• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Keeley Newman-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Bracco Italiano

Crufts Bracco Italiano – 11th March 2018

Thank you to the exhibitors, I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did, it is indeed an honour to judge one’s own breed at Crufts.  My thanks to the stewards Mrs Haseldene and Mr Hunter.  The entry was good in both quantity and quality.  As always, there were several exhibits worthy of top honours.  Many Bracchi struggled with the environment, I sincerely hope they were just overawed and it is not a degradation in temperaments.  Tail sets continue to be too high in some, affecting the outline and rear angulation.  Fronts pasterns in many were either too short and upright, or overly long and sloping, both of which affected the shoulders and front movement.  My main area of concern - bone and substance, particularly in bitches.  Feminine should not equal overly fine with a lack of bone.  Many were far too narrow in the head, with the eyes too close together giving a very harsh expression. Across the entry bites were good, with only 2 level.  Head planes were all divergent.  There were no exaggerated dewlap or loose skin.

VD (3,1)  - 1st Frost’s Braccorions Bernado of Bushwacker – 9 year o/w.  Everything to like about him, square in the body, short coupled, ribs well back.  Correct equal head proportions, nose to stop to occiput, deep muzzled.  Ears of correct length, has a very soft and gentle expression.  He is showing his age, especially in his front both stood and on the move however his overall balance and rear driving movement won him the class.  2nd Bell’s Millpoint Double Trouble at Owlspoint ShCM 7 year old o/r.  Another lovely veteran.  Taller, heavier and longer cast than 1st.  Balanced front and rear angulation.  He was the opposite of the winner, had a good front but showing his age at the rear and did not have the drive in his movement but a close decision between the 2. PD (5,0) 1st Jackson’s Gunsyn Rumours – Difficult class, some pups failed to settle.  11mth o/w. Large stature puppy with bone and substance.  Liked his head, correct proportions, ear and eye set. Soft expression.  Prominent occiput, lovely chiselling and narrow at the zygomatic arches , deep in the muzzle.  Had a good width to his shoulders, moderately angulated with nice length of upper arm.   Front pasterns could do with more length.  He is a little wide at the front, stood and moving, once his chest drops this should improve.  His is a little weak in the loin but should strengthen with maturity.  Good rear angulation with strong second thigh.  Hocks well down.  On the move he held his topline with the correct break, he did carry his tail too high though. The most balanced and mature in the class and although loose on the move it was as expected for his age. He was well handled to get the best from him. Pleased to award him BP. 2nd Cox’s Gunsyn Landslide 11mth o/w litter brother to 1st.  Very similar in all aspects to the winner and I preferred his front, however just not as balanced as his brother. 3rd Heinaaron Milano (Imp Fin) 10mth  o/w Lighter stature pup, liked his head but currently body needs to mature considerably to be in harmony with his head.  Correct head proportions.  Very balanced front and rear angulation with good turn of stifle which he used well on the move.  Although only 3rd in the class I would very much like to see how he matures. PGD (6,0) 1st  Dunaeva’s Feel of Pride Bertoldo Romolo 3yr old o/w Liked this dog very much and he was very close to receiving the RCC.  Very well balanced, almost square, good front and rear angulation used very well to give him excellent rear drive.  Correct break in the topline without any exaggeration, held on the move.  Short coupled, strong in the loin and ribs well back.  I would prefer him to have a little more length in his upper arm and it was this which slightly reduced his front reach compared to the RCC winner.  This is one who had the correct length of front pastern with a moderate slope. Although 3 years old, his chest needs to drop a little further to fully complete his maturity.  Beautiful head, narrow enough for the standard but no mistaking he is male.  Well chiselled, equal proportions, ears and eye set. Lovely width to his shoulders, excellent turn of stifle, strong second thigh and hocks well down.  Very well handled. 2nd Hudson-Smith and Cotterell’s Valcor Rebel Alliance for Fancyguns 16mth o/r Another nice male looked immature to 1st and was looser on the move, still expected in a dog of this age.  Heavier set than 1st but in proportion.  