• Show Date: 04/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Siberian Husky
It is always the greatest honour to judge my own breed. This is not the highest entry I have ever judged, but I was fortunate to have much quality to assess and thank you to all the exhibitors for bringing their dogs along. The bitches were particularly strong. First and foremost a judge should be able to clearly distinguish a breed through its general characteristics – with no extremes. In recent years this has become more of a challenge with all sorts of types, but a Siberian Husky should first and foremost look like a Siberian Husky and no other type of Nordic sled dog used (or not) for pulling a sled/rig. Then we are looking for those constructional features that make it able to do the task it was created for and the physical features that enable it to survive in its country of origin. I am also looking for condition – body and muscle. I unfortunately have to report that some dogs ruined their chances through lack of conditioning – and I don’t mean the normal you see when dogs lose coat. Some were also exhibited in filthy condition and smelt and quite frankly that is an insult to both the judge and the breed. That said, there were many who presented their dogs in the highest order (in and out of coat), as should be expected at a show. There were some great dogs here – some that will I’m sure go on to make their mark in the history books in time. The puppy bitches were a delight and I was pleased with both of my final line ups. The normal problems were noted such as open angles and less than ideal movement. I also noticed that there were more short croups and high set tails than I remember in the past. Judging our breed now is one of making compromises, but, for me, good construction and movement will always be paramount in a working breed. Thankyou to all who entered. It is always enjoyable, and an honour to be judge your dogs. 

Minor Puppy Dog (5/1)

1st Thomas’ Eversepp Monnet of Sledsuka. Attractive young boy who was well presented. Nicely chiselled head with correct balance of skull to muzzle. Muzzle not too snipy. Eyes good for shape and set. Ears looking rather large at present, but ok for shape and set. Neck is long enough with slight arch. Balanced angles fore and aft. Looking high in lower leg, but this will balance as chest drops and widens. Topline firm with slight arch over loins. Good tail set and croup. Good fox brush. Pasterns slightly sloping and hocks low to ground. Promising young dog who needs to develop in substance and muscle. Moved soundly.

2nd: Tinker’s Zaltana Heartbreaker Kid at Lolotea (Imp Pol). Very different type to 1st. More foxy expression than 1st, with lovely eyes for set and shape. Definitely a cheeky expression. Ears well furred could be taller as they look a bit small at present. Neck a tad short at present and shoulder a little steep. Upper arm ok for length and return., Ok for bone. Pasterns slightly sloping. Preferred proportions of 1st, as this boy looks a little square at the moment. Topline firm. Nice croup and tailset. Good turn of stifle. Hocks low to ground. Free enough in gait, but crabbed somewhat going away.

3rd: Wakker’s Barking Brooks Mountain Mist at Ceannbeinne

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Ashcroft’s Amical Smile N’Wave for Zanjelic. A big boy for 9months. Handsome, masculine head with lovely almond eyes and set obliquely giving a typical expression. Good balance of skull to muzzle. Stop ok. Well set ears. Neck of good length with slight arch. Well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm which was also of correct length. Ok for bone. Chest quite mature for age, but was of correct depth and width. Correct length of lower leg. Ribs carried well back. Topline firm with slight arch over the loin. Good turn of stifle. Tail set good and carried in a nice sickle curve on the move. Good fox brush. Hocks tad long. Moved with good reach and drive. Promising boy who just needs to refine down a tad. So well handled and presented in high order. BPD

Junior Dog (3,0)

1st Sargent’s Hushwing Wezztlee with Keriquel. Rather large for my preference, but what a gorgeous young dog this is. His outline immediately catches the eye with his lovely arched neck and lovely flowing lines. Nothing jars the eye which is the sign of a good one. Masculine head with a fair width to skull, which is well balanced with his size. Skull and muzzle well balanced with moderate stop. Lovely eyes for shape and set giving a typical expression. Ears are high set, alert and of the correct shape and width. Lovely neck leading into well laid shoulders. Excellent length of upper arm which angles back very well. Good pasterns and feet. Chest still needs to drop and mature, which is correct for his age. Nice long ribcage. Topline firm with slight arch over the loin. Excellent turn of stifle with hocks well set. Croup ok, tail carried correctly on the move. Feet ok. Good bone. Nothing weedy and wimpy here! Somewhat out of coat. Superb mover displaying lightfooted and effortless strides and, unlike many others, so sound out and back. Despite the fact that he obviously still needs to mature, I had no hesitation in awarding this young dog the CC. Class and quality in abundance. CC.

