• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kari Jarvinen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise​​​​​Judge: Kari Jarvinen


Puppy Dog (3 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Johns's Manoir's Man for All Seasons - Excellent puppy. Very good head and eyes. Excellent expression, correct topline. Very good front and hindquarters. Very well set tail in excellent coat and extremely good mover for such a baby. Best Puppy.


2nd - Russell and Price's Rusmar Frankly Too Kool - Taller but of good type. Has very good pigment and a pleasing head. A bit long in nose. Good angulation front and rear. Moved well.


3rd - Hardy's Winharleigh Solstice Dance


Junior Dog (2 entries 0 absentees)

1st - Coad's Regina Bichon You Rock my World at Pamplona - Excellent Junior. Excellent head, eyes and expression. Absolutely correct proportions. He has enough neck and he is very well built fore and aft. Handled very well. Brilliant coat and presentation. Excellent movement.


2nd - Coombes's Marinik Diamond Geezer - a little longer cast but still good. He is better in front than behind. He could have more hind angulation. A little low set in tail. Good head and skull. Better proportioned head. Moved well enough.


Post Graduate Dog (0 Entries 0 Absentees)


Limit Dog (2 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Piercy's Arjanan Colour My World - Correctly made dog with strong bone. Very good balance. Good front. Held his outline on the move. Moved convincingly. In very good coat.


2nd - Mellor's Avenier Breaking News at Bellapip ShCM - He is longer in make and not as good in neck as winner. He has good shoulder placement but could be better behind. However he moved well. Good head and expression.


Open Dog (3 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Coad's Regina Bichon Talk Show - I use the word 'excellent' unreservedly. This dog is beautiful. He has correct proportions and is built correctly. He excels in breed type, excellent shoulders and hind quarters, correct bone. Superb presentation. He is an outstanding specimen of the breed. CC and BOB.


2nd - John's NL/Int Champion Manoir Hooray Henry - I also grade this dog excellent. Excellent quarters, excellent make and shape and very good on the move. Good head and expressions. A very good specimen. RCC.


Veteran Dog/Bitch (3 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Walton's Manoirs Just Like That at Keunnevek - Excellent condition and very good head and expression. Very good eyes and pigment. Lovely neck and topline. Could be a little more up on the leg but extremely good on the move. A credit to the owner.


2nd - Piercy's Hylacer Classic Style - A little older but still very good type. Extremely good bone and body. Correct angulation. A little bit loose in topline but still moved well. Good head. Again credit to the owner.


3rd - Killick's Yakee Credit Crunch ShCM


Good Citizen Dog/Bitch (0 Entries 0 Absentees)


Puppy Bitch (4 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Richardson's Tiarian Andante Star - Very good youngster. Very good head and expression. I liked her shoulder into topline and her general proportions. She is well angulated. Good head, coat and pigment. She moved well. Time will give her more body.


2nd - Russell's Rusmar Kissed By a Rose - She is proportioned well and has a good front but could widen a little which will give her better neck carriage. She moved quite well and has a very pretty head and furnishings. She is promising.


3rd - Parrington's Chasbam's First Lady.


Junior Bitch (3 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Loye and Taylor's Fribonch Miss Dior - this is a bitch of very good make and shape. I very much liked her head and expression, good neck, well set shoulders to her tail. Could be slightly tighter coupled but that gave her excellent movement. A good bitch.


2nd - Moss's Mamose I'm Bizzy Fizzin - a bit bigger in size than winner. Not quite as true in front. She is very good on the stack. She moved extremely well in profile. Good skull but could be shorter in foreface. Good coat. Well presented.


3rd - Osborne's Magstarai Magic in the Stars.


Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries 3 Absentees)

1st - Osborne's Magstarai Heart of the Ocean - a bit on the leg but well made for all that. All parts flow into the next. She holds her very good outline, has a very good head, eyes and expression. Very good coat.


2nd - Marshall's Honeyvale Crystal Heart - this is a good quality bitch of pleasing proportions and type. Longer cast than winner. She moved very well, particularly in front with good reach.


Limit Bitch (3 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Walklate's Ashoka Creme Chiboust JW - excellent head and expression. Very well made with correct proportions. I liked her coat and presentation. Her movement is positive, brisk and free.


2nd - Coad's Regina Bichon Zoom to the Moon at Pamplona - another excellent bitch who excels in head as well. Quite similar to winner. They share virtues. Not quite the high station of winner but a very good mover.


Open Bitch (4 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Stafford's Starforths Sweet Surprise - this is an excellent bitch. She has excellent make and shape, correct angulation. Good neck line into topline. I admire her lovely head and balance, pigment and type. She has correct coat quality. Extremely good mover. CC.


2nd - Walton's Mariniks Mayhem in love at Keunnevek JW, ShCM - correctly put together, she is strongly built convincing in all departments. Not quite as well coupled as the winner although has a good head. Slightly longer in nose. However, still a lovely bitch worthy of a title.


3rd - Wyatt's Ch. Bobander Too Kool to Care.