• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kathy Gorman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Brittany

Bournemouth - 11th August 2018


I would like to thank all the exhibitors for entering under me and for creating a lovely atmosphere around the ring. Many exhibits in the breed are still lacking the cobby, compact, roundness which is required and there are too many which lack the desired short, wide, strong loin. Overall, heads are improving and there are not so many heavy, coarse heads as there have been in recent years.

SB 1

1 Ryan’s Patouche Jaimee. Best Special Beginners. Feminine with nice head & expression. Good ear carriage. Good depth of chest, bone & width of upper & lower thigh. Nice depth & texture of coat. Excellent spring of rib. Front angulation a little upright and moved a little wide in front but this may have been due to the prickly grass. Neat feet. 


1 Cook’s Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside. Nice outline, very compact and cobby. Strong neck of medium length. Excellent spring of rib & depth of chest for age. Well proportioned head with excellent pigmentation and nice eye shape. Lovely small ears well set and carried beautifully. Good quality sufficient bone and neat feet. Short loin and correct length of leg to depth of body. Nice topline & croup. Carrying a little excess weight today.

PD 1

1 Anderson’s Rochus Noble. Nice tricolour dog. Masculine head just a little too much stop at the moment but only young and head has time to develop and change. Excellent front & rear angulation. Good depth of chest and nice spring of rib for age. Would prefer a slightly shorter loin. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh. Good pigmentation & nicely marked. Good quality coat. Moved true infront & behind. 

JD 1

1 Poole’s Sanbosier Naos At Laurremar. Still immature but has lots of time. Nice head, not overdone in stop or in zygomatic arch and with pleasing eye and expression. Medium length strong neck. Good bone; sufficient width infront and pleasing depth of chest & spring of rib. Would prefer a slightly shorter loin. Good width of upper & lower thigh. Held topline a little dipped at times. Moved with drive, just pinning in a little infront.

PGD 2,1 

1 Samardzija’s Patouche Lambert. Nice black/white with well balanced head, masculine but not overdone; would prefer a little darker eye. Excellent large open nose. Nice earset & carriage. Good strong, medium length neck. Excellent front & rear angulation and good bone of sufficient strength. Good depth of chest with correct width infront. Well sprung ribs. Would prefer a slightly shorter loin. Nicely let down in hocks. Shown in good coat & excellent muscular condition. Excellent movement coming and going.

LD 1

1 Rush’s Patouche Milord. Res CC. Excellent typical outline & a nicely marked tricolour. Well proportioned masculine head with correct muzzle to skull ratio; not overdone in zygomatic arch. Good open nose; would prefer a slightly darker eye. Excellent front & rear angulation. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib and correct topline. Good length of leg & depth of body with correct ratio of length of leg to depth of body. Nice width of upper & lower thigh. Shown in excellent coat & muscular condition. Excellent movement fore & aft. 

OD 5

1 Anderson’s Rochus Moet. Dog CC & BOB. Nicely balanced black/white with lovely square, cobby outline full of curves.Beautiful well balanced head with pleasing eye & correct earset and carriage. Excellent quality bone. Correct medium length, strong neck. Excellent spring of rib with ribcage leading back to short, strong loin. Correct front & rear angulation. Movement the most typical in class. Shown in excellent hard muscular condition.

2 Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Grenadier. Nicely mature masculine dog with good bone. Masculine head of correct muzzle to skull proportions but would prefer a little less stop. Good strength of medium length neck. Excellent spring of rib & depth of chest. Would prefer shorter loin. Moved briskly with drive. Shown in excellent coat and condition.

3. Rush’s Horus de Tremouard At Patouche. As this dog entered the ring, I believed him to be my winner. Such a lovely type with well balanced head and exhibiting the typical Breton inquisitive expression. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib and lovely square and cobby outline. Unfortunately his movement let him down today which explains his ultimate placing in this class; he was really pinning in infront and picking up his feet behind, in an untypical fashion, on the move. I don’t think he liked the prickly grass and on another day he may move quite differently.