2nd: Leich & Koop’s Forstal’s Inola. Preferred the size of this dog to 1st, but he really was determined not to play the game. Developing well. A most attractive head with that lovely mischievous expression. Beautiful eyes for shape and set. Good balance of skull to muzzle with moderate stop. Neck not as good in length and arch as 1st. Angles well balanced, but again not quite as good as 1st. Good bone. Pasterns very slight slope. Topline level with slight arch over the loin. Loins firm and strong. Tail set a tad high. Excellent fox brush. Moved very erratically. Well muscled.

3rd: Simms’ Arcticskies Thunder Snow.

Yearling Dog (4,0) A very difficult class.

1st Cooper’s Janskcoo’s Fortitude JW. Really excellent for type. Head is masculine enough. Eyes are very good for shape and set. Good skull to muzzle ratio. High set ears of excellent shape. They were well furred too. Neck a little short. I felt him rather upright in shoulder and upper arm could have better length and return and this showed for me today in a hackney style front action. Good depth of chest and excellent lower leg length. Very well proportioned in height to length. Topline slopes away too much for me. Loins are firm and strong. Good croup and excellent turn of stifle that just doesn’t quite balance with the front. Tail set and carried well. Good fox brush. Sound out and back, not covering the ground in front as I would like.

2nd: Williams’ Sibersong’s Dark Sovereign for Salazka. Such a difficult dog to assess because of his colouring, which is very attractive. He has good eyes for shape and set and good high set ears of the correct size. Muzzle is correct and skull is of correct width. Not as typical in expression for me as 1st. Neck ok for length and displayed a moderate arch. Balanced angulation fore and aft, but would prefer more both ends. Chest good for width and depth and ribs carried well back. Strong firm topline. Tail set on a little high. Good fox brush. Moved soundly, but didn’t really cover much ground today.

3rd: Tinker’s Zaltana Midnight Express at Lolotea (Imp Pol)

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st: Grisbrooke’s Azgard Spindrift. Such an attractive dog. Masculine head with almond shaped, oblique set eyes. Ears slightly taller than width at base. Good balance of skull to muzzle. Foxy expression. Good length to neck. Balanced angles fore and aft. Good depth of chest and correct length of ribcage. Lower leg length is correct being slightly more than depth of chest. Strong topline with slight arch over the loin. Croup rather steep and tail set on a tad high. Did display an effortless side gait, but he really weaved in front. Ok behind. Needs more substance.

Limit Dog (2,0)

1st: Downey & Last’s Snoqualmie Jupiter Makanni. Nice for type. Eyes are rather full and level set. Ears ok for size and shape but do look a tad bonneted. Neck of correct length with slight arch. Balanced angles fore and aft which were superior to 2nd. Good depth and width of ribcage. Topline ok. Loins firm. Needs more croup and tail set is rather high. Excellent coat and condition. Moved soundly. Well handled.

2nd: Yerrill’s Alepenkye Fruit Loops. A very attractive boy who has gorgeous eyes of really good almond shape and are set so well. High set ears which are of good shape and well furred. Rather sharp features and appearing slightly too long in muzzle. Lacks underjaw and his bite is undershot. Angles balanced both ends but would prefer more. Has sufficient depth of chest and ribcage is carried well back. Topline is strong with slight arch over the loins. Good proportions of height to length. Rather steep in croup. Moved erratically on the day.

Open Dog (6,1)

1st James’ Amical Kamdor. Winner of a class where all were very different for type. This dog is of an excellent type with a lovely masculine, but not heavy, head. Lovely almond shaped eyes with the desired oblique set that helps promote the typical expression. Great ears for shape and set and well furred. Well chiselled foreface. Neck of moderate length with slight arch. Well laid shoulders and good length and return of upper arm. Correct length of lower leg. Pasterns slightly sloping. Good depth of ribcage, but carrying too much substance on the day. Topline firm enough with very slight rise over the loins. Again, a little too well covered round the mid-drift on the day. Sufficient croup. Excellent turn of stifle and nice low set hocks. Lovely fox brush and very good feet. Not really a ring that suited this dog. He moved soundly but didn’t move out as his construction would suggest he can. Rather frustrating, but still close to the top awards.

