• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Blackpool Championship Show 

23rd June 2018 


English Springer Spaniels 

I enjoyed this appointment very much and am delighted to say that I found many worthy examples of the breed which is refreshing in this day and age. Open Dog in particular was a wonderful class to judge and on another day could have quite easily have placed them in a completely different order. It really was a case of judging them on the day with performance playing a very important part. 



Minor Puppy 

1: Graham’s PEASBLOSSOM VALENTINO, 6 month old and all legs and wings at the moment. Pleases for head and expression. Well off for substance and well-muscled. He is coming along on the right lines and his temperament is to be cherished.  



1: Topliss’ BERESFORD NIGHT TRAIN, mature l/w with a super head and expression. Good neck into strong topline. Liked his front assembly and he uses it well. Well set tail. Balanced behind and strong in hock. Moves on the right track and has an easy action in profile. Liked him very much and he is destined for a title I have no doubt. 

2: Clarke’s TIGEROCK RADIO GA GA JW, b/w boy who pleased for type and is in excellent condition, well presented. Decent head. Good neck and strong in topline. Balanced in hindquarter, he looks good in profile he just lost out slightly today on the out and back. 




1: Lauchlan’s LOCHBRIDE THUNDERSTRUCK, decent boy for type, masculine head and expression, balanced all through. He had substance, strong topline and correctly set tail. Moved the best of the class and uses himself in profile. 

2: Glendinning’s PLAIGLEN BEATERS BSTYLISH, b/w dog of super type and a delight to go over, he just decided that he was going to throw any chance he had away, such a shame. 



Post Graduate 

1: Such’s TRIMERE TICKS THE BOX AT MUJASCAL, decent for type and shape, pleasing head and expression, good topline. In good coat and well presented, he moved out on the right track. 



1: Jackson’s MOMPESSON DEVONSHIRE, all male and beautifully presented. He presents a very typical outline and is totally balanced. On the move he is precise and has an easy action in profile. Champion quality for sure, liked him and considered him strongly. 

2: Elliot’s PEASBLOSSOM NEMESIS WITH JONABAR, liked him too and he too scores highly for type. Liked his neck into topline and well set tail. Balanced in angulation, he just could have used himself more in profile. 



1: Casey & Cavallo’s SH CH / AUST SUP CH SANDICAM THE LOOK OF LOVE, what a sensational class and one that could have a completely different outcome on another day. This dog just cannot be overlooked on the move and it is here that he won the class. He is extremely good to go over and is in superb condition. When you look into him, his balance is typical and he is springer in outline. His head may not be classical but his expression is good. In hard, workmanlike condition he opens up on the move, yet retains the action so typical of the breed. He holds a strong topline and is completely precise out and back. Handled beautifully and presented in first class order. CC & BOB 

: Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s NL CH TRIMERE TOTAL MAHEM, so full of type and beautifully presented, he is a superb springer and he looks great in profile. Just lost out coming towards me today. His title cannot be far off and I won’t disagree when it does. RCC in excellent company. 




1: Tracz’s SH CH MEADOWDALE ALABAMA SLAMMER AT ACREGATE SHCM, super dog not only for type but for condition and this is to be commended. He belies his age and quite frankly can show some of the youngsters how to move. 

2: Glendinning’s SH CH PLAIGLEN HUSTLE, b/w in superb condition too, again scores highly on the type stakes and is sound, close decision between these two. 



Bitches puppy 

1: Smith’s BELAVITA STAR, gorgeous tri baby girl who screams type. So balanced and well put together. She has a title stamped all over it. I loved her. BP 



1: Ainsley & Nicklin’s DAENERYS WINDS OF WINTER, very pretty stacked up and she is good to go over. Very typical and in good coat. Moves with typical action and covers the ground in profile. Just a tad proud of her tail. 

2: Holt’s MISS BONES TAMAAN OF BETHRYN, close up and splitting hairs. She too is good to go over but she was just a rad erratic on the out and back today. 




1: Graham’s BORDACITY FORGET ME NOT, in excellent condition and well presented and handled. Pretty expression and strong topline, well set tail. Moved with animation. 


Post Graduate 

1: Corbett’s TRIMERE TICATBOO, excellent trio headed this class and it was performance on the day that separated them. This is an absolutely gorgeous bitch with the most beautiful feminine head and expression. Delightful to go over, I knew it would have to be something special to beat her. She has a strong neck, frim topline and her angles are completely balanced, plus she has a decent length to her leg which lacks in a few. On the move she holds herself well, covers the ground and has the correct action for the breed. She immediately takes the eye. She continued to impress in the challenge and I could not get past her for the CC. For BOB she flagged a little whereas the male continued to power around the ring and so she had to give way. If she doesn’t title it will be the biggest injustice. 

2: Calvert’s CALVDALE HERITAGE OF FOLLY, very close up and she screams type too. A title holder of the future. She too has the most excellent head, expression and construction. She just didn't use her front as well as the winner today but I can see them changing places on more than one occasion. She was in superb condition and well handled. Another with the balance I was looking for and she was very worthy of the RCC in such excellent company. Liked her very much. 

3: Glendinning’s PLAIGLEN DAZZLED. 



1: Calvert’s CALVDALE BEAUTIFUL ROMANCE JW, close between the first two and both score highly in type. Both have super heads and expressions, good necks and strong toplines. Just preferred the front slightly on the winner. Both are well let down behind and cover the ground with an easy action in profile. Both well presented and worthy of titles. It was once again performance that decided the class but I’m sure that they will change the placings on another day. 





1: Jackson’s SH CH MOMPESSON LEGACY, another good trio heading this class. Tri bitch with obvious quality, has substance yet retains femininity. Beautiful head and expression, strong in neck and topline, in full coat well presented. Moved out in the class with style and ease and has all the essentials. Could have just used herself more in the challenge which was such a shame. 

2: Corbett’s SH CH TRIMERE TICKER MAID, close up and ultra pretty, she can certainly change places on another day. For me, not quite the balance in leg but would happily sign a CC for both of them 




1: Cunliffe’s SH CH / IR SH CH CALVDALE MY GIRL OF FALLENLEAF SHCM JW, super for type and shape and she doesn't believe she's a veteran. Liked her head and expression and she is good to go over. In superb condition deserving of all that she has attained and it’s obvious why. Credit to her owner. 

2: Hipgrave’s IR SH CH TERNSPRINGER MELODY, a real sweetie and is excellent condition. She is sound and belies her age, 


Lee A S Cox