• Show Date: 15/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Griffon Bruxellois


Minor Puppy

1: SWINGE Miss M Harpersband Oscar Award at Balthazar (Imp) NAF TAF, smart young red boy who presents a very pleasing outline in profile. Delightful head and expression, strong in topline and well set tail. Uses himself so well on the move in profile, just a tad high in front action atm. Real showman and his future is assured.

2: CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Savvy Man In Black, close up and I liked this black boy too. Pleases in head properties and is super to go over being compact and sturdy. Just could use himself in profile a tad more but this will come.

3: SWEIGART Ms B Darkle Squared Up For Yarrow


1: GULLON Mr C J Barnfall Sunshine, impresses on the table with the most delightful head and almost human expression. He is compact and sturdy and has a coat of super texture. On the move he will always catch the eye. He just needs confidence in himself and then he’ll be a real contender.

2: SWEIGART Ms B Darkle Squared Up For Yarrow, good for size and type. He moves well in profile. Just a tad loose in front atm.

3: HAIGH Mr & Mrs G P Darkle The Thinker


1: BLORE Mrs V H Zilcan Ring Of Fire At Movalian, red sm of super type and size. Very decent head and expression, balanced in angulation and really uses himself in profile on the move. Strong topline and well set tail.

2: DONNELLAN Mrs Y J Nizhegorodskoe Ocharovanie Royal Style (Imp) TAF, red rough boy who I really liked. On the table he impresses enormously for type and construction. In super condition and coat of excellent texture. He has a delightful head and expression. On the move, he can put his feet in the right place but he just needs a bit more experience and then he’s another that will surely hit the high spots

3: HAIGH Mr & Mrs G P Darkle The Thinker

Post Graduate

1: BENNETT-HARRINGTON Mrs S Beauborne Crusader, b/t smooth in superb condition and a close fitting jacket. Pleased for head, topline and neck. Presents a typical outline and covers the ground in profile.


Very good class

1: SWINGE Miss M Harpersband Case In Point at Balthazar (Imp) JW, superb shape and excelled in head and expression. Correct topline and tailset. Very important in attitude. Just coming back into coat. Moves with style and carriage in profile. It was his type, expression and importance that won the day today and so was delighted to award him the CC, his third apparently and BOB.

2; CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Spocktacular Nite, Close up and he too possesses a very pleasing head and expression. Not quite the front assembly of the winner and he could reach a tad more. Strong topline and in superb condition. Will change places on more than one occasion and will title with luck. RCC

3: DONNELLAN, Mrs Y & ROBERTS Mrs K Brus Konfident Step Vonici (Imp)


1: GRUNINGER Miss J Ch Darkle Roger The Cabin Boy, b/t rough compact and sturdy. Coat of correct texture. Good for head and expression, balanced in outline. Puts his feet in the right place. Would just prefer a little less of him.

2: SUGGITT Miss K F Aptrick Time For Elevenses, red rough who pleases for expression. Loved his attitude and he is in super condition. Just would prefer a little more on front leg for balance. Handled well.


1: MEADEN Miss A M Ch Ir Ch Topmead Jack The Lad, black rough who is in superb condition. Pleases for type and he is compact. Enjoying his day out he could show some of the youngsters how it should be done. Credit to his owner. BV


Minor Puppy

1: CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Sassy Girl In Black, cracking puppy, delightful for type and superb to go over. She is already all of a piece and presents a super outline. Really considered for further honours in the challenge, but time is on her side. A star in the making I’m sure. BP

2: HAIGH Mr & Mrs G P Darkle Harriet Houdini, pleases for type, just needs time. On the move when she concentrates she moves with style and precision. Another with time on her side.

3: GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle Square The Circle


1: HAIGH Mr & Mrs G P Darkle Harriet Houdini

2: GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle Square The Circle, sturdy little baby, pleases in head, just needs a tad more in front leg for balance. Looks good in profile

3: SWEIGART Ms B Darkle Square Peg At Yarrow


1: SELBY, Mr M & WHITEHEAD Miss F Zilcan Ultra Chic,ultra smart and feminine. All of a piece and good to go over on the table. Just needs a tad more self assurance. On the move she pulls her outline together and uses herself well. Covers the ground with an easy stride. Coat just coming in. Title holder I’ve no doubt.

2: WOOD Miss L Bambuddah Beyonce, Pleases for head and expression. Not quite the front or the topline of the winner. Had other things on her mind today, but when she did place her feet on the ground, they were in the right place.

3: HAIGH Mr & Mrs G P Darkle Harriet Houdini

Post Graduate

1: SELBY, Mr M & WHITEHEAD Miss F Ru Paul's Twerkin For Birkin With Zilcan (Swed Imp, very pleasing for type and outline. Comes into herself on the move and holds herself with importance and arrogance. Covers the ground and liked her head and expresssion. Considered her strongly in the challenge but she let herself down slightly on the out and back today, shame.

2: COOPER, Mr T M & Mrs L A & SEYMOUR Mr S Manticorns Fedora Over Settrenda (Imp) really liked this young lady for type and substance just lacked the importance and confidence of the winner. Real little Griffon who once she decides to play ball, will be hard to overlook.

3: SPITTLE Miss J M Rhodon Posher Than The Queen


1: SWINGE Miss M Balthazar Tainted Love, another cracker from this kennel. Sturdy and compact yet feminine all through. Really appeals for expression, head and outline. On the move she has super carriage and will always catch the eye. In good coat of super texture. CC, her first and she should with luck title with ease.

2: CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Mersong For Esme, close up again, pleases for head and expression. Similar in type, but not quite the neck of the winner

3: JERN Mrs J Cajkias Coco Chanel


1: DONNELLAN Mrs Y J Shevilan Everybody Knows Alice, black girl who scores for type. Pleasing head and expression, compact in outline. Moved with purpose and kept her outline. Coat of good texture. RCC

2: HUGHES, Mrs M & CRAWFORD Mrs S Cobblehill Gucci with Beauborne, b/t rough who is also very pleasing. Would just prefer a tad more substance perhaps but she is very decent. Moves with great style

3: SPITTLE Miss J M Ch Rhodon Maid To Measure

Lee A S Cox (Judge)