2nd: Redwood’s Rigrunner Jubilee Flotilla. This boy always seems to go on improving. Pushed the winner all the way here. Head is very nice with correct eye shape and set. Ears correct for size and shape. Masculine expression. Neck just about long enough. Not quite the angulation of 1st but is very well balanced and superior to many. Rather 1:1 in length of lower leg to depth of chest. Pasterns sloping. Feet just a little flat. Rib cage long enough. Loins appear a little too arched for my preference. Good turn of stifle and low set hocks. Croup a little too short and tail set a tad high. Handled the ring well moving very soundly. Well muscled and handled.

3rd: Grisbrooke’s Ch Azgard Glock

Veteran Dog (2,0)

1st Redwood’s Ch Rigrunner Slider. An old friend of my mine and looking as typey as ever. Such a quality white boy. Beautiful masculine head. Super eyes for shape and set. Excellent high ear set which are good for shape and size, also well furred. Well balanced through skull and muzzle with moderate stop without being overdone. Excellent neck leading into well laid shoulders. Very good upper arm for length and angulation. Correct length of lower leg being slightly more than depth of chest. Nicely sloping, flexible pasterns. Good depth of chest with ribcage carried well back. Moderate tuck up. Excellent turn of stifle with low set hocks. Croup sufficient and tail carried well on the move if a little sparse of hair today. Topline just a tad sloping. Great mover. Pipped by the younger dog today who just looked that bit more alert and on form. Super boy. RCC.

2nd: Winer & Unwin’s Nashanessen Dirty Harry at Snowtrekka JW. A well built dog all through if a little big for my preference, but everything is in proportion. He wasn’t really putting his heart into proceedings today. He has a good head with nice almond shaped, oblique set eyes, Well chiselled foreface, and good expression. Ear set was ok when he put them up. Ok in body and moves pretty soundly, particularly in profile where he covered a lot of ground.

Good Citizen D/B (1,0)

1st Goodwin’s Amical Tikia JW. A sound, standard fitting red bitch who was in the most superfluous, muscular condition – the best of the day! Head is feminine with a foxy expression. Eyes are almond shaped and set obliquely. Ears are of correct size, but perhaps just set a shade too far back on the skull. Neck appears a little short. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Just about ok in length of body. Good pasterns and hocks and lovely feet. Strong, firm topline. Croup slopes nicely. Moves very soundly in all directions. So well presented and handled – an example to many.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1st Goodwin’s Valkyrie Siwash Legend (Imp CZ). If I could have taken one home today, this would have been the one. Here, I’m sure we have a star of the future. This young bitch typifies a quality Siberian puppy! Super feminine head with gorgeous eyes. Excellent foxy, mischievous expression. High set, alert ear set. Good neck. Excellent angulation fore and aft. On the smaller side at present, but everything is in proportion. Good pasterns and feet. Excellent tail set and carriage. Absolutely super double coat. When she gets going, she displays an outstanding gait in profile and out and back. Missed out for best puppy by a hairs breath on performance really, with the more mature girl- who is also beautiful- just edging her on the final move. Good luck with her. Gorgeous.

Puppy Bitch (3,1) Two nice pups here

1st Porritt’s Amical Super Duper. And she sure is! How nice to judge some quality youngsters. This is another sure-fire Champion. Quality all the way from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. One of the best I judged today. Eye catching outline, which, similar to my DCC winner, just all flows smoothly. Super feminine head with excellent eye shape and set. Good skull to muzzle ratio and moderate stop. Well chiselled foreface giving that foxy expression. High set ears of correct size and shape. Super neck of correct length and slight arch. Well laid shoulder. Upper arm could angle back a tad more, but she does have a tendency to stand too far forward which doesn’t help. Good proportions of height to length and lower leg. Well ribbed with ribs carried well back. Not too long in loin. Strong topline. Excellent turn of stifle. Low set hocks. Tail set on a tad too high. Moves with elegance covering the ground with ease. Don’t take her too fast! Beautiful bitch. Pushed very hard for the CC. Lost out on maturity. BP

2nd: Brown’s Deshka’s Cassiar Dyr For Polarcreek. Another attractive girl. Feminine head. Eyes are almond shaped and set obliquely. Typical expression. Ears set high but look rather large at present. Neck ok for length. Shoulders not as well angulated as 1st and upper arm is a little upright at present. Pasterns need more slope. Body developing well. Moderate turn of stifle. Tail a little high set. Good fox brush. Hocks low to ground. Great coat and condition. Moves out well to show a lightfooted gait. Not the length of stride of 1st.

