• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Leigh Morris Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Whippet

 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show   20th May 2018  Whippets  It was an honour to judge the whippets at Scottish Kennel Club General Championship Show.  We started the day off with a rousing round of applause in memory of Mrs Jessie McLeod, who sadly had quite recently passed away.  It was a very fitting tribute to a lovely and very well respected, breeder, exhibitor and judge of our beloved breed. She will indeed be very sadly missed by many. I was looking for a whippet with overall balance, elegance and grace, with no exaggeration.  I am pleased to say I found this in all my winners, unfortunately a few of the exhibits did not seem to like the venue, and this did affect their performance on the day. A big thank you to my two stewards, who really helped me throughout the day and kept everything running smoothly.

Minor Puppy Dog 

1st  Price. Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance. A classic 8 month old fawn puppy of good size, correctly balanced, moved true up and back, and kept his top line on the move. BPD, he was a little unsettled for the puppy challenge. 

2nd Sykes. Veredon Lessons In Love. Another promising fawn puppy dog, very much the same type as one. Stunning expression and in excellent condition, good front, moved with confidence for such a youngster.

3rd Russell. Lawrence Von Anluna’s To Arjuna   

Puppy Dog 

1st Price. Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance. 

2nd Mowbray. West Chelan Quilted Caviar. Very eye catching red brindle dog, 11 months, good shoulders, nice top line and well balanced. Up and back movement slightly stilted but covered the ground well in profile. Shown in excellent condition and beautifully handled. 

3rd Dufty & Morland. Triken One Last Dream          

Junior Dog 

1st Head. Demerlay Snowy Owl. Light fawn dog, maturing nicely, moved soundly covering the ground well, overall good balance won him this class.

2nd McKenzie. Courtbourne Timmy At Aberlark. Pale lemon brindle, super head and expression, moved true coming and going. Profile movement had plenty of drive, but would like to see a bit more front extension.

3rd Johnston. Danluke Death By Chocolate For Rheagar   

Yearling Dog 

1st Howgate. Palmick Whisper Again. Very eye catching blue brindle dog  correct size and beautifully balanced, a little unsettled in his up and down movement, not his favourite venue I think. His profile movement was very good with strong drive and good front extension, shown in excellent condition. 

2nd Dargue. Supetas Just Call Me Special. Another handsome youngster with a bright future moved well and covered the ground with ease, again shown in lovely condition and well handled.  

3rd Brown. Collooney Why Eye Man At Tamelden  

Graduate Dog 

1st Head. Demerlay Snowy Owl

2nd Price. Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance.

Post Graduate Dog 

1st Fryer. Collooney Eye Love You At Stonefox.  Red fawn dog, up to size, stunning head and expression, lovely flowing lines, shown in hard condition, moved true going and coming back, excelled in profile movement, one to look out for.

2nd Dennis-Smith. Almawhip To Be A Lover At Brynsimeon. Very eye catching brindle boy, lovely head and expression. Good neck and well laid shoulders, moved true coming and going. Just preferred rear angulation and drive of one. 

3rd Wilson. Leos Ricthoal At Willowash  

Limit Dog 

1st Yacoby-Wright. Cobyco Standing Ovation. Lovely brindle boy, no flashiness, just nicely balanced, good size and good strong top line, well muscled quarters giving him the drive to power round the ring with ease, very true going and coming, kept his top line very well on the move. 

2nd Wheeler. Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Avec Ranveli. Very Striking brindle boy, correct size and balance, lovely head and expression, well laid shoulders, shown in good hard condition, moved well in profile. 

3rd Ellam, Head & Larson.  Plumcreek Forecaster At Demerlay  

Open Dog 

1st Marston-Pollock. Ch Falconcrag Another Class. Cream light fawn dog, classic lines, looking masculine whilst still maintaining his grace and elegance. Perfect head with lovely shaped ears, good strong elegant neck into well laid shoulders, strong hind quarters, giving him the power to move round the ring with ease. Excelled in profile movement, lovely easy low long front extension, combined with a powerful drive action. Just covered the ground with ease, keeping a lovely top line, and presenting that lovely picture of overall balance and elegance that I was looking for. CC and BOB

2nd Whitehead. Ch Citycroft High Society. Another classic fawn, again a masculine dog, but still had elegance lovely depth of brisket with correct fill.  Like one moved free and easy. Lost out to one on top line but still presented a lovely balanced picture, well deserved his RCC. 

3rd Johnston. Ch Danluke Lord Of The Dance   

Veteran Dog 

1st Russell. Ch Willingwisp Star Trouper. What can I say about this 12 year old boy that has not already been said. Still he is shown in excellent condition, you can see he  loves the show ring. His movement is veryl sound and correct. He is a credit to his owner and the whippet breed. 

2nd Beckett-Bradshaw. Ch Collooney Horn Knee Harry At Hutaka. Light brindle 7 years. Again shown in tip top condition, strong head with lovely expression, good shoulders, well defined loin, good strong hind quarters, just preferred front extension of one. 

