• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Border Union – Finnish Lapphunds

16th June 2018

It was an absolute honour to award my first set of CCs to Lappies at Border Union – one of the best showgrounds on the circuit. Thank you to all those who entered and made my day so very special. Unfortunately, we had to show under cover as the rain just wouldn’t hold off, so we couldn’t make use of the lovely large outdoor ring, which I’m sure many would have preferred. For me, the Lapphund has to be workmanlike, medium size, well-constructed and have that teddy bear expression that sets it apart. It should not be overly fine in body or bone. Ears should be wide set and medium size and not rabbit like. In terms of construction, I know that the standard says that the shoulder forms a rather open angle with the upper arm but we really need to watch that the upper arm is set under the body enough to give a decent stride length and not make it look like the front legs are tacked onto the front of the body. There are certainly lots of different shapes, sizes and types in the breed, but what an incredible breed we are all lucky to own and devote ourselves to. Thanks once again to all the owners and their lovely dogs. All were certainly very happy, healthy Lappies!

Puppy Dog (1)

1st: Thomas’ Elbereth Tuulenpoika. Stood alone here. An attractive young man who shows potential. Head has enough width and muzzle is ok for length to give good balance, but obviously needs to fill out as he matures. Eyes are dark and oval in shape. Nice wide ear set to give that typical Lapphund ‘look’. Neck ok for length. Balanced in angles fore and aft and showing sufficient scope to enable him to perform his original function. Enough length to body. Chest is correct for depth, but obviously needs to widen as he matures. Bone sufficient for age. Tail is high set and carried over the back on the move. Moves with a nice stride and is sound out and back. Best Puppy.

Junior Dog (2)

1st: Thomas’ Elbereth Tuulenpoika.

2ND: Allison & Robinson’s Finnadian Cirius. Masculine boy with correct proportions of muzzle to skull. Good oval dark eyes. Ears set just wide enough. Preferred expression of 1st as it was slightly softer. Neck a tad shorter than my ideal. A little more upright in angles than 1st in both shoulder and upper arm. Strong topline. Nice depth of chest and preferred his width to 1st. Strong loins. Enough turn of stifle. High set tail carried over the back on the move. His coat is of correct coarse texture where many are rather too soft. Brisk profile action and is very true coming and going.

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st: Allison & Robinson’s Finnadian Cirius.

2nd: Critchlow & Sheridan’s Pavoskas Charleston. A super attractive young boy. Lovely head with muzzle that is shorter than length from stop to occiput. Lovely oval eyes of a colour that harmonises with his coat. Beautiful ears which are wide set, lovely size and very well furred – just what I like! Touch short in neck and his profuse mane rather enhances this. Shoulders and upper arm a little upright. Chest developing well and has decent width. Little cobby in body at present for me. Stifles could be more turned. Tail set high and with profuse long hair. Nice feet. Moves sound enough. Super presentation.

3rd: Matheson’s Lapptoppen’s Herax

Limit Dog (3)

1st Jackson’s Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth. A dog absolutely packed full of character and naughtiness- just how I think a Lapphund should be! A very attractive head with enough width. Could perhaps be more masculine with a fraction more bone for perfection, but he’s still young. Muzzle to skull ratio correct. Dark oval eyes which are smallish, but aid his cheeky, teddy bear expression which I love. One ear semi erect which again all helps with his clownish outlook. Neck a tad short. Shoulder and upper arm of correct length but could angle more for my preference. Nice depth and width to chest and correct body length for height. Pelvis, upper and lower thigh all ok for angulation and nicely muscled. Great feet. Low hocks. Tail set high and carried over the back on the move. Sound enough out and back. Brisk action. Correct coat and presentation of the top order.

2nd: Forbes’ Juva Julkea Of Artic Cobaka. A boy who was certainly missing his Mum today. Really didn’t show himself off to advantage. I love his more 'original' type which is cheeky enough to look more like a teddy bear than something more menacing. Adore his spectacles! Muzzle perhaps just a shade too long compared to skull but has enough depth. Lovely oval eyes which are dark enough. Ears are nice for shape and size, could do with a bit more fur though. Decent width to skull. Nice medium length to neck. Shoulder is moderate for layback and upper arm angles back correctly. Chest deep enough and width is ok. Strong topline. Enough length of body. Stifles show enough bend. Tail is carried up on the move and down in repose which is perfectly fine. Low hocks. Good feet. A bit more bone would be good but he is a smallish dog. Really didn’t enjoy his day and couldn’t compete with 1st today on overall performance and showmanship.

3rd: Matheson’s Lapptoppen’s Herax.

Open Dog (6)

A great class of mature males. A great honour to judge and places could easily change on another day on performance alone.

