• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Marsh Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Gordon Setter

Bournemouth Canine Association

Saturday 11th August 2018

Gordon Setters

I was very pleased with my entry and thank all the exhibitors for making the trip South. I would also like to thank the Bourenmouth committee for my invitation to judge and for their hospitality. Thanks also to my two stewards who kept proceedings moving meaning the majority of the judging was done before the rain arrived.

Not taking away anything from my excellent bitch winners, today I felt that the strength was mainly in the dogs, there were some really good exhibits in the higher classes that had to be satisfied with a placing lower down the line or even cardless. I was looking for strong driving movement with the dog propelling itself forward with good reach. Some cover the ground in a more tentative manner not showing the push forward from the hocks that I was looking for and for this reason were not placed higher.

I found a few too many close and level bites today, something that should be watched in future breeding plans.

SBD/B (5, 0abs)

1st Whiting’s Locksheath True Baloo

Two year old bitch, with balanced angulation throughout, short coupled. She has a well shaped head with very feminine expression, good dentition, excellent colour, coat just coming, moved well showing a strong level topline.

2nd Fuller’s Rosemullion Braganza (ai)

This young dog has a good profile with plenty of bone and substance. Whilst I felt he could carry a little more weight over his ribs and loin, he did appear a little loaded over the shoulders and would benefit from a little more spring of rib. Masculine head and expression with lowset ears. Plenty of coat. Stylish on the move.

3rd Hudson’s Longrow Bohemian Rhapsody At Robvale

MPD (2, 0 abs)

1st Alcorn, Crowther & Macara’s Lourdace Headhunted By Cromasaig

Loved the head and expression on this young boy, lowset ears, dark eyes. Lovely rich colour to his tan. Still rather underdeveloped in body but this is to be expected at this age, with the benefit of time he will body up I am sure. Plenty of width to his upper thigh and good muscletone. Great reach and drive on the move using his tail well showing a level topline.

2nd Holloway’s Lourdace Headliner

Litter brother to one, slightly larger overall and at this time he is not quite so balanced being up on his legs, needs to body up and fill his frame. His forehand angulation is very good. Longer cast than his brother. Moved steadily, well handled on the move.

PD (4, 0 abs)

1st Roberts & Roberts’ Cairacailie Spice of Life

A really lovely puppy dog, full of exhuberance and causing his handler to work hard. Gentle expression, well shaped head and good length to his neck. Nice sloping shoulders and good length to his upper arm. Plenty of depth to his brisket and good forechest. He has great bone and substance, plenty of coat of good texture and colour. Movement when settled was ground covering, just needs to calm down a little but it is so nice to see a puppy really enjoying his time in the ring. BPD and BP

2nd Alcorn, Crowther & Macara’s Lourdace Headhunted By Cromasaig


3rd Horler’s Hernwood Jack O’ Lantern By Rackens

JD (2, 0 abs)

1st Harker’s Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick

A lovely young dog who is extremely well handled to show off his many attributes. He like his parents has a very good head and has a gentle but masculine expression. Correct depth of flew and excellent dentition. Correct lay back to shoulder and good length to upper arm, deep in brisket and good forechest. Well muscled throughout giving a strong loin, sufficient hind angulation with plenty of width to his thigh. He covers the ground with drive and purpose, I look forward to seeing him in the future.

2nd Sandiford & Lewis’ Hernwood Apollo

Litter brother to 1 and very similar in type and balance, I preferred the headpiece of 1 and the depth of flew. Great topline on this boy held on the move again very well handled. Both boys I am sure will go on well.

PGD (6, 2 abs)

1st Horn’s Lignum Master Marlin At Keaswood JW

Not a big dog, but a lovely balanced outline, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, strong topline and mirrored hind angulation. He has a very masculine expression but I felt he could have a slightly stronger head. Sufficient forechest and good depth. Correct tail set and good croup, carried his tail well today. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

2nd Melville’s Tsruhnova Tumnus JW

Lovely gentle expression on this boy, who was of heavier build than one. Good head planes and dark eyes of correct shape. He does not have the length to upper arm of one but he has great bone and substance with good muscletone, lovely coat and condition. His movement is steady and true. Still needs time to reach his full potential.

