• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Coton De Tulear

  I was delighted to be given the opportunity to judge the breed at this level for the first time and the entry that awaited me was super.  We were blessed with lovely weather so could use the big outdoor rings, although the breeze wasn’t that helpful to the poor exhibitors trying to keep their dogs’ coats in order!  I was looking for a small dog with good substance and the desired topline and tail carriage that makes the outline of the Coton so distinctive. Several nice dogs stood with lovely toplines which flattened a little on the move, a few were too close behind and untidy coming towards, mouths were perfect and coat texture of a majority of the entry was lovely.  Presentation was first class and temperaments were a delight.  Overall I found the males had a better depth of quality with several more than worthy of the top awards and less separating their placings. However, it was nice to judge a very even, sound entry of dogs and it seems the breed is in a good place. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time amongst a lovely bunch of exhibitors and this beautiful breed.   Puppy Dog (2)  1. Scott’s Cotonkiss Perfect Storm. 7 month old with delightful temperament and obvious willingness to please his handler. Masculine head with good pigment all through, nicely balanced length of muzzle, good underjaw, well spaced dark eyes and appealing expression.  Ample reach of neck, body developing well for age, moderately angulated rear and correctly set tail held correctly when stood. On the move he covered the ground with ease, moving away particularly accurately and in profile holding a decent topline with tail carried happily. Coat coming nicely and of the correct texture, presented well. BPD.  2. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws Going My Way.  Such a shame this 9 month old was a little apprehensive and so wasn’t making the most of himself as at first glance I thought he would be my winner.  Lovely head shape with good width to skull, correctly set ears, good length of muzzle, slight stop and dark round eyes. Typical outline with lovely topline, good spring of rib, forechest and tuck up.  In super coat and condition, moved out well enough but wouldn’t lift tail and wasn’t as good behind as 1. I hope he was just having an off day as he is a lovely type.  Junior Dog (2,1)  1. Knight’s Jespersen’s Commander at Blosscoton. Super 12 month old youngster in lovely coat of the correct texture with good pigmentation all through. Lovely neck and shoulders, correct length of body, well sprung ribs, good depth of chest and correct topline held firm both standing and on the move. Sweet head and expression with round eyes, correctly set pendant ears, nicely rounded skull of good width. Moved very smartly maintaining a good outline at all times. Stood alone but more than deserved his first place and will no doubt finish well with a bit more maturity.  Post Grad Dog (2,1)  1. Holley’s Imerina Teddy Edward at Valeast.  19 months old, presented in superb condition and handled to an advantage. Super head and expression with dense pigment throughout, good width of skull, lovely dark round eyes, well proportioned length of muzzle with strong underjaw and correct mouth.  Ample neck, super front assembly, good forechest, well sprung ribs, strong loin with slight rise and correctly angulated rear and croup to give a well balanced, typical outline.  Moved with a free, effortless gait carrying tail correctly on the move, just a touch close going away. In my consideration for the top awards and I’m sure has a bright future ahead of him.  Open Dog (8,2)  Lovely class.  1. Craig’s Cotonkiss Moon Rock Shcm. A real class act who couldn’t be ignored and after a first look at the class I knew he was the one to beat. Loved his outline in profile, so nicely balanced with the desired proportions and topline to give the typical ‘Coton’ shape finished with a beautiful, full coat of the correct texture presented to perfection. Arched neck of ample length, super layback of shoulders, straight front, good chest and ribbing, super topline and tail set, moderate rear angulation and good feet.  Lovely headpiece with super pigmentation, beautiful dark eyes, good width of skull, slight stop, correct length of muzzle and strong jaw.  Moved accurately in all directions holding his topline firm and carrying his tail correctly.  Lovely type and so soundly made he had to take the class and later BD & BOB. Delighted to see that he made the shortlist in the toy group at the end of the day, well done.   2. Watson & Disney’s Petit Casson’s Omega at Happypaws.  Another very nice exhibit, this one a 3 year old a fraction smaller all through but again with the balance and topline typical of the breed with moderate reach of neck, good depth of chest, strong loin, moderate tuck up and correctly angulated rear.  