• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kari Jarvinen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Saluki

 Judge: Kari Jarvinen



Minor Puppy Dog (3 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Postma & Smith's Fernlark Odyssey, very pleasing start to the day. Excellent puppy, correct proportions, neck into topline, good angulation. These things give excellent movement. Very good bone and front, an outstanding youngster, earned the RCC with his youth and enthusiasm.


2nd - Goulden's Fernlark Celebration, more a baby at an in between growing stage. Promise of good head, needs to fine through a little in skull. Needs to collect and strengthen in topline, but just a baby.


3rd - Sawyer's Fernlark Designer Label at Bumpkiss


Puppy Dog (3 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Postma & Smith'sFernlark Odyssey


2nd - Ulyatt's Fernlark Legend of Cornhaze, well put together puppy with enough neck and good angulation fore and aft. Not as good on the move as winner and still a little strong in skull but promising. He flipped in front about a bit but can settle.


3rd - Goulden's Fernlark Celebration.


Junior Dog (2 entries 0 absentees)

1st - Layton Smith's Elviss Al Noushafarin Velourias (imp Aut), impressive good looking dog has all the essentials. Maturity will give him a little more strength in front and more drive behind.


2nd - Ulyatt's Fernlark Legend of Cornhaze


Yearling Dog (Entries 1 Absent 0)

1st - Sawer's Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss, impressed with his movement and very good head. He moved well coming and going. To be critical maybe needs more under jaw. Still promising with style.


Post Graduate Dog (6 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Littlechild's Classicus Baroque at Ravensett, elegant typical dog with grace and style and very good movement. Very well angulated, holds his outline, could have a little more body.


2nd - Goss's Classicus Baryshnikov, the second is a bit stronger in bone, has good proportions and shows much potential. A good head, not finished and is a little bit Roman nosed.


3rd - Campling's Classicus Bonaparte


Limit Dog (5 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Martin's Canerikie Vivaldi for Stalwart JW - I rate this dog excellent. Construction and movement extremely good. Lovely flow of neck and topline. Close up to the CC winner.  


2nd - Faber's Sufcina Kismet, a classy elegant dog a little smaller and could be more masculine perhaps, but good construction giving good movement.


3rd - Owen's Caryna Khepri


Open Dog (7 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Goulden's Ch. Fernlark by Design JW, again an excellent Saluki. Well angulated good bone and body, one of a handful today I would be pleased to give a CC.


2nd - Glaister's Ch. Vanechka Otis S Berega Turi (Imp Rus) JW, a very typical well moving dog. Lovely far seeing expression, a little short in brisket. The winner had better bone. However, a top class male.


3rd - Buckley's Hisilome's Kareef SHCM (Imp Swe)


Veteran Dog (3 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Glaister's Ch. Classicus Cassander JW SHCM, breath-taking black, excellent condition, correct in all departments. He is not over angulated but enough. Lovely to see an 8 year old in wonderful condition. Most dignified head and expression, lovely eyes, impossible to overlook. CC and BOB.


2nd - De-Souza's Ch. Sufeina Jebel Ali, another excellent dog, well presented. The standard of these dogs is very high. A pleasure to judge


Good Citizen Dog/Bitch (0 Entries 0 Absentees)


Minor Puppy Bitch (1 Entry 0 Absentees)

1st - Goulden's Fernlark Lou'kira, She stood alone, very promising beautiful type, good neck, enough body and bone. A quality bitch good length of stride. She has a good future I think.


Puppy Bitch (1 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Goulden's Fernlark Lou'kira


Junior Bitch (2 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Farris, Cosentini, Dan & Ireson's Jazelle Arwyn, elegant pale, full of quality, she has lovely lines, typical in head and expression. Ground covering free light movement.


2nd - Williams' Tigsisle Totally Unique, could have better angulation and she is a little proud of her tail, but many virtues. She has breed type and she pleases.


Yearling Bitch (2 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Farris, Cosentini, Dan & Ireson's Jazelle Aneeqa, an easy winner, very high class. She is all of a piece each part flows into the next. She looks at you with a dignity the breed should have. Quite lovely.


2nd - Freegard's Jazelle Athena for Mumtaz, finer, could have more body and bone which will be why she is a little close coming and going, but she has good conformation and a pleasing head.


Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries 3 Absentees)

1st - Faber's Sufcina Against the Odds, nicely constructed, decent movement, light and free and in nice condition.


2nd - Hudson's Glenoak Leilah, bitch of merit, has some quality and style. Not giving her best today.


3rd - Fisher's Jaisalmer Abhijishya (imp Fin)


Limit Bitch (6 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Freegard's Mumtaz Phoebe, I grade excellent. Quite the best mover in the class, beautifully put together, she has correct length in head and body, good front and quarters. She won the RCC.


2nd - Williams' Alzubeyda Lena at Kasaque (Imp Fra) JW, another lovely bitch, good body and bone. She is better in profile movement than coming and going. I would like a little more under jaw but I still rate her very highly.


3rd - Cole's Cesaria Z Gibesovy Zahradky


Open Bitch (4 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Mansell, Duddell & Johnston's Ch. Canerikie Catalina, Gorgeous cream bitch, she is beautiful in all departments, so typical in head and has that distinctive far seeing expression. She moves with style and grace. Carries her head correctly, not too high, holds her outline on the move. I loved her - CC. For BOB the dog tried harder.


2nd - Shimmin's Ch. Hisilone's Leonore Mish Cranstal (Imp), also graded excellent. Excellent front and quarters, very good movement, classy, very close up.


3rd - Shimmin's Hisilome's Keepsake for Cranstal (Imp)