• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Pointer

Paignton Championship Show 4th August 2018



Puppy 1: PREECE, Mrs D & GILDING Mr N Harvestslade Cullinan Nearing 12 month old o/w who pleases very much for type. Liked his head and expression, strong neck into firm top line. Well set tail and carries it well, using it all the time. In optimum body condition. Moved on the right track on the out and back and pleases in profile.

2: SMITH Mrs P Sniperay Lord Lambourne Via Tzaziki l/w out of a slightly bigger mould. Not the head of the winner. Pleases for front assembly and is balanced behind. In super condition. His age told on the move as he just needs to tighten coming towards me. Superb temperament.


1: BURKE Mrs V Alcazar Bohemian Rhapsody, b/w dog who pleases enormously for head and expression. Liked his top line and tail, although he could at times be a little proud of it. Uses his front to advantage on the move and covers the ground keeping an outline in profile. In super condition. Liked him very much and was a serious contender in the challenge. One with a future, with luck on his side.

2: GORDON Miss W J Hawkfield Audacity (ai), like the type of this boy very much and he too has the most delightful head. His front assembly is very good but for some reason, today, he was very erratic coming towards me which cost him. Well angulated behind. His top line is good when stacked, just a little soft on the move. But time is on his side and he is clearly going through that teenage stage.

3: O'NEILL Mrs C J Tenshilling Biscuits


1: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Kanix Obi At Stargang o/w in the most fantastic of condition. He pleased very much on the stack, with decent front assembly, strong top line and well set tail. Pleasing in head and a soft expression. On the move he is precise and covers the ground, could possibly just benefit from a little more enthusiasm.

Post Graduate

1: MARTIN, Mrs R M C & MARTIN Miss R Sunhouse Chips Ahoy, 3 totally different types. 3 year old o/w who pleases for head shape. Presented the most typical outline of the 3 today and was in optimum body condition and muscle tone. Decent neck and correct top line. Well set tail. Well ribbed and moved out well holding his outline.

2: COGGINS, Mr E J & COGGINS, Miss A J & ADAMS Mr K Droveorough's Dci Lewis At Gemrose , l/w carrying a tad too much body today. Pleasing for expression, well angulated behind. Covered the ground in profile.

3: HENSHAW Miss A S K Penbro Under Pressure with Peteshe


1: O'NEILL Mrs C J Tenshilling Home Alone JW, o/w dog of immense quality. Masculine head and expression. Strong neck and topline, well set tail and he uses it on the move. Good to go over, he is all of a piece with a very balanced and curvy outline. On the move he uses himself in profile, precise going away but just a tad erratic coming towards me which cost him in the challenge. RCC

2: MACARA, JAMIESON, & BLACKBURN-BENNETT Kanix Legend At Cromasaig, very stylish and imposing o/w boy who was slightly longer cast than the winner, yet retains his balance. In superb condition, his top line is strong and he has a well set tail. On the move he is precise on the go away but today was more than a little untidy coming towards me and this is where it cost him. A title holder of the future I have no doubt as he is quality.

3: TANNAHILL Mrs C Wynbury Walter Jack JW


1: O'NEILL, Mrs D & O'NEILL Miss J Sh Ch Chesterhope Thrill Of T Chase (Imp), good class of 3 quality animals. Super for type, this o/w is excellent to go over. Pleases in head and expression, strong top line, and well set tail. In superb condition, he covers the ground in profile and is precise on the out and back with an easy action. For me today in males he was the most complete package and so a worthy CC winner. In the challenge against the young female he seemed to lose his sparkle and so had to bow to the bitch who was firing on all cylinders.

2; JAMIESON, MACARA, & BLACKBURN-BENNETT Kanix News Flash At Glenfinnan, very good l/w boy who too scores highly in the type stakes. Pleasing to go over, he impresses in profile. Close up, just preferred the head of the winner today

3: HAZELTINE, Miss C & WELCH Mrs S Just Wilburt By Hookwood JW Sh.CM


Special Beginners

1: ROBERTS, Mrs K & ROBERTS Miss C Byphar Bombay Sapphire, 11 month old o/w who presents a pleasing outline in profile. Sweet head and expression. Well ribbed for her age and strong top line. Well let down behind. A tad roly on the move atm, but age is on her side.

2: STOKES Miss C J Hawkfield Castaspell Over Guanabaral/w in super condition. Not quite the head of the winner but although from a smaller mould, she is balanced. Strong top line which she held on the move.

