• Show Date: 22/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kathie Kinton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Collie Club Of Wales

Breed: Border Collie

The Border Collie Club of Wales 22nd July 2018


Judge Kathie Kinton (Kinaway)

Thank you to the hard-working committee for inviting me to judge and for the warm welcome.

The overall quality in the bitches was first class and I would have loved to have had more awards and more cards to give out. I really had to search for small things to make the difference in the placings. Overall it came down to movement as it will always be for me as a judge. The bitches needed to in my mind’s eye look as if they could be out gathering their sheep at a steady pace and with the stance that can only be a border collie. I looked for minimum lift and extension both front & rear. It was a hot day, so I refrained from over moving in the classes & in the challenge as I was aware that some were tiring on a long hot day. On a cold winter’s day who knows some of these places could well change.

Overall mouths were correct. My concerns on movement were some exhibits were weak on pasterns, and lacking on rear extension, several were too close behind when moving away than I find acceptable, yes, the breed can be closer than some others but crossing over is not acceptable. Fronts overall were good. My other bug bear - bitches carrying too much weight, I am sure some is due to the time of year or getting them back into shape after a litter – I get that, but it does have to come into play when splitting hairs in such a good entry.

We have lots of different types in the ring and that does not bother me – we always have had, and I hope we always will. I do not want to see our breed becoming just another “Show Type”. The farmers have different types for different terrains and different work – let’s keep that going!

I was very pleased to see my CC winner go best in show my puppy - best puppy in show and my veteran bitch - best veteran in show – well done to you all.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (1)

I predict a bright future for both babies.

1st Edmonds’ Tazaeos Hot Legs (AI). Just 6 months & her 1st show & she took it in her stride. I liked her head which was well balanced, correct stop not too deep. Lovely expression. Lively on the move but could see enough potential on drive and side gait. Good rear angles and neat feet.

2nd Kinsey’s Miraje Peaky Blinder another just 6 months with lots to like. Moved well a bit wide in front now but that will come, rear a bit close behind but again she is a baby. Well-proportioned head, good stop and very feminine expression. Good neck and liked her topline.

Puppy Bitch 4 (1)

1st Kempton’s Yonder Oaks Nevaeh at Borderbrook (IMP HUN) 10 months B & W – lovely shape & balance. Good stop and nice flat skull. Correct neck onto a good shoulder. Nice angulations front & rear, straight coming & going. Correct sloping croup. Correct bone not over done or weak. Best Puppy bitch & Best puppy in show.

2nd Edmonds’ Tazaeos Hot Legs (AI) Repeat as above. 1st in the class just was a bit more settled being older.

3rd Skucek’s Call Me Orlica Gasko Prim

Junior Bitch 8 (2)

1st. Turner’s Littlethorn Aero – my little star of the day – only just in Junior and she is clearly out to have fun. But that to me shows off the border collie spirit – over time I hope she keeps that but makes it a little easier for her handler. That said I saw enough & she was close up for the top award just needs a little more time. Loved her head all border collie well balanced & a great jaw line. In good hard condition. Correct neck onto shoulder, good angulation & good hocks. Certainly, had reach & drive – a pleasure to watch. Pleased to award her the R.C.C. and I am sure even better will come her way in due course.

2nd Gorley & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Girl Crush well balanced bitch with good bone & neat feet. Neck onto shoulder okay. Nice turn of stifle and good croup. Would like a bit more use of ears & more alert to give those final additions. Moved steady & true with a good side gait.

3rd Wiltshire’s Caleykiz I got a Feelin

Yearling Bitch 3

1st. Ward’s Caristan Chocolate Liquor young chocolate & white – super colour – hard to achieve so a credit to her owner. Beautiful head & one of the best ear carriages of the day. Lovely arched neck onto a good shoulder. Correct proportioned & balance – just slightly longer in body as a bitch should be. Good front and stands four square and attentive to her owner, which gave her a bit of a disadvantage when moving as owner required a “runner” and this young lady is clearly a “mummy’s” girl. That said once settled on the move you could see the forward drive followed through by correct rear extension and showed off the side gait well.

2nd Austin & Zolakova’s Hysteps Made to Measure. Lovely head and so well put together balanced throughout – good neck, great feet. Was carrying a tiny tad too much weight that might have accounted for her not extended in front as well as the 1st place winner. Good tone throughout & muscle. Very attentive to handler who got the best out of her.

3rd. Kempton’s Companions Tri N Stop Me at Borderbrook (IMP USA)

Novice Bitch 1

1st. Kempton’s Yonder Oaks Nevaeh at Borderbrook (IMP HUN). Repeat from puppy.

Graduate Bitch 2 (1)

1st. Caunce’s Pendleway Shimmer. stood alone a nice example of the breed Blue & White top size bitch but all balanced. Good bone and correct shape eye that match her colour. Carrying a bit too much weight which spoilt her movement. I am guessing owner & bitch has not done a lot of breed showing so hard to judge her overall movement. Great temperament from this bitch who clearly enjoyed being gone over & having all the attention.

