• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kari Jarvinen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Puppy Dog (1 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Leggett's Meldale Obsidian Moon - Very good puppy. A very good neck, correctly made, good topline. Of course he needs time to develop and he will drop into his angulation behind. At the moment he is moving close behind but has great promise and can finish very well.


Junior Dog (2 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Kirby's Macopa Moment in Time - strong head. He is low and long. He has a very good neck but then is flat in topline. Moving close. Needs more animation. He has excellent coat quality.


Post Graduate Dog (0 Entries 0 Absentees)


Limit Dog (2 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Evans's Bracalgem Ray of Sunshine - very well made dog. Correct proportions. Excellent shoulder, hind angulation and topline. Consequently he moved very well. He is good looking with breed type. I liked him enough for Best Dog.


2nd - Backhouse's Zottels Ferrari Fantasy at Noggybanks - could have higher station. He does have a very good head. Good skull, muzzle and eyes. Good bone. He moved with drive. Reserve Best Dog.


Open Dog (1 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Gradwell's Mykornos Mister Babylon - good general construction with correct neck and topline. Correct proportions. Enough bone and body. Not very good coat. He moved well.  


Veteran Dog/Bitch (2 Entries 0 Absentee)

1st - Laybourne and Johnson's Mellowdee the Magician in Dominoesdale ShCM - good body lines, could be more upstanding. A little narrow all through. Overall a useful dog.


2nd - Leggett's Millwinkie Magic Moon at Meldale - built on similar lines to winner. Decent construction and in good condition. More neck to enhance.


Good Citizen (1 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Laybourne and Johnson's Mellowdee the Magician in Dominoesdale ShCM


Puppy Bitch (5 Entries 2 Absentees)

1st - Wilkinson's Kalaju Klassickly Klassy - very well proportioned. Her balance is good. Extremely good mover for such a baby. She has a good head, although a bit long in foreface at this age but that can improve. She has a good coat. Time can only improve. Promising puppy.


2nd - Palmer's Hazyland's Cheeky Girl - understandably immature at this age. She is a little short on the leg and short in neck. However, these things can improve. She has a pleasing head and very good coat quality. Again needs time.


3rd - Leggett's Meldale Diamond Moon


Junior Bitch (3 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Robertson's Hickorystix Keep the Faith - a well made bitch. Good flow of outline. Better in front. Goes up and down quite well. Her profile is pleasing. She has a very good head. Good expression, ears and eyes. Very good coat. Reserve Best Bitch.


2nd - Jones's Kerjalee Dream Moments at Wenallt - longer, lower and more narrow than winner which makes her move a bit close up and down. She has a very good head and expression. Quite different in type to 1. Maturity could help to improve her overall shape.


Post Graduate Bitch (2 Entries 1 Absentees)

1st - Crane-Duplock and Duplock's Shaggy Blue Bobs Way to Go with Mirene (Deu) - very attractive bitch and won Best Bitch and Best of Breed on her good movement. She is positive and sure footed and covers the ground well. I would like more spring of rib. Good skull and eye, a little long in foreface. Excellent coat quality. She made a correct shape of breed type to win Best Bitch and Best of Breed.


Limit Bitch (1 Entries 0 Absentees)

1st - Hodgson's Obsession Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal at Ragglebarn - I wish she would collect herself. She has good angulation fore and aft. Not so well coupled and a little low. She has some quality and she moved adequately.


Open Bitch (2 Entries 0 Absentees)