• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: English Setter

Darlington Dog Show Society

16th September 2018

English Setter

It was indeed a pleasure to award CC’s in this charming breed for the first time. They are a breed very close to my heart having spent many good times around them in my youth. They never fail to make one smile with their wonderful soft expressions and ever wagging tails. Plus, the sportsmanship of their owners is also to be commended. This is refreshing in this day and age, for which I thank you, as it made my day even more enjoyable.

There were some very close decisions today and performance played a huge part. Many looked super on the stack but disappointed slightly on the move which was such a shame, but you judge on the day.



1: WILSON Mrs J V L Abiwrose Blue Musketeer, what a super pair of gentleman to start the day. 7 year old blue in superb condition. His type is super and he presented a very pleasing outline stacked. Pleasing head and soft expression. Decent front, strong topline and well set tail, which he uses constantly in the move. In good coat. He moved with animation.

2: COLTON Mrs P M Sodalitas High Havoc Over Ennydloc, 7 year old orange who is upstanding and masculine. Soft expression and delightful temperament. Moved on the right track

Minor puppy

1: PRINCE Dr H G Mariglen Smoke Screen, two very naughty babies both at different stages of development. This boy won the class today on type. I liked his head and expression and balance on the stack. On the move he was all over the place but he showed moments that he could put his feet in the right place.

2: SNOOK Mrs M A Dalreavoch Northern Caper, a little bit steadier on the move but he just needs to drop into himself. A little at the legs and wings stage but time is on his side.


1: POYNTER, Mr & Mrs N & Mr L & LEWIS Miss C Quensha Cowboys And Angels, really super puppy who presents the most pleasing outline on the stack. Masculine head and expression, with delightful temperament. He is good to go over with decent front assembly, strong topline and well set tail which he uses on the move. More compact than 2 today and he was more precise coming towards me.

2: PHILLIPS, Mrs A & BRYANT, Mrs K L & WATKINS Ms T Glenmaurangi Star Man, another really super puppy and he has an assured future I’m sure. He too pleases enormously for type and he is presented to perfection. Loved his head and expression, good to go over, I just felt that he was a tad erratic coming towards me and this is where it cost him. Good one though.

3: SNOOK Mrs M A Dalreavoch Northern Caper


1: HARRIS, Mrs P & HARRIS, Miss S & BRIDGWATER Mrs Bridgella's First Edition With Konakakela, interesting class of slightly differing types. This orange boy has a pleasing head and expression, to go over he pleases for angulation and balance. It was on the move where he won the class as he uses himself well and covers the ground

2: LAWSON Mrs L A Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW, preferred the head on the boy and his expression is delightful. At that teenager stage at the moment and he was a tad erratic on the move, particularly in front. But time is on his side.

3: NORMANSELL Mrs C Latin Lover Rewind For Larrenie (Imp) It


1: LAWSON Mrs L A Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW

Post Graduate

1: SPENCER Mrs H J & Mr K W Sorbus Plays The Field, Really super tri dog who is extremely well made, with angles in the right place. His head and expression are delightful, strong neck, firm topline and well set tail, which he uses all the time. On the move he was precise on the out and back and uses himself in profile. Good one who has a title ahead of him I have no doubt. I seriously considered him further in the challenge, but just felt that a little maturity in body will be to his benefit.

2: SCHONEVILLE, Mr P & DERRY Mrs A Hawklawn Khamsin At Balvenie JW, orange boy who has such a delightful head and expression. He pleases so much on the stack and presents the most typical outline. Just feel in still needs to drop in front and then he’s another who should title.

3: LAWTON Mr P & Mrs E Wandsfell Call The Shots for Oaklaw


1: HARRIS, Mrs P & MONTELL Mrs A Culverwell Front Page Story, super tri boy for type and really gorgeous to go over. His head and expression is divine, he has a strong neck, firm topline and well set tail, lashing at all times. On the move he is typical and sound. Really like him and he’s deserves a title. In the challenge today he lost his topline slightly when it mattered, shame.