Junior Bitch (4,2)

1st Bowering & Evans’ Penkhala’s Kaska. Head looks a little out of proportion with her body at present. Feminine enough. Eyes of nice shape and set. Ears rather large and could be set closer together. She has a good neck when she’s not looking directly at her handler. Stretch her out in front! Well laid shoulders and upper arm angles back enough. Good bone lengths here. Correct depth and width of chest, but obviously still developing. Good length of ribcage. Strong loins of correct length. Topline firm with slight rise over the loins. Croup slopes nicely and tail is well set. Nice slope to pasterns. Rather long in hocks which tend to tuck under her too. Rather too long in lower leg giving quite a lot of daylight under her. Moves very well with nice length of stride and displays good ground coverage.

2nd: Jones & Mihulka’s Shaytaan’s Upyours at Icynights (Imp Can). Displaying good type through the head which is well balanced in skull and muzzle. Refined and foxy with typical expression. Ear set high. Eyes a tad full but set very well. Neck ok. Shoulders and upper arm form a more open angle than I prefer. Refined bone. Looking rather long legged, but she is young and has lots of maturing to do. Pasterns upright at present. Body length is ok and in proportion to height. Standing a little up behind on the day. Croup slopes nicely. Moves ok out and back. Would prefer more length of stride.

Special Yearling Bitch (2,0)

1st Cooper’s Janskcoo’s Strength N’Honour JW. A real stunner here. Top quality and one I would expect to gain her title. Cracking head. Super feminine bitch without weakness. Lovely almond shaped eyes which are set obliquely. Good balance of skull to muzzle with moderate stop. Super ear set. Just the right length of neck with a lovely arch. Very well laid shoulders and form a very good angle with the upper arm. Correct bone lengths. Lovely depth and development of chest. Perfect length of lower leg. Sloping pasterns. Feet too flat. Ribcage well formed and carried well back. Good firm strong loins. Lovely topline with slight rise over the loin. Ideal turn of stifles. Correct length and slope to croup. Good fox brush. Low set hocks. Lovely effortless mover covering lots of ground. Could be a fraction tidier out and back. One that I considered strongly for the CC, but she became a little agitated and couldn’t then compete with the others on the move. Her day will come! Lovely.

2nd: Jones’ Azgard Bloom. Completely different type to 1st. Attractive head with correct eyes for shape and set. Ears rather large and tend to bonnet a little. Rather long through the muzzle. Neck ok for length. Balanced angles all through, but more upright than 1st. Very steep pasterns. Lower leg is too long for my preference, but this may appear better as her chest drops and develops. Strong topline with slight arch over the loin. Tail set on high needing more croup. Looking in really good condition and showed herself off to perfection. Moves very soundly from all angles.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)

1st: Ankers’ Sybasprinter Cosmic Dancer. This piebald girl took my eye as she came in the ring and proved to be a good winner here. On the smaller end of the standard, but everything in perfect proportion. Lovely feminine head with gorgeous oblique set almond shaped eyes. Excellent foxy expression. Great proportion of skull to muzzle. Moderate stop. Lovely dark pigment. Very well built with excellent shoulders and upper arm and well balanced at the rear with nice turn of stifles. Good width and depth of chest. Ribs carried well back. Strong loins. Lovely topline with slight rise over the loins. Tail a little high set. Good pasterns and hocks. Feet nice for size and shape. Moves with ease in a lightfooted manner. Not quite the length of stride and elegance of my main winners on the day.

2nd: Robinson’s Norste Zinnia Qannik Among Rigrunner. Good almond shaped eyes which are set obliquely. A tad long in the muzzle and perhaps a little narrow through the skull. Lips are tight and she has a typical expression. Neck ok for length. Not as well angulated all through as 1st, but is well balanced both ends. Lots of maturing to do through the body. Firm topline with slight arch over the loins. Out of coat on the day. Moves soundly.

3rd: Browns’ Polarcreek Alatna

Limit Bitch (8,1) A super quality class, where all my top 5 could easily swap places and go on to win green cards. A pleasure to judge.

