her in make and shape. The construction is there, but not yet with the finish required today to compete with 1. This currently shows particularly in her head structure. I anticipate that as she matures, as doubtless she will, time will be her friend.

3. Shovel Tiverstone Honeycrunch

Maiden No Entries

Novice 1 Entry

1. Cunliffe Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf Celtic Jnr Ch

Graduate 2 Entries

1. Cunliffe Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf Celtic Jnr Ch

2. Henson Roqfolly Czech Maid

Honest bitch doing her best to please her patient handler. Not the make, shape and substance I was looking for and not able to compete against the quality of 1.

Post Graduate 8 Entries (1 Absent)

1. Corbett Trimere Ticatboo

So much to admire in this very well constructed bitch, compactness with sufficient depth of body and bone, without being too short, attractive head and much appeal in her expressive dark eyes. She is one with substance and elegance combined, standing on lovely neat feet. Well-conditioned and with good muscular tone, she moved freely to take this class and be up close in the challenge.

2. Glendinning Plaiglen Dazzled

Lots of appeal all round for this pretty bitch, sweet head and expression, standing on good legs and feet. Similar remarks to 1 apply, only perhaps a little finer all over, which given the age difference between 1 and 2 is acceptable. Expertly handled to show off her many attributes.

3. Topliss Beresford What the Devil

Limit 8 Entries (2 Absent)

1. Nicolson Loxbourne Disco Diva at Kingsheath JW

Nothing overdone on this ultra-feminine bitch. She is what she is. Just the kind of balance, construction, depth of bone and body that the Standard calls for with the easy floating typical movement of the breed to complement. She has always showed promise from the get-go and maturity has helped finish the picture. Everything has its imperfections and yes, I would prefer a slightly darker eye. However, it does not detract to any great degree as the construction of her head and body properties are spot on. It was a pleasure to award her the Reserve CC and I wish her and her owner well for the future in the upper house.

2. Richardson Cherishym Chara

Sweet headed bitch, well-constructed head and body, with good balance and a touch of quality about her. Some minor tweaks to coat presentation should help to better enhance her physical attributes and today she did not move with as much freedom and footfall accuracy as 1.

3. Calvert Calvdale Hot Pink JW

Open 7 Entries (2 Absent)

1. Corbett Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid

Another from this kennel to project class and style, with the movement to match and handled adeptly to show off her numerous qualities. Attractive head and appealing expression, with tip top balance from nose to tail. True accurate mover and natural show off. Easy to appreciate why she is well worthy of her title.

2. Corbett Olliva Ruthless with Trimere (imp CZE)

Giving away a few years in age to 1, but still retaining finish and quality, she could not quite match 1 in head properties, or balance overall, being a bit lengthier in back. Nevertheless, a bitch with virtues to be appreciated.

3. Eyeington Flaming Whirlwind of Meadowdale JW ShCM Jun Ch

Veteran 4 Entries (1 Absent)

1. Holt Ms K & Miss B Sh Ch Trimere Tranquiliser at Bethryn ShCM Ir Vet Ch

A truly classical epitome of femininity, bred in the purple and in her prime, she has undoubtedly blossomed with every passing year. She scores particularly in head shape with the combination of foreface, stop and skull together with copybook eye shape and colour producing the ideal melting expression synonymous with the breed. Added to this, despite her years, she glided around the room with great poise and presence. Certainly, right on song today, she stood out and it was my pleasure to award her the CC against another similarly elegant competitors.

2. Cunliffe Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM

Another timeless star still shining bright, fit and well and moving with élan on super legs and feet. Well-proportioned all over, super balanced headpiece with an alert and kindly expression. Relaxed positive mover with a real showgirl attitude. A credit to all her connections.

3. Hipgrave Ternspringer Melody

Special Beginners No Entries