• Show Date: 02/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Australian Shepherd Association

Breed: Australian Shepherd

National Australian Shepherd Association Champ Show

Special Award Classes

Thank you to the NASA committee for the invitation to judge the Special Award Classes at your Championship Show. Thank you to all who entered for bringing your dogs and for accepting my decisions so sportingly. This is a breed I have great affection for and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet you all. All the dogs were presented in immaculate condition and have excellent temperaments.

Class 29 Special Award Yearling Dog or Bitch (7/9)

1st 16 Cowley’s Sparkaway Supersonic. 15 month old Black Tri Dog. Still maturing but plenty to like about this boy. He made a good outline, with everything in moderation. Dry head with a good length of muzzle and correct bite. Keen expression and high set ears which he used well. Clean neck into decent shoulders, chest developing well. Medium bone with straight fores into well padded, oval feet. Good spring of rib, firm topline and muscular loin. Moderate rear angulation with strong hocks and muscles developing well. Best movement in the class with a free flowing gait.

2nd 17 Cowley’s Sparkaway Supernatural. Blue merle litter brother to the class winner. Many of the same attributes and perhaps a little flashier to look at. Another good head with nice length of muzzle and correct bite. Intelligent expression with good eye shape and ears. Good reach of neck, good shoulders with moderate front angulation. Nice bone and excellent padded feet. Ribbing good, strong topline and loin. Good rear angulation, not overdone. In good condition all through. Sound mover but felt his brother just had the edge over him today.

Class 30 Special Award Open Dog (5/7)

1st 26 Fort’s CH Jotars Follow The Rumours From Shulune JW ShCM. Striking 4 year old blue merle who commands the ring as soon as he enters. Masculine head with broad skull, well defined stop and nice muzzle with correct bite and well padded underjaw. Sparkling expressive eyes with good pigmentation. Good ear shape and carriage. Clean, arched neck into well laid shoulders and balanced upper arm. Straight fores with moderate oval bone into good pasterns with well arched, compact feet. Deep chest, excellent spring of rib and firm topline. Well muscled loin with a slight tuck. Well balanced rear angulation with excellent muscling. Strong, well let down hocks which he used to power around the ring. His movement was agile and free flowing, he looks like he could go all day. Finished with a beautiful coat and handled well.

2nd 62 Such’s Soloyal Valentino. 2 year old black tri dog with a handsome head, clean cut with good width of skull, depth of muzzle and correct bite. An animated boy with beautiful eyes. Good reach of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders and good upper arm. Straight fores with good bone into great oval feet. Good depth of chest with good ribbing, carried well back. Good topline and strong loin. Moderate hind angulation and firm muscling. Sound, ground covering movement.

Class 31 Special Award Open Bitch (6/6)

1st 41 Longhurst’s Wilduc Next To Me at Spotarton ShCM. Beautiful 2 year old red tri with a feminine head and intelligent expression. Clean skull, moderate stop, good muzzle with padded underjaw and correct bite. Correct eye shape and high set medium ears. Strong neck into long, well laid shoulders and good upper arm. Medium, oval bone and nicely padded feet. Good chest with brisket to elbows and well sprung ribs. Broad, muscular loin and slight tuck up. Gently angulated stifles, good musculature and strong hocks. Won this class on her overall balance and free, rhythmic movement. Well handled.

2nd 75 Venton’s Little Red-cap Du Chemin Des Korrigans (Imp). 3 year old red tri bitch, another with a lot to like. Clean, feminine head with a beautiful expression. Good muzzle with correct bite. Good eye shape and neat ears. Moderate length of neck, good shoulder and upper arm. Good bone, straight fores and nice feet. Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs and firm topline. Balanced rear angulation. Moved with agility around the ring.

Lauran Wheaton (Acinonyx)