Almost square, balanced front and rear angulation which he used on the move to produce drive and reach. Everything is as it should be, just needs time to mature and I am sure will have a good future 3rd Connolly and White’s Defalco Raffaello of Nguvu  2 year old c/r, enjoying his day at Crufts and not helping his handler, well done for perseverance! Lovely young dog, longer cast than 1st and 2nd but his ribs were still well back and he is in proportion.  Liked his front and rear angulation, little difficult to assess him on the move as he was loose and erratic but could see enough to know he just needs time to mature, another one to watch how he comes on. LD (5,1) A lovely class of well maturing dogs. 1st Adamo’s Zakro Vito 22mth o/w  Nicely maturing male, good bone and substance without any coarseness. Nice head, thankful he has no more breadth to his skull.  Well chiselled, correct proportions and lovely soft expression.  Ears of correct length.  Excellent length of upper arm leading to well angulated shoulders of good width. Chest well down.  Another with good pasterns.  Ribs well back, correct break in his topline, strong loin and short coupled.  Balanced rear angulation, very strong in his second thigh.  Carried his tail a little too high and took a couple of strides to settle into his movement especially at the rear but then moved with good reach and rear drive.  Considered for RCC but sadly missed this occasion. 2nd Whiteside’s Allessandro L’Difensore to Absolamour ShCM 3 year old o/w.  Another nice male, preferred his head and front to 1st but just not as balanced, especially in the rear.  Longer cast and  I would prefer less length of loin and coupling, with his ribs further back.  Very good length of upper arm into well laid shoulders.  He is a little heavy over the shoulders and needs a stronger rear from the loin backwards to balance the strength in his front.  Good on the move but not the rear drive but a close decision between 1st and 2nd.  3rd Dunaeva’s Feel of Pride Amadeo Dante – 3 year old o/r Lighter stature dog but still with bone and substance.  Another one to like, balanced front and rear, good in the head.  Down on his front pasterns and sadly affected his movement with his front movement being loose but did have good rear drive.  OD 7,0 1st Stenbro’s Intch/Nuch/Dkch Inspirations il Vino Fantastico KBHV-17 NORDV-17 FINV-17 SV-17 3 year old o/w Fantastic by name and did not disappoint. Caught my eye as he first moved around the ring.  So much to like and by the far the best mover on the day.  Just the correct bone and substance, almost square and balanced.  Good length of upper arm, well laid back shoulders with the correct width between the blades.  Moderate stifle angulation, very strong in his second thigh, hocks well down, correct front pasterns and good feet.  To complete the picture, he has a lovely masculine head.  Divergent head planes, equal length of muzzle to skull, pronounced occiput.  Very soft expression but with the aristocratic, noble haughtiness Bracco possess.  Ears low set reaching to the nose.  Strong neck, correct slope of his croup to a nice tail set, had one of the few horizontal carriages on the day.  He is strong in the loin and although his ribs are well back I would prefer him to be a little shorter coupled as he can when stood look a little too severe in his topline. He is very deep chested his first couple of strides at the front have a tendency to be slightly wide, but he soon settles with the most flowing movement with excellent reach and drive.  His side profile is a joy to watch. Not surprised to see he is a prolific winner, thrilled to award him DCC and BOB. 2nd Bell and Maddox’s Owlspoint Master of Trouble ShCM 2yr old o/w the youngest in the class and still to mature but liked his balance, bone and substance.  Well angulated front and rear, another with length of upper arm which allowed reach on the move.  Drove well from the rear but just not as flowing as the winner.  Lovely head, balanced to his size, like the winner of LD would not like any more width to his skull.  Correct topline held on the move, another with a better tail carriage than some on the day.  He was in very good company when challenging for the RCC but his balance and bone earned him the award. 3rd Aherns Primavera and Primavera’s ShCh/IntCh Sobers Atticus BIS WW EW 6 year old o/w Another nice male with a beautiful head and lovely soft expression.  Well balanced front and rear angulation, correct topline, ribs well back. Just not as strong in the loin as 1st and 2nd.  On the move just beginning to show his age with not as much front reach or rear drive. GCD (1,1) VB (5,0) What a way to start the bitches a classful of lovely veterans 1st Adamo’s Zakro Angelina 7 year old o/w judged her as a youngster and my view has not changed.  