3rd Fuller’s Rosemullion Braganza (ai)

LD (7, 0 abs)

Lovely class headed by three excellent Gordons

1st Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora Sh. CM

At the lower end of the scale in size but this boy has to be felt to realise his qualities. His construction is very balanced and he is shown in lovely coat and condition. Masculine head with good depth, correct forehand angulation showing a good forechest. Sufficient hind angulation with plenty of width to thighs. Carried his tail well.

2nd Hall’s Melview Moving Time JW

I really liked this dog but he didn’t give his handler an easy time, twisting and turning on the stack which affected his outline which cost him the class. But in the few moments he stood you could see a lovely shape and balanced angulation. Handsome boy with good length of neck into well laid shoulders, straight front and nice rear angles, if he gets his act together should do well.

3rd Ford’s Liric Fusilier With Shillay JW Sh. CM

OD (7, 1 abs)

Spoilt for choice in this class of quality dogs

1st Alcorn, Baddeley & Crowther’s Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum JW

This boy has a head to die for, soft melting expression and great definition. Strong and clean neck leading into well laid shoulders, great spring to his ribs and good depth of brisket. Sufficient forechest and strong straight forelegs when viewed from the front. Very well muscled loin and strong couplings. Not overangulated in the hind quarters allowing him to move with a strong positive stride. Away and towards he moved straight and true. Could not be denied this class, the DCC and BOB. Was pleased to see him awarded Group 3 later in the day.

2nd Boxall (Handling) Ivaldi’s Multi Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein

Another top winning dog who I had not judged before but had seen from the ringside. He is an impressive exhibit, heavier built than my winner and not quite as refined. He has a great profile and is well made thoughout but today I felt he was not moving at his best, not showing the same reach and drive of my winner. Considered for the RCC.

3rd Bryant’s Muckypup‘s D’Artagnan JW Sh. CM

VD (1, 0 abs)

1st Robson’s Sh Ch Laurelhach Limited Edition At Yohenoak

This boy is certainly a young veteran and can show many dogs how to move carrying a strong topline with a freeflowing driving action. He is well balanced with correct angulation and is not exaggerated in any way. For me he is just a tad wide in foreface but this does not detract from his masculine expression. Well shaped head showing plenty of brain room and low set ears. Well handled and shown in excellent coat and condition. Pleased to award him the RCC and BVIB

MPB (2, 1 abs)

1st Hall’s Melview Phoenix

My notes say “What a sweetie”, stood alone in this class but in the challenge for Best Puppy Bitch she just oozed feminity and balance giving her the edge over the older puppy. Her head needs to break a little which I am sure it will as she is still so young, but her confirmation is lovely, nice deep chest and good forechest, strong level topline and correct tailset. Sufficient bone at this stage and beautiful colour, coat and condition. Just needs a little more ringcraft.

PB (3, 0 abs)

1st Brown’s Cairacailie Chianti With Marshmoor

All three of these puppies are quite raw and at that inbetween stage of growth and development. Of the three this girl was the most co-ordinated on the move. Well up for size and longer cast than the minor puppy. Pretty head and expression, good depth to the flew. Nice clean neck and well laid shoulders , topline held well on the move. Went around the ring steadily covering the ground well.

2nd Passmore’s Beechlake Sea Of Love

Beautiful colour on this young girl, as previously mentioned she is currently very raw and the handler needs to be careful not to over extend her on the stack as she loses her stifle. She has sufficient angulation fore and aft with plenty of depth and has a nice topline.

3rd Roberts’ Cairacailie Sugar N Spice

JB (2, 0 abs)

These two girls are of very different types but both have lovely attributes correct to the breed standard

1st Sandiford’s Hernwood Aphrodite

More mature than 2 and very co-ordinated on the move showing great drive and good reach. Very pleasant head and expression with lovely dark eyes. Super substance thoughout, good flat bone and is very straight when viewed from the front. Well developed rib cage and is deep in the brisket. Shorter in the coupling than two but this added to the balance of this bitch. Correct flat coat of good colour and condition.