3: CUFF Mrs A M Silvernitjar Wagtail Waltz

Minor Puppy

1: DYKES Mr A Fleurfield Magic Flute at Briartor two very naughty babies both a differing stages, but with things to like and both making me smile. Just preferred the head and expression of the winner and that was the deciding factor. Both showed at times that they could move on the right track, even though briefly.

2: CREBO Mrs C Wilchrimane Flourish


1: PREECE, Mrs D J & GILDING Mr N Harvestslade Lesedi La Rona, super young rising year old young lady who presents a delightful outline stacked up. Pleased in head and expression, strong neck into firm top line and well set tail. In fabulous condition, she is a delight to go over presenting a most typical outline. One with a future I have no doubt. I liked her enormously and she very very nearly gained herself the RCC but had to settle for BP.... her day will most certainly come.

2: ROBERTS, Mrs K & ROBERTS Miss C Byphar Bombay Sapphire

3: PHILLIPS Mr C & Mrs J Waterton Remember Me


1: NORBURY Miss V Medogold Bamalam, interesting class . This l/w won here today as she was just slightly more mature in ribbing and strength of loin. Pleased in for head shape, her neck is strong and she has a good top line. Balanced in angulation.

2: WATKINS, Ms T & PHILLIPS, Mrs A & GORDON Ms W Hawkfield Audacious (ai), love the type on this girl and she pleases in outline, just at that in between stage as she could benefit from a little more maturity in ribbing which will be to her benefit. On the move she is a little loose at present but I’m sure she has a future ahead of her.

3: MATTHEWS Mrs A D Medogold Tartini With Sonham


1: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Miss H Kanix Orient At Stargang, absolutely beautiful o/w who screams type and is a delight to go over. She is presented to absolute perfection, which is the icing on the cake. Her head and expression are delightful, strong neck into firm top line and well set tail. . Well laid shoulder and enough for upper arm to give her forward reach in front. Balanced behind, she will always take the eye. On the move, in profile, she holds herself so well with perfect tail carriage and strong topline. Going over her, I knew it would have to take something very special to beat her and in the challenge she continued to impress me and so was delighted to reward her with the CC & BOB. So pleased to see that she finished the day with Group 3 behind 2 very established champions. Her first CC, I will watch her future with much interest and wish her well.

2: STOKES Miss C J Hawkfield Castaspell Over Guanabara

Post Graduate

1: ISHERWOOD Mrs C A Symitry Iced Ginger, o/w of obvious quality. Liked her head and expression very much and she presents a very typical curvy outline stacked up. Strong neck, top line and uses her tail constantly. Totally balanced in angulation, her action on the move will always draw the eye. Champion quality.

2: O'NEILL Mrs C J Fyldefair Sky Full Of Stars Over Tenshilling, slightly different type but with lots to like. Excellent to go over, she used herself well on the last go round to move up a slot in the line up. In super condition,

3: GORDON Miss W J Hawkfield Saunter JW


1: MARTIN, Mrs R M C & MARTIN Miss R Sunhouse Cheerio, two totally differing types. Loved the head and expression on this o/w girl and she is good to go over. Very typical in outline, moves on the right track but would have benefited today from a little more enthusiasm. Another of champion quality and I won't disagree when she does.

2; BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Kanix Naughty Nancy, b/w girl who performed better than the class winner, but today she could not match her in front and was slightly proud of her tail. But obvious quality and once Again from this kennel, superbly presented and handled.


1: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Mr & Mrs J Kanix Kestrel, interesting class of slightly differing types and all putting on differing performances. On another day, I could quite easily have changed the places. This b/w put on a show to take the class and was the most precise in front action. Liked her head and she presents a very tidy outline in profile. Good for front assembly, strong top line and uses herself in profile. Well handled and in good condition. RCC

2: ROSE Mr S Sh Ch Ridanflight Rhonwen, o/w who on initial look round, thought would be my winner as she is so pleasing on the stack. Delightful head and expression. Strong top line and good to go over. However today she was lazy in front and this cost her, shame.

3: BOND Dr K & S Joneva Asterea JW


1: ISHERWOOD Mrs C A Pipeaway Satin Fire With Symitry, lovely class of oldies and all a credit to their owners. This o/w is super for type and her head and expression pleases so much. Good to go over, she enjoyed herself enormously

2: BROOKSMITH Miss A Nightgold Blackavar, b/w pleased in profile and in fantastic condition. Moved out well, especially in profile 3: STANGROOM Mrs C M & Mr B Lappakia Dune Song

Lee A S Cox (Judge)