A balanced, pretty bitch with the most wonderful head.  Bigger stature than most but still feminine with lovely bone and substance.  Chest well down, good length of upper arm, well laid shoulders with correct width.  Good stifle and strong thigh, hocks well down.  Short coupled, still strong in the loin and short coupled.  Held her topline on the move, good front reach and did drive from the rear but maybe just beginning to show her age.  Interestingly dam to LD, can see where he gets his quality. Very pleased to award her BV, I did consider her for RCC but the younger bitch had the better balance on the move. 2nd Bowley’s ShCh Gunsyn Pomata 7 year old o/w Another lovely bitch, smaller stature than 1st with less bone and substance.  Balanced front and rear angulation, lovely topline held on the move.  Good tailset but tail a little short for my liking not reaching to the hocks.  3rd Whittaker’s Trudale Fiore del Petalo of Tyrbechgyn 9 year old o/r astonishingly she is only a few weeks from 10 years old, belies her age fully enjoying herself.  Smaller stature bitch but with lots to like.  Had good rear drive from the rear but her age meant she was not quite as good in the front. PB (4,0) 1st Gunsyn Everywhere 11mth o/w her movement won her the class.  Liked her head but would not want it to any narrower.  Good chiselling, head planes and proportions. Has enough bone and substance to ensure she is feminine but not too fine.  Balanced front and rear angulation.  I would prefer her ribs to be further back and even though a bitch, shorter coupled and stronger in the loin.  The caveat is she is still a pup so has time to mature. Just not quite as strong or balanced on the move for BP and had to give way to the dog. 2nd Gilder and Blunden’s Gunsyn Over My Head con Mikette 11 mth o/w Similar qualities to 1st but smaller, finer and shorter cast.  Down on her front pasterns currently which affected her movement and balance. 3rd Chadwick’s Gunsyn Little Lies 11 mth o/w far more similar to 2nd than 1st.  Smaller stature and less bone.  3 litter sisters and she looked the most immature, but I am sure they will all come on well. JB (4,0) Difficult class to judge as too many enjoying themselves a little too much 1st Dunaeva’s Feel of Pride Graziella Viteliya 15 mth o/w smaller stature bitch who behaved very well.  Very feminine, everything balanced. Good front and rear angulation. Ribs well back and short coupled.  Very pretty head with chiselling and soft expression.  The most balanced and least erratic on the move in the class.  Be interesting to see how she matures.  Would just prefer a little bit more bone.  2nd Roden’s Valcor Princess Padme 15mth c/r I liked her a lot but she was certainly behaving princess like and giving her handler a difficult time.  Bigger stature, slightly longer cast but everything balanced and in proportion.  Much preferred her bone and substance.  Good length of upper arm, well laid shoulders with good width all balanced by ribs well back into strong loins.  Good stifle, strong in the second thigh, hocks well down.  Strong correct topline held on the move.  Strong drive, with very good front reach and lovely side profile just needs to mature. Liked her head, equal proportions, good chiselling, ear and eye sets. One to watch for the future. 3rd Titchmarsh’s Valcor Princess of Alderone 15 mth o/r litter sister to 2nd and also behaving princess like. Similar qualities to 2nd and another that just needs to mature.  Very erratic in her movement. PGB 1st Ward’s Tyrbechgyn Tiger Lilly for Jakobstown 2 year old o/w I wrote “Just lovely, beautiful, everything right” and that is what she is. I was looking for a feminine bitch with bone and substance, moderate and balanced and she fits all of these.  Lovely feminine head of correct proportions all round, chiselling, deep muzzle, narrow at the zygomatic arches without any tendency to be over narrow which was seen in some bitches.  She has the sweetest of expressions with lovely eye and good ear set.  Very balanced front and rear angulation, good length of upper arm, well laid shoulders and good width.  Her break in topline was not exaggerated at all leading to a good rear, correct tail set. Lovely rear, moderate and balanced to her front.  Strong second thigh and hocks well down.  Front pasterns just the right amount of slope and good feet.  She moved with reach and drive.  She is only young and I do look forward to her maturing further. Thrilled to give her the BCC.  