3rd Fiers. Nevedith Ufor Unicorn       

Minor Puppy Bitch 

1st Ellis. Railfield Rainnymph. Very nice quality fawn bitch, correct size with a sweet head, and expression, moved well nicely balanced, kept a very good top line on the move. 

2nd Hobbs. Kaymark Graceful. Light cream and white, good head and lovely expression, good shoulders, moved true, but just needs time to settle. 

3rd Arnold. Lucrezia Lysandra Synergy   

Puppy Bitch 

1st Dufty and Morland. Triken Follow That Dream. Light fawn brindle parti, loved this girl the first time I saw her, just a lovely size and so correctly balanced, strong head with lovely expression, correct shoulders well spring rib, moderate length with correct angulation, moved so true, and kept a good top line. Gave her BPIB and delighted to see her win the hound puppy group. 

2nd Mowbray. West Chelan Quick Look At Me. Another quality puppy, slightly more rangy than one, but still keeping overall balance and shape, moved well with plenty of drive and good front extension, very hard decision. 

3rd Ellis. Railfield Rainnymph   

Junior Bitch 

1st Howgate & Hull. Palmik Misty Eve. Cream bitch of good size, well balanced correct shoulders, strong hind quarters which propelled her round the ring beautifully handled. 

2nd Glaholm. Gazenorth Secret Identity. Very classic, old fashioned type girl, loved her head and expression, good shoulders and deep brisket, correct rear angulation, moved true going and coming, just preferred overall balance of one. 

3rd Finch. Jothryn Heaven Sent To Zenobia   

Yearling Bitch 

1st Sykes. Supetas The Special One of Veredon. Fawn brindle, excellent size and nicely balanced, lovely low long front extension once she settled. Moved with great drive and kept her top line well. 

2nd Whitehead, Smith & Mixides. Klaruchart Ailama With Citycroft. Lovely cream bitch, up to height but still balanced, excellent coat and condition, moved true coming and going, preferred top line of one. 

3rd Oliver. Spyanfly She’s A Swinger   

Graduate Bitch 

1st Mclean. Citycroft Firenze For Loualba. Quality fawn bitch, correct size and lovely curvy lines, quite rangy but keeping the elegance. Moved well lovely front extension, showed in good hard condition. 

2nd Whitehead, Smith & Mixides, Klaruchart Ailama With Citycroft  3rd Wilson & Ballantyne. Speymalt Aurora Solstice    Post Graduate Bitch  1st Hoare. Tormor Manyclouds. Biggest class of the day, found my winner in a lovely classic fawn girl, easily the best in the class, she is up to size, but still balanced, lovely head and expression, correct shoulders, good spring of rib, strong quarters. Moved well in profile and up and down, kept her top line well, considered for the RCC. 

2nd Perkins. Silkridge Whispering Grass. Very nice lemon brindle, perfect size and lovely shape and curves, super head and good shoulders. Moved true, great front extension, this was a very close decision, shown very well. 

3rd Fryer. Collooney Swing Low At Stonefox   

Limit Bitch 

1st Yacoby-Wright. Cobyco Candy Cream. Lovely quality cream bitch, up to size beautifully balanced. Good head and expression. Well sprung rib with strong hind quarters moved well. Shown in excellent hard condition. 

2nd McKenzie. Aberlark Cookies N Cream. Fawn and white parti colour bitch, perfect size lovely head, good lay of shoulders nicely balanced. Covered the ground well on the move, she held her top line, preferred the overall balance of one, another tough decision. 

3rd Irving & McMillian. Limbox Seks Appeal               

Open Bitch 

1st Lempereur. Multi Ch Blue Springs Jivenchy. Always have admired this lovely cream bitch and she did not disappoint. Super head and expression, my hands just flowed over her lovely balanced body. Perfect size, with no exaggeration. Moved true coming and going, lovely profile picture of grace and elegance, kept a lovely top line which gave her the top award of CC. I am sure her UK title will not be far away. 

2nd Howgate & Hull. Palmick En Vogue. Another quality fawn bitch of type and balance, that I so admire, perfect size and lovely to go over. Very much same comments as one. Moved true, lovely long low front extension, with strong drive from rear quarters, again a very hard decision. Just had to bring her back in for the RCC. 

3rd Marston-Pollock & Robertson. Falconcrag Classy Lady   

Veteran Bitch 

1st Head. Demerlay Regency Romance. What a lovely class, all winner in my eyes, top honours to this lovely seven and a half year old fawn brindle bitch. Lovely head and expression, good shoulders and strong quarters, she moved like a dream, keeping her top line, winning this class on her lovely movement. Best Veteran and delighted to see her win the Hound Veteran Group. 

2nd Robertson & O’Brien. Ir Ch Sheol Golden Child. Quality fawn bitch, lovely shape and balance with not exaggeration, super head, good shoulders, strong loin, moved true, just lost out on top line to one. 

3rd Robertson. Cornstalk Fair Play In Lowtherhills   

Mrs L D Morris