• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Eukanuba Puppy Stakes

City Of Birmingham 2018

Eukanuba Puppy Stakes

Day 1:

Puppy Dog:

1st: JONES & JEPSON Messrs T & S Bayard Adam Guessing For Eardley. Ultra smart Beagle boy with the most delightful head and expression. Strong neck, firm topline and well set and carried stern. His front is excellent to go over and he is balanced behind. On the move he uses himself so well and carries himself with importance. Presented to absolute perfection, which is the icing on the cake. Most certain champion. Day 1 winner overall and Runner up over the 3 days

2nd: SHAW, Mr J & MEE Miss W J Pekehuis Sorcerer. Delightful Peke with a glorious head and expression. In super coat, he picks up heavy. Correct shape and topline and moved at a dignified pace. Well handled

3rd: MITCHELL Miss A J Rosewitch A Take On Me

Puppy Bitch:

1st: SHAW, Mr J & MEE Miss W J Pekehuis Morgana. Top class Pekingese with a superb head and expression. To go over on the table she impresses enormously, picks up heavy and when placed back on the table, her front falls naturally into place. On the move she is dignified and sound. Presentation first class, she pushed the Beagle all the way

2nd: PARKER, Miss S & STEVENS Mr G Serenaker Maid In America. Have judged her before and have done her well. My opinion of her hasn’t changed and she too is of certain champion quality. So typical in outline, in superb condition and so very sound and stylish.

3rd: JOHNSTON, Mrs H & WILSON Mr J Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea

Day 2:

Puppy Dog:

1st: BLAKE Ms S Sandbears On The Money. Top class Newfoundland male who presents the most breath-taking outline on the stack. His head and expression are quite delightful, he has substance, length of leg and is totally balanced. His coat and condition is without fault and he was handled beautifully. On the move he is exceptionally sound and this is to be commended. One with a certain future and he impressed me greatly. Overall winner for day 2 and then in the final he put on such a show that I was delighted to award him Overall winner over 2 other first class puppies.

2nd: MILLER Mrs Y C Walkon Masterclass. Another very good Boxer from this well-known kennel. His head and expression impress and he has everything in the right place. Moved out with purpose and kept his outline. Just felt he lacked the finish of the winner today but I’m sure that he is one we will be hearing a lot about.

3rd: WESCOTT-SMITH, Mrs T & SMITH Mr S Gilcoru Sauvignon D'Brie at Rozimba

Puppy Bitch:

1st: BARTLETT Mrs L Kelligrews Kiss Under A Star. Quite delightful Beardie baby whose presentation and handling were second to none. Her head is super with a feminine expression. Balanced in outline and good to go over. Super coat texture. Strong topline and carries herself well. On the move she is light in action and could keep going all day.

2nd: INGRAM , Mrs J A & INGRAM Miss V L Jojavik Devil's Ivy. Has potential in spades and can see this 6 month old Dobe baby hitting the high spots. On the stack her outline is quite breath-taking and there is nothing you would change at this stage. Yes her front action coming on was a tad erratic and this is to be expected at her tender age but it was because of this today that she had to bow to the precision of the Beardie.

3rd: ARNALL Miss R Allmark Ice Ice Baby

Day 3:

Puppy Dog:

1st:TAYLOR Mr A J W & Mrs M Maursett Mathos. It would come as no surprise that I like this exceptional Clumber male as I awarded him the CC a couple of weeks ago. He has a look of quality that is rare in the breed at present and his movement is a joy. His head and expression are delightful and he is without exaggeration. Have said it before and will say it again, would happily have him in my kennel.

2nd: HOLMES-LEAK Mrs E Navarre's Extrovert. Another good Mini from this kennel and very much the type that they are known for. His head and expression are delightful. Superb on the table, he impresses greatly. Moves on the right track and keeps his outline. He already holds an excellent coat of superb texture and he is sensibly presented.

3rd: ANDERSON Mrs M Zentarr Albert

Puppy Bitch:

1st: WILKINSON Mrs B Stocksfell Seldom Seen. Totally fell in love with this gorgeous 6 month old o/w Pointer baby as soon as she entered the ring and prayed that she would impress as this was a superb class of quality puppy bitches. Her head and expression are divine, she has a series of graceful curves and even at this age, she has everything in the right place including , joy of joys, a front! On the move her age tells at times when she loses concentration for a split second, she then when she composes herself, it is then that she blows you away. She is without doubt a title holder and has a very assured future. Overall winner of day 3

2nd: WHITING Miss S J Annilann Miss Zing. This too is an exceptional puppy. B/R Cocker of immense type and quality. Her head and expression are melting. Good neck, correct topline and well set tail. Moves with that typical bustling action using her tail at all times. Her coat and presentation are faultless. Unlucky to meet the Pointer today, but this young lady will be heard of on many many more occasions. Quite simply delightful.

3rd: BRIDGES, Mr A & ROSE-DAWSON, Miss C & ROSE Ms S Sanchara Passionfruit

Lee A S Cox (Judge)