2nd Roberts & Watson’s Kyuna Dream Of Magic At Moonglade

Pleasant young bitch with a nice spring of rib and depth. Preferred the head and expression of one. Sufficient bone and well shaped feet . Good colour and plenty of coat. Well schooled and handled, moved very steadily covering the ground well.

PGB (10, 1 abs)

These three girls headed a very challenging class.

1st Melville’s Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW

This young lady is not exaggerated in any area, she is feminine all through. Very pretty head with good eye shape and good depth to the flew, could benefit from a slightly stronger stop but this is only a minor point. Long shoulder blades, well laid back and good length to her upper arm, good forechest and depth of chest, well sprung ribs and strong well muscled coupling. Has a tendancy to stiffen which affects her topline but when relaxed this is level and strong. Lovely width to her thighs and she has short strong hocks which give her a lovely drive from behind and steady ground covering movement.

2nd Slaughter’s Cairacailie Night Of Love With Ordett JW

Not a large bitch, but so feminine, very dark eyes of correct shape and has more definition in her foreface than one. Clean neck into well laid shoulders and another with a strong level topline. Plenty of forechest and depth to her ribs. Would like a little more length to her loin. Super width to her thighs and nice short hocks. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Moved well.

3rd Van Steenderen-Rosierse’s Rosy Rosalyn From The Noble Friends

LB (7, 1 abs)

1st Palliser & Robson’s Lignum Tornado JW

Wow, what a lovely young bitch, I loved everything about her from the end of her nose to the tip of her tail. She is so feminine, correct size, balanced angulation, well muscled and on the move flows effortlessly around the ring. Her head is beautiful and her lovely dark eyes have that hint of mischief which gives her character. Well laid shoulders and balanced upper arm, strong straight bone of correct type. Lovely level topline standing and on the move. Plenty of hind angulation, good width to her thigh and strong second thigh, short straight hocks. Extremely well put down and handled because this young lady certainly has attitude. Thrilled to award her the BCC which I understand is her third, congratulations a very worthy Show Champion.

2nd Sandiford & Keens’ Hernwood Luna Eclipse JW

Another beautiful bitch, more refined and elegant than my winner. Good dark eyes and nice head shape although I would like a little more width to her muzzle. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders and a nice level topline held on the move. Longer from hip to hock to my winner and would benefit from slightly slower movement by her handler as she was not as co-ordinated as she could be. Nice tail run off, tail being used happily on the move. Seriously considered for the Reserve Challenge Certificate.

3rd Ackerley-Kemp’s Yennadon Lexie

OB (5, 0 abs)

1st Boxall’s Sh Ch Laurelhach Entrapment JW

A mature well made bitch who I judged a few years ago and she has certainly achieved her potential that I saw then. Built on heavier lines, she shows a lovely balanced profile and was shown in beautiful coat and condition. Has excellent muscletone leading to super ground covering movement with the correct drive from behind and good reach in front. I preferred the head shape of the Limit winner in the challenge but it was a challenge because this is a very nice bitch and could not be denied the Reserve Challenge Certificate.

2nd Osborn’s Sh Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW

Another nice bitch, smaller in stature but still within the breed standard. Nice head and expression but I would have liked a little more width to her skull. Balanced angulation throughout, she has good forechest and depth of brisket, well sprung ribs and a strong loin and couplings. Plenty of width to her thighs and she was in great muscular condition. Lovely shiny coal black coat with plenty of furnishings.

3rd Booij’s Ch Queen Of Joy From The Noble Friends

VB (1, 0 abs)

1st Moore’s Sh Ch Gadhelic Spirit Of The Celt JW

This “young” lady is a favourite of mine having stood next to her in the ring on many occasion. She shows true Gordon type, her head is well defined, lovely depth to her muzzle and she has good angulation all through. Plenty of spring to her rib and nice coupling of correct length. On the move she covers the ground well and her happy wagging tail and enthusiasm is lovely to see.

Karen Marsh