• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 

19th May 2018 


Toy Poodles 


It was a pleasure  being amongst the "little people" once again and I thank the exhibitors for the flattering entry. I found males to be much higher in quality today with some bitch classes quite disappointing. Heads are a problem, there are very few with the correct shape but more worrying is that many lacked expression, so important in a Poodle of any size. Carriage is also a concern, few had that lightness of foot , covering the ground with that air of naughtiness, head and tail held high looking down it's nose defying you to look away. Presentation on the whole was good.  




1: CHATWYN LOVE ON THE RUN TAF (MISS A O'REILLY). Beautifully headed young man and super to go over. He has a long neck, decent front and good topline. Covers the ground in profile and keeps an outline. Well presented. He is still a baby but with maturity in coat and finish, will be hard to walk past. 

2: AFTERGLOW JACK RYAN (MR D COATS. This boy has to be gone over to be appreciated, he has a decent head and expression. Everything in the right place but just lets himself down with his carriage. If he can crack this, he'll be on to a winner. 




1: MOJA OTRADA NIKOLAS (IMP RUS) (MR T & MR D STEEL & AITKEN). Very well presented white who is long necked and short backed. Masculine head, moves out well and covers the ground. Excellent pigmentation and his coat has superb texture. 


Post Graduate 

1: MONTELLE LOOK OF LOVE ( MRS A EVANS. Superbly headed dog of obvious quality. He is excellent to go over being balanced without any exaggerations. In the class, On the move he put everything in the right place and covered the ground keeping a typical outline. Good for body and a correctly set and carried tail. Considered him strongly for further honours but in the challenge his youth told and he just lost his precision and could have been moved out a little more. Shame, but he is very worthy of a title and I won't disagree at all when he does. 

2: AFTERGLOW AMERICANO AT SILVORA (MRS D & MRS A GRANT & MURPHY). Well presented, he too has lots to like. Not the refinement in head of the winner or the tail carriage. Good for body and is decent for hind angulation. Tended to turn his front feet out today and he would benefit in carriage if he was moved a tad slower. 




1: KARAMOUCHE COLIN THE SHOTS (MRS K LAWS). Super headed young man, presented so well. Superb for topline, body condition and tailset. Good angles behind. He is good for size and type. On the move, although he carries himself well, he too could benefit from being moved a tad bit slower as he was just lifting his front a little too high which unfortunately cost him in the challenge. Shame as he is very worthy of a title and I'm sure that it won't be long before he gets one. RCC 

2: TUTTLEBEES DREAM A LIL MAGIC WITH CLAUMAUR (MRS M D & MISS C M COOKSON. Close up and could change places on another day. Another who was superbly presented, masculine head, good pigment and good to go over. Scores in topline and body condition. He could reach a tad more in front but is precise going away. 




1: CH AFTERGLOW ROUTE SIXTY SIX (MRS C & MR J FUREY & LYNN. Fully mature black boy in full coat that was very well presented. He has a masculine head but scores in expression. Scores in neck into topline and he has a well set tail. His coat texture is excellent. Well let down behind, he motors around the ring keeping his outline with an easy action and using himself so well. I would prefer a little more angulation in front and better feet but today he was the most complete package and he deserved the DCC. 




1: TUTTLEBEES SHE'S MY GIRL (MRS S F TAYLOR). Anybody that knows me well will understand why I loved this precocious young lady. If you want a visual description of "Poodley" then take a look at this girl, she exudes it with her lightness of foot, look at me attitude and sense of fun. To see her standing at the end of a loose lead, head high, tail up, dancing on the spot and looking at you with such wickedness is what Poodles, to me,. are all about. She has quality in spades and a future that is most certainly assured and I so hope she doesn't get denied it either! I will watch her future with interest and wish her well. Delighted to award her the CC and BOB and also BP. She was a breath of fresh air today and restored my faith that all is not lost! 

2: POWDER PUFF ANDREY ALL MY DREAMS (MISS D INGARFILL). Decent white who is good for size and type. Just unfortunate to meet 1 today. 




1: CLOPTON I STOLE THE DIAMOND (MRS S P JONES). Have admired the Cloptons for many years and I'm delighted to see that the kennel still has silvers of this quality, as they are not the easiest of colours. Well presented, she has a delightful head and expression. Superb for size, she kept her outline and put her feet in the right place. Considered for the RCC. 

2: NEW CHAPTER AT CLANESE (MRS C FUREY. Black with a wealth of coat. Good for size and short backed. Just did not want to play today. 


Post Graduate 

1: IVANOLA GOLD SEREN (MISS K J HUMPHREYS). Stand out winner of this class. Apricot of superb colour. Well presented, has type and moved with style and carriage. 

2: MENOMINEE BORN TO DANCE (MS & MR MORRIS & FINLAYSON). Blue who is ok to go over. Head and expression pleasing. Would benefit from more carriage on the move. 




1: CH KERTELLAS HALLE BERRY (MR R E BAYLISS). Glorious headed bitch who is so correct to go over on the table, being well constructed without any exaggerations. She is precise on the move. She is most worthy of her title and I'm sure that she has more to come. Today, she had to bow to the precocious puppy bitch who was determined that she was not to be overlooked. RCC 

2: AFTERGLOW HELLO GORGEOUS (MISS H FUREY). Beautifully presented blue in full coat. Decent to go over on the table, she was just not a precise as the winner on the out and back. Her condition, though, must be commended. 


Lee A S Cox