• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Windsor Championship Dog Show 

29th June 2018 

Miniature Schnauzers 

Thank you to the Mini exhibitors for accepting me as the replacement judge. This is a breed that I always enjoy judging as their temperaments are always such a joy and quality on the whole is very good. Presentation was excellent.  



1: Jockute's TITAN NUO BJAURYBES, Very promising 8 month old B/S with a smart outline and excellent size. He is compact with good ribbing, coat of superb texture. He has the correct topline and tailset. On the move he retains his outline and impresses very much in profile. Perhaps a tad loose coming towards me but this is his age. I liked him very much and he has a good future ahead of him with luck. RBD, BP and delighted to see him win the puppy group, well done.  


1: Byrnes' IRON MAIDEN DE AKRA LEUKA. Up to size with a masculine outlook. Decent neck into topline, which he holds on the move. Good coat and texture. Moves with importance in profile, just a little erratic on the out and back today. 

Post Graduate 

1: Dormer's STARBOARD TO SLEEP TO DREAM, on the naughty side but full of fun. Decent head, neck and topline. He is short and compact. he keeps an outline in profile and was well presented. Impresses going away but another who was a little loose in front coming on. 

2: Bishops's NUJAZ AMERICANO, another super temperament. Balanced head and decent neck. A little longer cast than the winner and would prefer perhaps a better balance of front leg. He was good coming towards me and kept his topline in profile. 


1: Cherryman's RUDDLANDS CHOP N'CHANGE. On the smaller side but totally balanced. He won the class on front action and has a very good coat texture. Pleasing head and expression, he has a decent neck and topline. 

2: Dormer's STARBOARD MARTIN SHCM. More masculine in outlook with a good neck and topline. Pleases for hind angulation but would have just preferred a more positive front action. 



1: Descere's CH BASAMART MAYBACH. Black boy with a very decent outline and in superb condition. Masculine head with pleasing expression. Strong neck into firm topline. Well set tail and beautifully presented. He is compact and sturdy and is of excellent type. On the move he impresses on the out and back and keeps his outline in profile. Very decent boy indeed BD 

2: Bishop's NUJAX SCHOOL OF ROCK SHCM, All male with a balanced head. Decent neck, good ribbing and moved well in profile. Just not the form of the winner today. 


Good Citizen D/B 

1: Prevett's RAILEVE CLAMITY JANE, B/S with a feminine outlook, well presented. She needs to drop in chest but she has a decent profile action and typical outline. 

Special Beginners D/B 

1: Krieger's SCHNAUSTAR BLACK PEARL. 11 month old black baby who has a pleasing shape. Her head is ok. Coat of good texture and she put s her feet in the right place on the move. 

2: Lock & Denning's LOCKENSTOX STRONG BREEZE. Pleases for outline and well presented. Not the positivity of the winner toady 




1: Woods' PENBRO PUT A SPELL ON YOU. Beautifully presented, very feminine and good for size. Excellent ribbing, strong neck and decent topline. Well set tail. Impressed on the move, especially in profile. Liked her and think she too has a very good future ahead of her. 

2: Robertson's KAVAAY DREAM OF LOVE. Very sweet and all in the right place. Once settled she will do very well I'm sure. She was  well presented and please very much for type. 



1: White & Harding-White's SCHNAUSTAR PUT A SPELL ON ME. Would not want any more of her but she presents a very typical and balanced outline. She is compact and sturdy. Head ok, strong neck into firm topline and well set tail. Moves with ease in profile which won her the class. 

2: Parker & McDonald's RISEPARK SHOOTING STAR.  More petite, but well presented. She too is balanced and very good to go over. Maturity in rib will be to her benefit. Moved well on the out and back but just lost her topline slightly in profile. 


Post Graduate 

1: Robertson's KAVACAY BEAUTIFUL JEWEL. Decent type, sound in profile, compact and sturdy. Strong topline, well presented. She puts on a good show and looks good in profile. Perhaps a tad more neck could be to her benefit. 

2: White & Harding-White's SCHNAUSTER GIRL ON FIRE JW, close up here and similar remarks apply. Better in neck than the winner but not quite the topline today. Easy action in profile and well presented. 



1: Dixon's ANDIX FOREVER VERA. Two lovely girls here and they can easily change places. Presentation on this lady was fantastic and she has a super coat texture. Won the class on her front assembly and she had a little more reach in front. Super type and very stylish, she has a title ahead of her I have no doubt. RBB  

2: Mills' PIPPIASH WINSOME WITCH.  Close up and so much to like too. Another of champion quality and beautifully presented. Just not the front of the winner today. 


1: Barker's NUJAX SAZERAC. Beautifully presented with the most breathtaking outline. Feminine yet strong, compact and sturdy. Well ribbed, strong topline that never falters and well set tail. Well angulated both fore and aft, being totally balanced. Excellent to go over. On the move she is precise and covers the ground. The heat affected her slightly today but she did all that was asked of her and for me was the complete package. Liked her enormously. BB & BOB 

2: Descere's AMOREVITA FORUNA BONA. Black of champion quality, close up and so much to like. Another  who is good to go over and is in superb condition.  



Lee A S Cox (Judge)