Post Graduate Bitch 10 (1)

1st. Good, Lewis & Lewis Shemella Drifting Snow. Blue & White lovely balanced head, good eye. Good neck onto shoulder, balanced front & good hind angulation and croup. Moved soundly coming into her own on side gait.

2nd. Austin’s Hysteps Hazelnut Delight at Borderbeau JW. A very pretty young bitch. Super balanced head, good eye and ear set. Nicely angulated and a good croup. She does have a habit of bouncing on the move at times rather than fully extending round the ring she is built correctly so with time this will improve.

3rd. Balwin’s Caleykiz Vision in Black

Mid Limit Bitch 4 (1)

1st. Smith & Green’s Faken Striptease JW. Pricked ears that are used well. Correct eyes. Good reach of neck onto a good shoulder placement. Turn of stifle is correct and holds a lovely level topline on the move. Pleasant hand quarters and good croup. Attentive to handler which I like. Did crap a tiny amount when going at speed but overall a very sound mover lovely to watch her side gait.

2nd Bell & Sloan’s Wizaland Worldwide Connect at Janbell. One I have done well by as a puppy and she has matured into a lovely bitch. Love her head correctly balanced and good ear set. Correctly proportioned & a nice size for a bitch. Nothing overdone. I understand she is just coming back into the ring from having “pups” and this did show in a tad too much weight for me which showed in her movement which is sound and correct but just needed a little more extension.

3rd. Leslie’s Windwalker It Had to be you

Limit Bitch 8 (1)

1st. Entistle’s Rogansrock Dream Maker at Beesting. Lovely sized bitch with good body shape. Good neck onto shoulder. Pretty head correct eye and good stop. Flowing movement with good side gait and sound out and back. Was one that I gave close consideration for top honours, very much my type in the final splitting of hairs was just not showing her best on the stand – a long hot day – so another occasion who knows.

2nd. Green’s Fayken The Devil in me JW. Pretty bitch well set ears & correct eye. Good balanced body shape and croup. Front okay but maybe a tad more depth of chest but she is still young. Sound out & back just wanted a bit more on the move in terms of extension did not quite have the steady flow of 1st.

3rd. Collier’s Tonkory Jumping for Joy over Collherd

Open Bitch 15 (1)

This was a stunning class of bitches and I really had my work cut out to even get them down to 5 placings let alone a winner. This is so good for the breed to have this quality. Each & everyone I shortlisted were top notch.

1st. Green’s Sh.Ch. Fayken I am Love JW. Judged this young bitch as a Puppy & she was my best puppy at Crufts so was interested to see if the potential seen then had come to fruition. I was pleased to find it had. A very typical example of the breed good width of skull, ears well set correct bone and shoulder placement. Great angulation. Comes into her own with her typical movement no lift covers the ground and did not put a foot wrong on out and back & side gait is a pleasure to watch. Pleased to award the C.C. & thrilled so watch her go best in show.

2nd Edmond’s Tazaeos Movin on Over. Another lovely young bitch who I have done well for in the past. Again, very typical of the breed, very sound. Correct head shape & lovely eyes with great expression. Good topline and minimum lift – this one could work all day and then some. Because she is such a worker she can be hard work for her handler & occasionally her movement can look a bit rushed and that tiny split of a hair made the difference today. She is so right in every way she will have her day & if she does not get her crown I will be very surprised.

3rd Kernahan’s Cebelrai Aludra ShCM

Veteran Bitch 10 (2)

1st. Kernhan’s Cebelrai Nashira. Outstanding bitch, good muscle & correct bone. Lovely angulations and moves with reach & drive, super side gain and looks effortless going around the ring. A pleasure to watch. Best Veteran Bitch & Best Veteran in Show.

2nd. Bell’s Janbell Kis N’Tell. Not a bitch I have seen before – I understand as a youngster she was not a lover of the show ring – well she is now ! She enjoyed her day. So well put together good neck and strong topline. Typical movement once settled. Correct bone and good feet.

3rd. Walker’s Ravenskirk Ms Independence ShCM

Special Open AOC Bitch 8

What a lovely examples of the various colours in our breed. Judges should just come & have a look at the variety & see the high standard we have in all colours.

1st. Zolakova & Vlascic’s Hats Off of Bordertrowe JW (Imp SRB). Blue Merle. Well balanced bitch lovely head & expression, always attentive to her handler. She did not put a foot wrong going around the ring. Minimum lift – enough drive. Good croup and well-set tail. Pretty girl with a lovely attitude in the ring.

2nd. Ward’s Caristan Chocolate Liquor. Repeat from Yearling. Splitting of hairs in this class just not so settled on movement here after a long day. Beautiful Choc & White girl.

3rd. Good & Lewis & Lewis Shemella Drifting Snow