1st Shorts’ Glenchess Gregory. A super chap with the most gorgeous head. Great width to skull, beautiful wide set ears and a muzzle that is shorter than the length from stop to occiput. All these things for me go into creating that perfect Lappy head. Thereafter , he has lovely dark oval eyes, well furred ears and a real teddy bear like, yet utterly masculine, expression. Medium length to neck which has slight arch and is profusely haired. Beautiful layback of shoulder and a return of upper arm that sets his forelegs under his body rather than looking like they are tacked onto his front. Good depth and width to chest. Ribs carried well back and body ok for length. Topline firm. Tail set high and has profuse hair. Pelvis slopes enough and upper and lower thigh are of correct length and angulation. Hocks low. Good for bone. Outer coat coarse and dense undercoat. Super sound out and back and displays the most effortless side gait with the length of stride I like to see. Nothing jars the eye and there is no wasted energy. Very well handled. Super dog who should get noticed in group competition. CC and BOB.

2nd: Meikle & Henderson’s Marymead Muskateer. A dog who has often caught my eye and how pleased I was to see him entered here. Handsome upstanding dog. Muzzle correct for length and width. Masculine, yet soft expression. Lovely oval eyes of a colour that harmonises with his coat. Good wide earset. Ears of correct size. Just a little more pointed in shape than 1st. Medium length to neck with slight arch. Moderate lay of shoulder and upper arm comes under him nicely to give that front that I like to see. Good depth and width to ribcage. Firm topline. Body correct for length. Strong loins. Tail could be set on a tad higher for perfection. Carried over the back on the move. Well angulated rear. Liked him very much for size and bone calibre. Left his jacket at home – but it is June! What was there felt of correct texture. Not quite as straight out and back on the day as the winner but like 1st had that super side gait that I look for – brisk and with effortless strides. Not the finish on the day compared to 1st, but a top quality dog who excels in so many ways. Top drawer dog. Loved him. RCC

3rd: Robinsons Oberitz Rumpali.

Veteran Dog (1)

1st: Treasure’s Tabanyaruu Karuselli Mika. An old friend of mine who never disappoints. Another with bags of personality and is always handled to absolute perfection. Strong masculine head with a muzzle that is ok for length and width. Needs more underjaw. Ears are wide set and of correct size - could do with more hair though. Lovely oval dark eyes. Good forehand with correct lay of shoulder and upper arm sets the forelegs well under him. Chest reaches to elbow and is correct for width. Firm topline and loins. Stifles are well turned, Hocks are low. Tail set on high. Moves with a purposeful, sound gait. Looked a picture here. Best Veteran.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1st: Matheson’s Thistleglen Belladonna. What a sweet young baby. Not too confident under the tent today – and who could blame her! Lovely expression with very feminine head. Oval dark eyes. Ears wide set. Neck of correct length. Loved her shape. Very good construction all through with lovely shoulder and upper arm and well balanced at the rear. Topline firm. Tail set high, but carried down on the move today. Lots of maturing to do, but looks promising. Sound on the move.

Junior Bitch (4)

1st: Critchlow & Hallett’s Pavoskas Ceili. What a face! Screams Lappy and demands attention. Good width to skull. Muzzle of very nice proportions compared to skull being somewhat shorter. Ears are wide set and well furred and of a very nice shape – there are some really pointy ears in the breed which, to me are not typical. Super oval eyes which are dark in colour and so expressive. Lovely teddy bear expression that I feel all the good ones should have. Liked how she was feminine, but with strength. Medium length to neck. Shoulders are quite well laid. Upper arm is set slightly too far forward bringing the forelegs forward. Lovely bone and feet. Good body length. Chest developing well. Loins strong. Good turn of stifles. High set tail with profuse hair and carried up well on the move. Low set hocks. Coarse texture to outer coat and beautiful thick undercoat. Could be straighter out and back. Moves with brisk, free strides. A promising young lady indeed.

2nd: Heath’s Cannyyatton Auvo. Needs some schooling but showed enough here to earn her placing. She’s of a very nice type and has very nice head attributes with enough strength through the skull and muzzle yet still remaining feminine. Dark oval eyes. Medium length to neck. Moderate angles fore and aft. Needs to develop through the chest. Has enough depth. Good for bone. Strong topline. Tail set on high. Good angulation at the rear. Saw fleeting glimpses of a nice stride. Preferred her width to 3rd. Shows promise.

3rd: Critchlow & Wilson’s Pavoskas Calypso

Post Graduate Bitch (6)

A really challenging class with so many different types and ones that were just not performing.