Well set out head with slightly rounded skull, correctly set pendant ears, round expressive eyes, slight stop and good muzzle length. Good pigmentation throughout and correctly textured white coat finish the picture. Moved well in all directions holding his lovely outline perfectly in profile and carrying his tail well.  Handled to an advantage as were all from this kennel. RBD.  3. Murdoch & Hirst’s Cotonalba Geary Shcm.  Yet another nice one who deserves a small mention, it was no bad thing to stand 3rd in this nice class. Fabulous temperament and fun attitude, really smart, accurate mover which was no surprise given his sound construction.   Puppy Bitch (2)  1. Murdoch & Hirst’s Cotonalba Boreraig.  Sweet 11 month baby of a nice size and well balanced length with correct topline and tail set and ample reach of gently crested neck.  Correctly angulated fore and aft, straight front, small feet, good depth of chest, strong loin and moderately angulated, parallel rear.  Pretty head with decent pigment, dark eyes, slight stop and good muzzle length.  Moved very happily, covering the ground with ease maintaining a good outline in profile.  In decent coat for her age, still with lots of maturing to do as she heads into the adult classes. BPIB.  2. Clover’s Cotonclover Love Affair.  10 months old and not the most confident on the table but very happy on the move which was her real forte as she strode out happily and freely in all directions.  Nice size with good length of body. Sweet expression with round eyes, decent pigment, muzzle a little longer than ideal.    Junior Bitch (3) Close decision between these 3 as each had different points to admire.  1. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws Fancy Nancy.  Only just out of the puppy class but nicely matured for her age and in beautiful coat and condition. Small and feminine with correct length to height ratio, lovely topline and ample neck producing a very nicely balanced outline enhanced by her beautiful white, supple coat.  Pretty head with good pigment, round eyes spaced well apart, slight stop, straight muzzle of correct length with good width to skull and correctly set ears. Soundly constructed throughout with good neck and shoulders, straight front, well developed forechest, good spring of rib and strong loin.  Moved with a smooth, accurate gait holding her topline and tail well. A really happy, friendly little girl who still has some maturing to do but more than deserved to top the bitch entry and complimented the dog well in the final challenge. BB, BOS.  2. Pearman & Vinaccia Cotonkiss Penny From Heaven at Mopseycoton. This 15 month old pushed 1 all the way. Very similar in size and shape with enough white coat of the correct cotton texture which was groomed beautifully.  Loved her head which was enhanced by fabulous, dense pigment and beautiful round dark eyes. Lovely width to skull, pendant ears set correctly, well proportioned muzzle length with strong jaw and good mouth. Adequate neck, nicely angulated front and rear, good ribbing, slight tuck up and slight rise over loin.   Moved very smartly in all directions maintaining a nice outline, just a touch closer behind than 1 and not quite the topline and tail but still a lovely quality youngster who I considered for RBB.  3. Holley’s Cotonbrie Mirtilla at Valeast (Imp)  Post Grad Bitch (3)  1. Pearman & Vinaccia’s Jespersen’s Ziggi Wiggi at Mopseycoton.  18month old with a nice balance to her outline, good rise over a strong loin, moderate reach of neck, good chest and ribbing and correctly carried tail both on the move and at rest.  Nice head shape and proportions with good pigment, straight muzzle, strong jaw and lovely, happy expression. In plenty of correctly textured white coat which enhanced her typical outline and was presented beautifully. Moved with a lovely free gait holding a good topline and tail and was one of the best going away.  Just pipped her younger kennel mate to RBB.   2. Craig’s Cotonkiss Juicy Lucy.  Close up to 1 with plenty to admire. Another with a nice outline when stood ample neck, good front assembly, well sprung ribs, moderately angulated rear and low set tail.  Nicely proportioned, feminine head with dark pigment, round eyes and appealing expression.  Moved out smartly and was handled and presented to perfection.   3. Brooks’ Cotonkiss Move Over Darling for Toytales.  Open Bitch (2,1)  1. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws Be Dazzled. 2 ½ year old full coated and fully mature lady.   Moderate reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good forechest, lovely spring of rib, super substance and bone.  Decent rise over loin and fall over croup to give a typical outline which she held well on the move. Slightly rounded skull of good width with lovely dark round eyes, slight stop, good underjaw and muzzle length, dark pigment and super expression.  Moved very smartly covering the ground with a free, easy gait carrying her tail well once she got going.