2: WATKINS, Ms T & PHILLIPS Mrs A Bumblecorn Winter Ice At Glenmaurangi JW, really top class again but his mind today seemed to be on other things. He is super to go over, in fabulous condition and well made. A little off in topline today and he was more than a tad erratic coming towards me, such a shame

3: CARTY Mr & Mrs B & O Gamerights Phoenix From The Flame (Imp)


1: BRYANT, Mr N & Miss E & HOLLIS Mrs V Sh Ch Phenset Blue Max, what a super class and it was performance on the day that split them. This blue boy is bang on form and he is super to go over. On the move he absolutely scores. He has a masculine head with soft, typical expression. Fully mature, he has depth of chest and good spring of rib. Short coupled with firm topline and well set tail. In hard condition, well presented and handled. Deserved the CC

2: COLLIER Mr S & Mrs M Sh Ch Gamerights Mr Blue Sky At Roszarke (Imp Bel), loved this boy for type and he screams English on the stack. His head shape is delightful, would perhaps benefit from a slightly darker eye. To go over he has angles in the right place, substance, depth of chest and a strong topline. Presented perfectly. He is masculine and balanced. I just felt that although he puts his feet in the right place, he just didn’t put all in today. RCC

3: LOYND, Mrs S & LOYND Miss E Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea The Skies JW Sh.CM


Minor Puppy

1: SHARPLES Mrs M Mariglen Seredipity At Kanietter, really sweet orange baby showing all the potential. Sweetest of expressions, everything in the right place for her age. Moved with ease.

2: STEAD Miss R Ultra Violet, dark tri baby which pleases for type and shape, she just needs to put everything into place and she’ll be away. Superb temperament


1: SPENCER Mrs H J & Mr K W Bournehouse Secret Whisper, simply outstanding blue puppy of 10month old. She screams quality from her nose to her tail. Her head and expression are divine, your hands flow when you go over her and on the move, even at this young age, she has all the style and grace in the world. Absolutely loved her and she is most definitely a title holder of the future. She pulled at my heart strings and I strongly considered her further in the challenge. BP


1: HOWARTH Mesdames J & L Alolfrana Kansas Kate At Moorbrook JW, nice class. This Tri bitch is all of a piece and she moves extremely well, particularly in profile. She is sound on the out and back, pleases for head and expression and is in excellent condition. Feminine all through. Will make up.

2: WALE Mr S & Mrs Y Wansleydale Magic Rose, close up but of a slightly different type. Her head and expression are super, she is good to go over, she just needs to drop into herself as she is at that teenage stage. Liked her enormously though.

3: BRYANT, Mr N & Miss E & HOLLIS Mrs V Phenset Sparks Will Fly


1: WALE Mr S & Mrs Y Wansleydale Magic Rose

Post Graduate

1: LOAKES Mrs S D Goldbirch Wings Of Desire JW Sh.CM, judged this tri girl as a baby and said then she will be a star of the future and I still have the same opinion. She has a beautiful head and expression, so so good to go over and she moves out with precision and style. I really rate her. Her coat and presentation are the icing and to be commended. Considered her further. Another who should title.

2: JARVIS Miss V Hawklawn Summer Breeze, really liked this dark tri too as she has so much type and presents a delightful outline stacked. Today she left her clothes at home but when she’s fully dressed will be a serious contender.

3: NEATH Ms J Albadora Dusty Pebble


1: LOYND, Mrs S & LOYND Miss E Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW, two beautiful bitches headed this class. Love the outline and type on this gorgeous orange girl. She flows in outline, with strong neck and topline and lashing tail. Put your hands on her and everything is in the right place, she has maturity of body and rib. Short couple and strong in loin. On the move she will always catch the eye as she flows with ease and style. Should be a title holder. Delighted to award her the CC & BOB and thrilled to watch her go Group 4 under specialist Stephen Hollings.

2: MCCABE Mrs M Rachdale Elegance JW, loved the type of this girl too and she has a delightful head and expression. To go over there is little you would change but she was just a tad reluctant on the move today. Just so unlucky to meet 1 on such form.

3: HACKING, Mrs B & HACKING Ms L Benrae Something Beautiful


1: PHILLIPS, Mrs A & BRYANT, Mrs K L & WATKINS Ms T Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen Of Glenmaurangi, close up again between the first 2. Both of such similar type and both with gorgeous head, expressions and outlines. Both are worthy of titles and it was the final run off that split them. 1 just came towards me with a tad more positivity and that was it. Would happily sign a CC for both of them and they are both glorious examples of the breed.

2: TAYLOR Mrs L Wetherby Whisper To Wansleydale JW

3: WILSON Mrs J V L Upperwood Unforgettable At Abiwrose

Lee A S Cox (Judge)