1st: Critchlow & Hallett’s Pavoskas Ceili

2nd: Bell & Queens’s Allforus Shanti. Of different type to 1st. Ultra attractive black bitch in superfluous condition. More leg and daylight underneath than many exhibited, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Certainly looks like she could do the job she was intended for. Head is slightly narrower than 1st and muzzle a little longer than the ideal. Ears are wide set and of a nice shape and size. Lovely dark oval eyes and typical expression. You have to look through the dark colouring to appreciate her qualities. Very well constructed with excellent shoulder and upper arm. Correct body length. Firm topline. Preferred underline of 1st as this bitch has rather more tuck up than I expect. Well angulated rear. Tail high set with profuse hair. Low hocks (loved how furry they were!) Nice feet. Super mover with effortless, brisk strides. Very well presented.

3rd: Bird’s Bridus Melikki

Limit Bitch (4)

1st Allison’s Oberitz Vakkara. Beautiful red bitch. Smaller end of the standard but shows herself off so very well. Gorgeous head with good width and balance of muzzle to skull. Muzzle has enough width and tapers nicely. Wide set ears which are ideal for size, shape and very well furred. Eyes oval in shape and colour harmonises with her coat. Neck appears short, but this is because of her terrific coat. Well laid shoulder and upper arm angles back to bring forelegs under her. Good width and depth to chest. Again, she appears short on the leg until you feel under the abundant coat. I found her proportions of chest to leg to be ideal. Body length just about ok for size. Firm topline and loins. Tail high set with profuse long hair. Moderate bend of stifles. Low hocks. Lovely effortless side gait – one of the best today. Just lost out as she wasn’t quite so straight out and back as the CC winners. Well handled and presented in great condition.

2nd: Dickson’s Glenchess Georgette to Bernavia. Another bitch with a very good head for shape and proportions. Good width and feminine without weakness or being overdone. Eyes are too light for me which gives her a rather startling expression rather than the soft one I was looking for today. Ears are wide set and of good shape. Neck of moderate length. Well laid shoulder and good return to upper arm. Deep chest and enough leg length. In profile, she has good length of ribcage, but her loins are too long which ruins her overall balance making her appear too long overall for her leg length. Tail set is high. Well angulated rear. Low set hocks. Moves likes a dream in profile, but I just preferred the overall balance to body and softer expression of 1st.

3rd: Matheson’s Anulis Enkeli Ammi

Open Bitch (5)

So close here between my first two.

1st: Allison’s Oberitz Trolleri. A cracking bitch with everything in the right place and looking in tip top form here. Feminine head with good width to the skull. Muzzle in ideal proportion to skull being somewhat shorter, it also tapers correctly. Lovely wide set ears of correct shape -could maybe have more fur. Lovely dark eyes of nice oval shape. Cheeky expression. Moderate length to neck with slight arch. Super construction with very well laid shoulders and slope to upper arm. Great bone. Forelegs straight. Chest of correct depth and I liked her length of leg. Good width to chest with ribs carried well back. Strong firm topline and muscular loins. Slight tuck up. Just off square in body. Nice slope to pelvis with balanced lengths of upper and lower thighs. Well angulated stifles. Low set hocks. High set tail with profuse hair. In lovely coat and condition. The most perfect side gait with lovely drive from the rear and reach in front without being overdone. So sound from all angles. Coarse outer coat. Close lying overall. Well furred feet. She filled my eye more and more as the class progressed. Really showed herself off every minute and her beautiful type combined with that oustanding movement had to be fully rewarded in the challenge. A top class Lappy. CC.

2nd: Thomas’ Ch Elbereth Pelinainen. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of this bitch. I’ve said before that in my view this is a world class Lappy. She has the most gorgeous type. Lovely head with correct balance, width, femininity and super soft teddy bear expression. Moderate length to neck with slight arch. Well angulated fore and aft. Good chest for depth and width. Ribcage of ideal length. Strong firm topline. Loins of correct length. Well turned stifles. I like the daylight under her body. High set tail which is also well furred. Low set hocks and nice furry feet. Moves very straight out and back. I judge dogs on the day and not on past performance, and unfortunately for me, on the day, she just did not put everything into her profile gait and lacked the verve and energy of the winner. She looked thoroughly bored with proceedings. That said, what a truly terrific Lappy she is, a model for breed type and thoroughly deserving of the RCC here.

3rd: Treasure’s Infindingo Riemu Emmi

Veteran Bitch (1)

1st Robinson’s Tekoira Glimmer of Hope. Looks super for her age. Feminine head and engaging expression. Well balanced all through and still showing off her qualities to advantage. Nice in outline and carrying herself well as she moved around the ring. Well presented and shown. A grand old lady.

Mr Krystyan Greenland (Judge)