• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

National Dog Show 

10th May 2018 


King Charles Spaniel 


1: HARDIMAN Mr & Mrs T W & C A Tovarich Ticket To Ride 6 month old tri with a very pleasing head and expression, liked his size and his outgoing temperament. Precise on the move, even at this young age and it was this that clinched him the class. BP 

2. MELVILLE Miss C Tovarich Twist And Shout, 6 month old tri, out of a larger mound but similar for type. Not the precision coming towards me today. 



1: BAKER Mr R S & Mrs R K Cofton Stars And The Moon, 10 month tri with the most delightful temperament. Raw at the moment but his expression pleases. Maturity will be to his benefit. 



1: SMITH Mr & Mrs S C Tudorhurst Warrior for Justacharma , Blenheim boy who is up to size. In good condition. Good for front assembly. Masculine all through just a little erratic on the move. 

2:  HARVEY Miss Rivermoor Alberto, Tri boy, more the size I prefer but just needs confidence which will hopefully come. 



1: FRENCH, Miss M C & TRAYNOR Mr B Celxo Vermouth On Ice,  Blenheim boy, good for size and decent head shape. Pleases for front and topline. Moved out well, particularly in profile. In good condition, well presented 


Post Graduate 

1: MELVILLE Miss C Amantra Chorale,  tri boy who pleases very much for type, liked his head and expression, good for size and moved on the right track. A tad more enthusiasm will be to his benefit, but he's a decent one and has champion potential. He is cobby and balanced. 

2: SPROUL & COBURN Messrs R & J Khandro Liverpool Lullaby, tri, another who scores for type, just a tad longer cast than the winner. Moved well and is in super condition. Scores in front and topline. 

3: SIDGWICK Mr & Mrs I Paulian Where's Wally JW 



1: STEWART Mr R G & Mrs K M Kasamanda Just A Dream for Marchog,  Tri boy presented beautifully. Liked his overall type and size. Super head and expression, well made in front, good topline and carries his tail correctly. Covers the ground in profile and is precise on the out and back. Can be a little over exuberant at times which let him down in the challenge but he showed me what he can do to win this class. Certain champion quality and with concentration it shouldn't be too long. 

2: JOHNSON Lady S Tomodachi Of Alambra (Imp)  B/T boy with a lot to like. Super head and expression, good topline, well carried tail mad easy on the move. Another presented beautifully and close up to the winner today. 

 3: GOODWIN Mr J R Diggle Dandelion JW 



1: MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L Ch Amantra Regius Of Feorlig Sh.CM,  Blenheim boy who scores totally for type and size. On the move he can not be overlooked. Ultimate show dog. Liked his head and expression but he could perhaps have a tad more dome in skull, strong in topline and carries his tail so well. The more he moved, the better he got and this was the deciding factor. Delighted to see him short listed in the strong group. CC & BOB 

2: ESSEX Mrs B J Ch Chacombe Royal Gift to Brendek ,Tri boy who was so close up and he is a super Charlie. Loved his head and expression, just lost out today in topline and not as true in front coming towards me. But so much to like and these two will change places on many an occasion. Beautifully presented. RCC 

3: HUNTER Mrs M Maynorth Shades Of Heaven At Hooebarton 



1: MADDISON Miss S Mitapip Midnight Marauder, 7 year old b/t who still thinks he's a puppy. Good for size and type and in superb condition. 



Minor Puppy 

1: MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L Cavallibrook Lady Lovelace, 7 month old Blenheim with the most delightful head and expression. All in the right place, moves on the right track and has a real future I'm sure. Presented beautifully and handled. 



1: BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C My Exotic World Demands Baldragon (Imp), 12 month tri girl with the most beautiful head and expression. Strong topline, well angle behind. Moves with animation and beautifully presented. Just needs to drop into her frame. 

2: CONSTABLE Mrs M Mitapip High Hopes Holly, b/t girl coming along on the right lines. Sweet in expression and balanced in angulation. Time will be to her benefit as she is just a tad loose on the out and back at present, but a very nice baby indeed. 

3: ABBOTT Mrs H Cofton Reach For The Stars 



1: BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C Baldragon Hold That Thought  Blenheim girl who screams femininity. Liked her for size, pleases in head and expression. Well made in front, strong topline. Well let down behind and stylish on the move. Another with champion quality and give her another few months will be a serious contender. 

2: BAKER Mr R S & Mrs R K Cofton Dusty Blue, Tri girl who also has a very pleasing head and expression. Scores for size and moves well in profile. Today she was just a little erratic on the out and back which cost her. 

3: CLARKE Mrs P Mitapip Sweet Rosey For Poltomic 



1: MOCHRIE Mrs R Downsbank Vesper,  Tri who scores for size and type. She is very well made and balanced in angulation. On the move she is precise but would just benefit from a little more confidence 


Post Graduate 

1: SPROUL & COBURN Messrs R & J Khandro Ur My World, these 2 could easily change places on different days. This tri won the class on topline and front today. Pleasing head and expression. Short and Cobby 

2: HARDIMAN Mr & Mrs T W & C A Tovarich Toyah, sweet in expression, carried her tail better than the winner but lost out today in topline and front extension. 



1: MILLER, Miss K F & RYAN Mr E L Clussexx Reign It In Cavallibrook (Imp USA), close up between the first 2. This tri girl scores so highly on the type stakes. She is short and Cobby. Delightful head shape. Strong in topline and correctly carried tail. Has substance yet retains the look of a girl. A tad more effort on the move and it could have been her day but had to settle for the RCC. A champion in the making I have no doubt. 

2: KENDALL, Mrs M E & ASKINS Mrs I M Cofton Winter Time Tale At Headra JW, this Blenheim has a lot to like, beautifully presented and in such super condition. Liked her head and expression. On the stand she appeals so much. On the move she has moments of brilliance and then she seems to throw it all away in a mad moment when it matters. Such a shame as she is a title holder with no doubt and I won't disagree when she does. 

3: HARVEY Miss Rivermoor Lady Martha JW 



1: STEWART Mr R G & Mrs K M Marchog MacFlannelette, b/t girl presented to perfection. Short and Cobby, feminine yet retaining substance. Delightful head and expression, superb front, topline and well let down behind. Classy lady who shouts Charlie. Put all in to win the CC but then, as is a lady's prerogative, decided that she'd done enough when she challenged the dog. I understand this was her 2nd CC and her 3rd can't be far off and very worthy of a title she is too. 

2: JENSEN Mr C Dk Ch Penemma Millie the Minx, tri girl who scores highly on profile movement with her free action and keeping her outline. Liked her head and expression, compact and well presented. 

 3: BAKER Mr R S & Mrs R K Cofton Fairy Tale Jw 


Lee A S Cox