• Show Date: 31/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kathy Gorman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Gundog Society of Wales 31 October 2018 - Judging Critique 

Hungarian Vizsla

PD 3,1

1 MILES’ LAYWAYS VAN WINKLE. Best Puppy & Res. CC. Stunning! Really caught me eye as soon as he came into the ring and did not disappoint on going over him. I has no hesitation in awarding him the Reserve CC. Beautiful, well-proportioned head, large open nose. Excellent forechest and good angulation fore & aft. Good length of neck. Moved well in, all directions, on neat feet. Glossy coat. Should have a bright future.

2 HARRISON’S ALFIZSBET PIKE O’stickle. Masculine dog with typical outline. Nice eye and good earset. Good depth of chest, pleasing hindquarters & well-shaped feet. Just preferred head & front movement of 1.

JD 2

1 DOROGI’S NEMZET KINCSE ORION. Won on maturity & forechest. Nice outline, masculine head of good proportions with large, open nose. Good earset. Nice angulation fore & aft. Good depth of chest and quality bone. Shown in excellent muscular condition. Moved well fore & aft really covering the ground. 

2 CRUICKSHANK’S TOPAERIS SHADOW. Smaller model. Nicely balanced head with intelligent eye & expression. Good length of shoulder & return of upperarm. Nice depth of chest, spring of rib & bend of stifle. Moved well on nicely arched feet. 

ND 2

1 A PIKE O’stickle

2 JOYCE’S RANCHSTAR VYVYAN. Preferred front assembly & topline of 1. Masculine head with sufficient strength in skull & muzzle. Nice eye & expression and large open nose. Sufficiently well angulated hindquarters. Moved well on neat feet and shown in good muscular condition. 


1 ELLIOTT’S ALDOM DARK N’Stormy. Preferred outline & front assembly of winner here but both nice dogs. Mature masculine outline. Nicely balanced head with good eye colour, shape & expression. Large open nose. Excellent angulation fore & aft. Nice depth of chest, excellent spring of rib going well back to strong loin. Well let down hocks. Moved soundly on good feet.  

2 ALLEN’S AFANLEIGH RUMBLE RED. Masculine head & nice eye colour and shape. Good large open nose. Good width of upper & lower thigh. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib. Shown in muscular condition. Moved soundly coming & going on good feet. 

LD 4

1 CHALLIS’ HIGHFORCE FUTURE LEGEND FOR VIZSLANYA JW. Won on overall outline. Masculine head with pleasing eye, large, open nose and good earset and carriage of ear. Nicely balanced throughout with good forechest, length of neck & depth of chest. Well muscled throughout. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh. Moved soundly fore & aft.   

2 MILLS’ KARROUKI WINDFIRE JW. Not quite the forechest of my winner. Nice eye & intelligent expression, large, open nose. Would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle. Good depth of chest, spring of rib & nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved well on neat feet and nicely muscled throughout.


OD 7

1 HARPER’S SH CH MAGNUS FORTUNA PITSWARREN JW. Dog CC. Lovely strong outline & shown in excellent muscular condition. Masculine well balanced head with good skull to muzzle proportions. Correct length of head in proportion to body and sufficient length of neck. Nice eye and expression and large, open nose. Excellent front & rear assembly and displaying lovely forechest; good bone & feet. Well let down hocks. Excellent movement from all angles and really covering the ground well with every stride.

2 GOLBY’S SH CH CIBONEY FAGAN AT SHADYMOORE. Lovely outline with good front & rear angulation. Expressive eye & nice ear set & carriage. Large open nose. Muzzle a little long compared to length of skull. Excellent spring of rib. Well let down hocks. Good bone & feet. Moved soundly really covering the ground well.


PB 4

1 HARDCASTLE, GREEN & BRADLEY’S VIZSLANYA SZIENA BY VISZASET. Very nice puppy with lovely outline. Pleasing feminine head with good eye & expression. Nicely balanced skull to muzzle ratio. Large open nose. Excellent forechest, neck & well laid shoulders. Good topline. Nice width & length of upper & lower thigh. Moved well on good feet. 

2 BERGIN'S DALLANDOR APPLE OF ROUGHSHOOT. Another lovely bitch puppy just preferred movement of winner. Nice head with lovely intelligent expression. Nice earset and bone, good angulation throughout. Excellent spring of rib going back to short loin. Movement a little difficult to assess. 


JB 4

1 WALL’S PIROSEG MANDARIN OF PERLLANSIDE. Well balanced outline. Excellent head length compared to length of body. Sufficient length of neck & excellent lay of shoulder. Good depth of chest & spring of rib. Strong loin. Nice strong croup. Good width of upper & lower thigh. Good bone & feet. Covered ground well on the move with lovely head carriage.  



NB 1



1 PIROSEG MANDARIN OF P Preferred overall outline of winner, especially front assembly.

2 HARPER’S PITSWARREN RAUZAN SEGLA. Well balanced in head with nice eye & expression. Good length & strength of neck. Would prefer more return of upperarm. Nice depth of chest. Good topline. Excellent width & length of upper & lower thigh. Moved well covering ground well on well-shaped arched feet. 


LB 11,1

1 CHALLIS’ VIZSLANYA DUNAVIZ JW. Well balanced, mature outline. Shown in excellent muscular condition. Lovely head with nice expression, good eye & ear placement. Large open nose. Good depth of chest, nice strength over loin and good bone. Excellent width & length of upper & lower thigh; well let down hocks. Moved soundly on good feet. Good coat of nice texture which was thick & glossy. 

2 DASILVA & SEXTON’S ERTEKES LUCKY IN LOVE. Another nice bitch and similar comments apply, just preferred front assembly of winner. Good skull to muzzle proportions. Nice eye, large open nose. Good depth of chest and nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved well. 


OB 8,1

1 BRADLEY & GREEN’S SH CH VIZSLANYA VIVMANY BY HIGHFORCE JW. ShCM. Bitch CC and BOB. Caught my eye on the first circuit of the ring. Nothing exaggerated in this bitch but very workmanlike yet elegant. Best front assembly in the class. Lovely head, eye & ear carriage. Large open nose. Nice length & strength of neck. Good depth of chest, well ribbed going back into short strong loin. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh and well let down hocks. Moved soundly fore & aft on good feet. Nice coat texture & presented in lovely muscular condition. 

2 MILLS’ KARROUKI WINDRUSH D'LYLA JW. ShCM. Close up to winner. Another nice bitch with good front assembly. Nice depth of chest & spring of rib. Excellent angulation fore and aft; well let down hocks. Nice feminine head with lots of work in it. Shown in good coat and condition.


VB 2

1 CRUICKSHANK’S TOPAERIS LADY MARMALADE. Best Veteran. Nicely made & shown in good glossy coat & muscular condition. Well balanced head with large open nose; good eye shape & colour. Nice earset. Good lay of shoulder & return of upperarm. Good depth of chest. Well let down hocks. Moved soundly on well arched feet.

2 PRICE’S SH CH ALDOM CRISTAL. Lovely 11 year-old Pleasing feminine head with good earset and large open nose; nice colour & shape of eyes. Good bone. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh. Moved well on good feet.

Kathy Gorman