The maturity and flowing movement of the dog just pipped her for BOB. 2nd Nillson’s Inspirations Casatta Sicilina NO JV SE JV-17 SE-V 17 22mth o/w – very similar to 1st and many similar qualities.  She was not helping her handler and was not as balanced or tight on the move. I liked her very much though and she should mature well.  Considered for RCC but her loose movement just headed it to the more mature bitch from OB. 3rd Whiteside’s Alisandra La Defender to Absolamour 2 year o/w Smaller stature bitch very close to 1st/2nd but would prefer more bone and substance. LB (4,0) 1st Critchley’s Sazmallin Dollywagon Pike 3 yr c/r Lovely chestnut bitch, in beautiful well muscled condition, with bone and substance.  Good length of upper arm, well laid back shoulders of good width, correct topline held on the move.  Chest well down, correct front pasterns. Well sprung ribs, short coupled and strong over the loin.  Good tail set.  Correct moderate turn of stifle, I would like her to have more length from the second thigh to the hocks as she has a tendency to move a little wide at the rear but has very good drive and well settle in a bigger ring.  Good front reach and side profile.  She has a pretty head, all the correct proportions, I am pleased she has no more width to the skull. Another considered for the RCC. 2nd Dunaeva’s Imola Compatriota di Bonfini 4 year o/w Very nice bitch, liked her head and overall balance very much.  Good front and rear, would have preferred her to be shorter coupled but no denying she is very well conformed.  She is down on her front pasterns and affected her front movement but had a nice side profile and good rear driving action. 3rd Connelly and White’s Rus De’Viaro Venezia of Nguvu (Imp Rus) 3 yr old o/w. Pretty head, equal proportions and well chiselled.  Good eye and ear set.  Nice rear angulation but a little short in upper arm and slightly upright in the shoulders.  On the move she was a little wide at the front but had good rear drive.  OB (4,0) 1st Bowley’s Sh Ch Gunsyn Aafia 5 year o/w lovely balanced bitch, liked her head equal proportions, chiselled and narrow at the arches, although I would not want her to be any narrower.  Relatively deep in the muzzle. Has a roman nose which was not seen on many exhibits.  Good length of upper arm and shoulder angulation, well laid back.  I would prefer her to have more width separating her shoulders though.  Correct topline, held on the move.  Nice tail set but she did tend to carry her tail a little low.  Ribs well back but another I would prefer to be shorter coupled and stronger in the loin.  Moderate stifle and hocks well down.  On the move she has good front reach but lacked a little bit of rear drive however she presents and very nice picture of a balanced mature bitch with enough bone and substance, which won her the class and the RCC in strong company.  2nd  McAndrew’s Ir Sh Ch Gunsyn Sesto Elemento with Brackenmist 2 year o/w smaller stature bitch, very feminine but I hope as she continues to mature she gains substance. Very beautiful head balanced to her smaller frame. Equal proportions, chiselled and narrow. Good ear and eye set.  I would prefer a longer upper arm but her shoulder angulation was good, correct topline and balanced rear.  Ribs well back and short coupled.  Tail set good but another with a tail too short finishing well above the hocks.  Her chest needs to drop but she still has plenty of time to mature.  Had a nice side profile movement but on the day although had good front reach did not have quite the rear drive and was moving a tiny bit close behind. 3rd Duneava’s Int Ch/Rus Ch Zara di Natalie from Magnificos Kingdom 6 year o/w Another lovely bitch but just showing her age compared to 1st/2nd. Pretty head, good front and rear angulation.  Ribs well back and short couples.  On the move just not as well balanced or together. SWB (1,0) 1st Pillinger’s Witham Friary Fenn 2 year c/w so pleased I could critique her. Absolutely no doubt this is a working bitch, in the most well muscled condition of all the exhibits.  Beautiful striking chestnut and white, bigger stature with plenty of bone and substance.  I liked her head, balanced with her body, correct proportions, not quite as narrow as some but if she was would look unbalanced.  Ribs well back but she is long in the loin and could be shorter coupled, but her well muscled frame means although longer in the back, she can fully hold herself together. Has excellent front reach and rear drive from strong hindquarters. GCB (2,0) 1st Critchley’s Sazmallin Dollywagon Pike 2nd Sladden’s Tyrbechgyn Believe You Can at Canemamans 10 mth c/r Pup which needs to mature as currently is very loose in both body and movement.  Judge Keeley Newman-Jones