• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Affenpinscher

Paignton Championship Show 7th August 2018




1: BASTIANI & JOHN Mmes Myriehewe Touch Of Gold, 11 month old with the most delightful head and cheeky expression. Coat of super texture and he moves so well for one so young. All of a piece and a start in the making. BP

2: SMITH Mr G J Ribbleriver Sam I Am At Jolakada, real cheeky chappie with the most delightful attitude. From a larger mould than the winner and he is a little longer cast. Good coat and in good condition.

Post Graduate

1: WILDIG Misses J & S Affentude Funtime Frankie, compact and sturdy, his outline pleases. Coat of good texture and presented naturally. Would just benefit from a little self confidence. Moved ok but a little hesitant at times


1: GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle's Wild Huntsman, the most delightful head and true monkey expression on this chap. Short, strong neck, firm topline and well set tail. Coat of excellent texture. He is sturdy and all of a piece. Moved on the right track with correct action. Delighted to award him the CC and his title.

2: WILDIG Misses J & S Affentude Piano Man, a real handful for his handler but I liked the outline and his jaunty movement, although he tended to lift his front a little too high today. Another with a pleasing expression and he too is of good type. Well presented, he is a quality boy.

3: SHEPHERD Mrs D L Avantgarde Dark Materials


1: GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle The Wild Hunt, interesting class. Another from this kennel with a superb expression. Strong, sturdy and compact. Excellent coat texture. A tad loose coming towards me today but he pleases in profile. RCC

2; OWEN, Miss S J & OSSOWSKI Mr M L Darkle Hawker Harrier, this boy has to be handled to be appreciated. He pulls himself together on the move, and takes the eye in profile. Not as positive behind as the winner today. Correct shape and super texture to his coat.

3: CLARK Miss M Affentude Forever Young



1: ENGLAND Mr P & Mrs L Cichlas Blaise Affen To Vanistica , 8 month old with a pleasing head and expression, good texture for coat, pleasing outline and moved on right track.

2: SHEPHERD Mrs D L Avantgarde Lady Tsunami NAF, real baby at her first show, so much potential and her action when she decided to do it, was delightful. I’m sure her future is bright


1: SHENNAN Miss V Imrun's Norwegian Winter Rose For Ashiblack, Really delightful young lady with quality in spades. Her outline is superb being compact and sturdy. Short, strong neck, firm top line and perfect tail. Coat texture ok. On the move she will always impress being brisk in action and takes the eye in profile as she keeps her outline and is as cheeky as they come. Champion quality for sure. And when I awarded her the CC, I was informed that it was her 3rd! Well deserved and many more to come I’m sure. In the challenge for BOB she continued to perform and this tipped the balance in her favour.


1: HAYES Mr C & Mrs D Ribbleriver Fame Monster By Attila, alone but she is good for size. A little heavy over the shoulder and she lost her top line slightly. Pleasing temperament and compact in outline. Moved ok.


1: FAITHFULL Ms J & Mrs V Hamlock The Conspirator At Jonevelyn Sh.CM, super for type, really compact and in great condition. Moved on the right track with brisk action. Decent one and her title should not be far off RCC

2: SHEPHERD Mrs D L Ch Black Bess V Tani Kazari For Avantgarde , super for attitude and a real showgirl. Handled beautifully. Like her outline and she has a correctly set and carried tail. Just not the sturdyness of the winner today.

3: GRUNINGER, Ms J & DESMOND Mrs C Darkle Slippery When Wet

Lee A S Cox (Judge)