MPB 2,1 

1 Ryan’s Patouche Oriana. Very promising tricolour baby with nicely marked feminine head and pleasing open nose. Good ear carriage & shape of ear. Excellent spring of rib for age. Good front & rear angulation and sufficient bone. Well developed over loin which is of good width. Nicely developed upper & lower thigh. Good topline held well on the move. Moved soundly infront and behind.

PB 2

1 Graham, Denwood & Graham’s Bonapartist Orchid Of Lyndfil. Best Puppy. Beautiful compact, cobby puppy of lovely type. Only six months old but quite mature for her age. Lovely feminine head with excellent correct muzzle to skull proportions. Sufficient stop, nice ear carriage & size. Excellent front & rear angulation; well rounded, wide loin and lovely curvy rear quarters. Shown in excellent coat & condition. Moved soundly on neat feet. Carrying a little too much weight.

2 Southorn’s Rochus Nelke. Very feminine tricolour shown in good coat & excellent muscular condition. Still needs to mature in body but has all the essentials. Nicely developed hindquarters. Feminine head & expression. Good feet. Lively on the move but moved soundly.

JB 2 Two lovely bitches.

1 Skeet’s Sanbosier Naia. Orange and white with pleasing, typical outline. Lovely feminine head with nice inquisitive intelligent expression and with correct muzzle to skull ratio. Good spring of rib & depth of chest. Excellent front & rear angulation with let down hocks. Nice bone and good topline. Just won over 2 on front movement. Shown in good coat & condition. 

2 Frost’s Neska De Skol Louarn At Patouche (Imp). Black/White. Another lovely bitch of correct, pleasing type. Compact throughout with excellent topline. Good strong neck of medium length; neat feet. Just not as positive in front movement today as the winner. 


1 Cutler’s Tarward Laura At Jayricnbrits. Most compact in the class & shorter in loin than 2. Nice overall outline. Good front & rear angulation. Very pretty head with required intelligent, inquisitive expression; would prefer a little more width overall in head. Nice topline & bone. Moved well both coming & going. Carrying a little too much weight.

2 Gudgin’s Neuvelle Nariska At Jassendue. Nice head, eye & expression. Excellent front & rear angulation. Good depth of chest for age. Correct length of leg to depth of body ratio. Nice coat & condition. Moved well & typically on neat feet.

LB 2

1 Steven’s Pixbrook Joyrider At Sanbosier. Bitch CC. Preferred compactness and head of the winner. Beautiful head with lovely eye & expression; nice earset and carriage. Well balanced overall with very square, cobby outline. Excellent depth of chest & spring of rib. Sufficient width in front; correct angulation fore & aft. Excellent width of upper & lower thigh. Correct topline. Shown in excellent muscular condition and good coat.

2 Davies’s Rochus Lottie. Nice bitch with lovely desired “goaty” coat which you seldom find these days in the ring. Feminine head but muzzle a little narrow compared to width of skull. Excellent bone, depth of chest & spring of rib. Good topline. Excellent hindquarters with well let down hocks. Excellent movement fore & aft. 

OB 2 

1 Yarrow’s Bonapartist Linnet. Res Bitch CC. Two nice bitches, just preferred head & eye of winner. Well balanced feminine head with good muzzle to skull ratio; lovely earset & carriage. Nice quality bone. Good front & rear angulation. Excellent spring of rib and good ribcage leading to short, strong loin. Nice width of upper & lower thigh. Moved soundly. 

2 Southorn’s Rochus Juliet. Very square outline. Nice bone, spring of rib & strong, medium length neck. Would prefer a slightly longer muzzle compared to length of skull; little too strong in cheek. Good width of upper & lower thigh. Moved typically and soundly and shown in excellent muscular condition.

Kathy Gorman