• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kristine Malinowski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

City of Birmingham Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael

Puppy Dog

1st Church, & Howard-Harrington's Invanse Despicable Me. 11mth old of good type. Good overall length head, clean enough through, flat skull, parallels not quite, muzzle slightly hooked. Dark almond shaped eye placed well, expression direct. Well placed ear, medium tall and used well. Enough neck. Good square body shape with lovely length of leg. Front angles more moderate than rear. Good bone. Depth of chest good for age, still to develop in front. Still a little bum high. Excellent black coat of good texture. Moves a little restricted at front. Lots of development to come and at that age where everything is still to come together which I’m sure it will. BPIB

Junior Dog

  1st Bowe’s Kelluki Celtic Marauder among Ekusen. 15mths of good overall type. Medium length head which is balanced skull to muzzle. Flat skull, good stop, good parallels. Enough chiselling. Lovely dark almond shaped eye with soft expression. Well set ears of good shape and used well. Good neck onto body which is off square. Good leg length and bone. Well balanced angles front and rear. Enough depth of chest for age, still a little to develop through forechest. Is at present standing a little 10 to 2. In between coats but good texture. Sweet calm character. Moves well in side gait.

  Post Graduate Dog

  1st Smalley & Stanbridge’s Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall. 2yr old male of immense presence. Lovely overall type. Long head, masculine but in no way overdone. Flat skull, good stop, well enough chiselled, slight hook to muzzle and parallels not quite. Lovely shaped eye with really alert inquiring expression. Medium tall ear, set high and used to maximum advantage. Excellent reach of neck onto well shaped body with excellent bone and leg. Balanced angles front and rear. Excellent depth of chest, with good forechest. Presented in good coat and body condition. Outgoing character. Moved gracefully and covered the ground with ease. Really a very stylish young male who I am sure will gain his title with ease. Pleased to award him the CC & BOB.

  2nd Flavell’s Niavana Man About Town. More elegant type and build than 1st but still an impressive young male. Long elegant head, clean through. Flat skull, excellent parallels, slight hook to muzzle. Dark eye of good shape, sweet expression. Well shaped ear set a shade wide, used to advantage. Would prefer more reach to neck. Body off square, he has a short enough back, long sloping croup spoiled his overall outline. Excellent bone. Front angles more moderate than rear. Excellent depth of chest with enough forechest for age. Presented in excellent coat. A real happy boy who made me smile, lovely character. Balanced elegant side gait when he settled.

3rd Snook’s Bonvivant Liquorice Liquer

  Open Dog

1st Lawless’s Ch/Ir Ch Revloch Figo. 5yr old fully mature male shown in his absolute prime. Overall he makes a very attractive picture. Masculine head of good length, clean enough through. Flat skull, elegant stop, excellent parallels. Beautiful dark almond shaped eye, obliquely set giving a melting expression. Well set, shaped and used ears. Excellent neck onto body slightly off square. Excellent bone. Balanced angles front and rear. Well developed chest and forechest. Good croup. Would prefer a little more length of leg. Presented in immaculate condition body and coat. Calm attentive boy with a character to match. Very steady light side gait. A boy with many virtues and he shows them to advantage. RDCC

  2nd Harriman’s Ch Becanbrie Darius. Another mature male of excellent type. Today not in his full jacket. Long elegant clean head, flat skull good stop, excellent parallels. Medium brown eye, could be a little more almond in shape, pleasing expression. Medium tall ear, well set and used. Good arch to neck onto square body. Good bone and leg length. Moderate angles front and rear with enough depth of chest. Good forechest. Could be more positive in his front movement, easy side gait.

3rd Hughes & Morgenstern’s A Touch of Magic for Revloch Keren Shemesh

Puppy Bitch

1st Lawless’ Revloch Obsession. Very pretty feminine babe. Totally out of coat! Excellent type, long clean head, excellent chiselling, flat skull, elegant stop. Dark almond shaped eyes with sweet expression. Tall ears, little open at base, well enough set. Good reach of neck onto square body with good length of leg. Elegant bone. Front angles more moderate than rear. Forechest still to develop as with depth. At that stage where everything still has to come together. Movement a little erratic.

2nd Church’s Invanse Rumour Has It. Really liked this girl but sadly she was having none of it. Excellent type, long clean head, flat skull, good parallels, excellent chiselling. Muzzle ever so slightly hooked. Beautiful dark almond eye well placed and soft inquiring expression. Medium tall ear of good shape well set. Beautiful arch and length of neck onto square body. Good bone and length of leg. Good balanced angles front and rear. Good development of forechest and depth for age. In good coat, a little wavy still. A little erratic on the move. Sincerely hope she gets her act together in the future.

Junior Bitch

1st Church’s Invanse Rumour Has It

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Fowler & Mancey’s Niavana Moon River at Toptune. Very pretty girl of lovely type, no extremes. Excellent balanced head, flat skull, good stop, excellent parallels. Beautiful dark almond eye obliquely set, sweet feminine expression. Excellent shape, size and set of ear, used to advantage and very attentive to her handler. Good neck onto shapely body, topline could be a little firmer. Good bone, would like a little more leg length for harmony. Good balanced angles front and rear. Good depth of chest and forechest for age. Easy flowing side gait.

Limit Bitch

  1st Bond & McCarthy’s Niavana Miss Moneypenny at Chatmar. Another feminine lady with no extremes. Lovely harmonious head. Flat skull, well chiselled, good stop, excellent parallels. Dark almond shaped eyes well placed, inquiring expression. Excellent ear size and shape well set. Beautiful reach and arch of neck onto body which could be shorter. Excellent bone and length of leg. Balanced angles front and rear. Good depth of chest with good forechest. Light easy side gait. RBCC

  2nd Phillips Revloch Hot Like Java. Lovely type. Long elegant head, flat skull, elegant stop, muzzle slightly pinched. Medium brown eye, shape ok. Still feminine in expression. Good chiselling. Medium tall ear, slightly diverging. Good neck onto shapely body. Excellent coat and condition. Good bone and length of leg. Well angled front and rear. Excellent depth of chest and good forechest. Moves well and light balanced side gait.

3rd McKenzie-Hewitt & MacLellan’s Revloch Leather n Lace of Woofhouse JW

Open Bitch

1st Lawless’ Ir Ch Revloch Hocus Pocus. Super feminine girl. At the lower end of the height scale but all in proportion and again no extremes. Really lovely type. Well balanced long head, flat skull, clean through. Good parallels, well chiselled. Dark almond shaped eye, well placed, beautiful sweet expression. Medium tall ear, well set and used to advantage. Good reach and arch of neck onto square body, lovely balanced outline. Excellent bone, good angles front and rear, excellent depth of chest with good forechest. Moved lightly and with ease. So pretty and harmonious. Pleased to award her the BCC - her 3rd.

2nd Hood & McKenzie-Hewitt's Revloch Karma at Woofhouse. I liked this girl a lot though I would prefer to see a bit more of her personality. Well balanced head, flat skull, well enough chiselled, excellent parallels, excellent stop. Dark eye of good shape, attentive to her handler. Well set ear of good shape. Good reach and arch to neck onto shapely body. Excellent bone and good leg length. Good well balanced angles front and rear. Well developed depth of chest with good forechest. Moves so soundly all ways and has a lovely balanced light side gait. She was one of the best movers on the day. Would just like to see a bit more oomph.

  Kris Malinowski (Judge)