1st: Sargent’s Keriquel Aqualight. A superb quality bitch who was naked on the day so hiding nothing. Eye catching outline with super flow and angles. Lovely quality head which was feminine enough without weakness. Lovely almond shaped eyes and set obliquely to give that typical Sibe expression. Outstanding body for make and shape. Love her angulation with well laid shoulders, correct length and return of upper arm matched perfectly at the rear with slope of pelvis, upper and lower thighs. Just fabulous. Lovely depth and width of chest without being overdone and showing no signs of weakness. Good proportion of lower leg to depth of chest and height to length. Pasterns are sloping and hocks are set low enough to ground. Good slope to croup and tail set on well. Good fox brush despite being naked. Topline strong with slight arch over the loin, though can sometimes stand making it appear to slope a tad too much. Great mover. Strong from any angle and so lightfooted and ground covering. My mind was set that the CC was hers, but she just threw it away at the last getting a little agitated by the noise and surroundings. What a beauty. A delight to judge. Should gain her title with ease. RCC

2nd: Wakker’s Icynights Sparkle in the Mist at Ceannabeinne. Another good quality feminine bitch who has it all. You know, you can tell this bitch is a Siberian Husky and reminds me so much of some of the old Zoox dogs. Absolutely scrumptious head which I slightly preferred over 1st – so feminine and foxy with perfect eyes for shape and set. Lovely tight lips and balance to head. High set ears which are lovely for shape, set and are well furred. Correct length of neck. Shoulders are well laid and upper arm angles back nicely. More mature in body that 1st. Good depth of and width of ribcage which was carried well back. Enough slope to pasterns. Correct underline with moderate tuck up. Good turn of stifles. Croup ok and tails set and carriage is typical. Gave ground to 1st today as she was very unsettled and not moving with the scope and freedom of 1st. Also felt 1st was more up on her toes and alert than 2nd. Another who should gain her title.

3rd; Leich & Koops’ Forstal’s Kittila. Another high quality bitch.

Open (6,0)

1st Robinson & Platt’s Ch Rigrunner Jubilee Flypast. The standard says a Siberian should be medium sized, quick and light on feet, graceful in action with a well furred body. Proportions reflecting a basic balance of power speed and endurance. So, here I found it. A bitch I have judged and admired before and today looked magnificent. Fully mature and looking the full picture. Lovely feminine head without being overly refined. Good balance of skull to muzzle. Eyes are of a lovely almond shape and are set obliquely. Ears are correct for shape. To be critical could be set a bit higher, but she doesn’t help herself here by loving all around her. Beautiful flowing outline where nothing jars the eye, everything flowing through without any excess or extremes. Neck is of ideal length with good arch. Very well laid shoulders and super length and return of upper arm. Chest of ideal proportions for width and depth and carried well back through the ribs. Moderate loins which are firm and well muscled. Strong topline. Excellent turn of stifles. Really good slope to croup and tail is set nicely. In superfluous coat and condition and looking every inch the piece today. Moves with ease and freedom and covered more ground today than any other bitch here. Just lovely to watch. Had to pull out all the stops to beat some superb bitches here and she never put a foot wrong. Another that was a delight to judge. CC and BOB.

2nd: Jones’ & Mihulka’s Ch Icynights Too Hot To Handle JW. It’s an honour when people enter their quality dogs for you to assess, and here was another. A bitch like the 1st that I have admired before. Typical head with really mischievous expression. Lovely almond shaped eyes. Ears are set high and of lovely size and shape. They are also well furred. Neck ok for length. Good angulation all through. Nice for size and bone – definitely moderate as the standard asks for. Correct slope to pasterns. Feet of nice shape. Chest has good depth and width and extends back enough. Loins firm and strong. A very slight hint of a dip behind the withers on the day on the stand but didn’t really show too much on the move where she covers the ground with consummate ease, if not a bit too fast, which can make her over extend. Slight slope to croup. Tail carriage good on the move. Not too sure of herself today. A super bitch who continues to display her many virtues.

3rd: Smiths’ Amical Snow White

Veteran Bitch (2,0)

1st: Bowering and Evans’ Ch Penkhalas Kyra. A good honest bitch at the smaller end of the standard. Everything is in proportion. She has femininity but with the required strength. Very standard fitting head with lovely almond shaped eyes. Ear set is perfect and she is always so alert! Great angles all through. Body is good for depth and width and her proportions for her size are excellent. Excellent topline with slight arch over the loin. Super croup and tail set. Lovely fox brush. I just feel her hocks extend slightly too far behind her. Moves well in profile and is as sound as they come out and back. Very well handled and presented.

2nd: Jones’ Azgard Susitna. A quality bitch at the taller end of the standard who still has so many virtues on show at her age. Feminine head. Tad long through the muzzle compared to skull. Moderate stop. Lovely eyes for shape and set. Really nice arch to neck without being excessive. Lovely angulation fore and aft. Very well proportioned. Good chest for width and depth. Lovely croup and tailset. Great fox brush. Moves so freely belying her years. Great condition. Unlucky to meet 1st.

Krystyan Greenland