• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kari Jarvinen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: King Charles Spaniel


Veteran Dog (0 entries)

Special Beginners Dog (0 entries)

Puppy Dog (0 entries)

Junior Dog (1 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Wood's Tudorhurst Guardian, very good head, maybe jaw could be stronger, lovely neck and front, well angulated front and back. Good tail set and carriage. Enough body. A bit long cast but this helped with excellent movement.

Post Graduate Dog (4 entries 0 absentees)

1st - Austin's Dragonheart Winter Morning, Blenheim white, stronger made boy, with good eyes. Good under jaw, good front and hindquarters, enough bone and body.

2nd - Cox's Petitpaws Black Prince, black and tan. Moved very well, could be more of him all through but a very good moving dog with breed type.

3rd - Pearce's Downsbank Troubadour Over Ozzymoon

Limit Dog (1 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Melville's Amantra Chorale, Tri. Excellent head and expression. Very good topline, could have more width all through, very well angulated. Coat a little bit wavy.

Open Dog (9 entries 3 Absentees)

1st - Gilvech & Nevskaya's Dzhentlmen Nevskiy Hobbit Is Doma Ha Barishihe, Tri. My eye was taken the minute he came into the ring. This is an excellent dog in gleaming condition, very good muzzle and jaw. Could have more dome. Very well bodied. So proud on the move. I thought him outstanding and I understand this was his 3rd CC.

2nd - Schemel's Tudorhurst Athos, Tri. A beautiful head, eye and expression. Totally correct in topline and proportions, needs to concentrate on his front on the table and on the move, but a very typical King Charles, RCC.

3rd - Miller and Ryan's Ch. Amantra Regius of Feorlig, Sh. CM

Veteran Bitch (1 Entry 0 Absentees)

1st - Sellen's Vashdown Contralto, 7 years old, very good condition, very good head, good body and coat quality. A dog to be proud of.

Special Beginners Bitch (1 Entry 0 Absentees)

1st - Abbott's Cofton Reach for the Stars, Tri. Could be stronger all through but well angulated and moved well. Head is not ready and is very baby like. Has promise.

Puppy Bitch (0 Entry)

Junior Bitch (2 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Bowles-Robinson's My Exotic World Demands Baldragon (Imp), Tri. Very typey

Bitch. Very good head, eyes and muzzle. Excellent movement, very nice body, bone and coat. I think has great promise.

2nd - Abbott's Cofton Reach for the Stars, Tri.  

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries 0 Absentee)

1st - Bowles-Robinson's Baldragon Hold That Thought, Blenheim. Very appealing youngster, lots of quality, correct hindquarters, coat and movement.

2nd - Baker's Cofton Dusty Blue, very good too. Correct make and shape, not so good in dome as winner, an excellent happy temperament, moving well.

3rd - Austin and Baker's Cofton Dancing Though Life, JW  

Limit Bitch (6 entries 0 Absentee)

1st - Miller & Ryan's Clussexx Reign It In Cavallibrook (Imp), Tri. I grade her excellent. Particularly liked her movement, with correctly carried tail she has a very good head but eyes could be darker. I liked most things about her. RCC.

2nd - Melville's Amantra Summer Showgirl, Blenheim. A very pleasing head and expression. She could have a better lay of shoulder, therefore neck a little short. She has enough body and bone, her coat is a touch wavy.

3rd- Blewett and Smith's Cofton Tallisker With Othmese.

Open Bitch (3 entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Baker's Cofton Fairy Tale, Tri. She has a beautiful head and expression. I love her outline, excellent topline standing and moving. She has width all through. We can use the word 'cobby'. A very typical bitch and was pleased to award her the CC.

2nd - Jensen's Ch. Penemma Millite the Minx, Also very lovely bitch in wonderful condition, she has a lovely head and a good neck. Not as good in angulation as the winner and a little shorter in brisket, but I still grade her excellent.

3rd - Blewett and Smith's Othmese Saphire.