• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Karen Anderson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog

East of England Championship Show - Canadian Eskimo Dogs 8th July 2018 

Judge Karen Anderson 


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this amazing breed and to my two stewards for assisting me so efficiently and in such good spirit given they’d been there all day. Although it wasn’t a huge entry, I was delighted with the quality of each exhibit. It’s good to see this breed is staying true to their working type and not giving in to any ring fads that have crept into some Spitz breeds. Thank you to the exhibitors for your entry and sporting behaviour of my decisions. Temperaments were excellent throughout and the character of this breed shone through. 


Puppy - Dog 

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0  

1st Baileys AKNA TUMNUS **   A very promising 7 month white and grey youngster. He has a good overall outline from all sides and a lovely expression.  Head of good proportions with a correctly set dark brown eye. Still growing into his ears which are of correct shape, rounded tips with dense covering. Straight neck onto a good lay of shoulder. Still needs to drop and broaden in chest which will come. Firm back and good topline.  Good turn of stifle and good muscling for age to thigh. Straight in pastern and well padded feet. Coat still coming through of good texture.Excitable on the move and slightly untidy at the rear but moved well once settled. Excellent temperament. BP 


Junior - Dog 

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0 

1st Croft and Bickerdikes AKNA ROSS** AT KOROYZA   Up to size 16 month Red and buff male. Strong wedge shaped head, muzzle in proportion to skull. Oblique set brown eye and good pigmentation. Slightly large ear but well covered. Straight front with ample upper arm. Correct length of back tail and muscled rear, enough turn of stifle. Has a tendency to hock in on the move. Carrying slightly too much weight over rib and shoulders which made him roll slightly on the move. However, brisk and effortless around the ring. Excellent bone throughout. 


Post Graduate - Dog 

Entries: 3 Absentees: 1  

1st Brynes AKNA CARROZ **  Four year old white male. Appealing from all angles. He is balanced throughout with straight front and complimenting rear angulation. Lovely head. Muzzle in proportion to skull. Brown eye of good shape. Nice pigmentation. Small well covered ears. Strong neck onto good shoulder.  Would like a bit more bone throughout. He has a good topline, moderate rib and tail set. Coat was of excellent denseness throughout. Moved out well with an effortless brisk gait. Slightly narrow behind going away but strong rear pastern. Presented in excellent condition. RBD 


2nd Baileys AKNA KRAVEN **  20 month white and black male. Nice head . Just needs to broaden out in muzzle. Ear and eye set good. Plenty of bone throughout. A good front needs to broaden and drop in brisket. Good length of back and plenty of rear angulation.Good strong rear pasterns, needs more muscle definition. This boy was a little overwhelmed by his surroundings at first but he settled down and improved the more he moved. Clean movement, strong rear and upright pastern. The handler got the best out of him on the day. Promising youngster, just needs more confidence. 


Open - Dog 

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0 

1st Baileys CAN CH ARCTICICE QIMMIQ G-AMORAK AVEC AKNA (IMP CAN)   4 years old Grey sable and white male. This boy just oozes quality. To me the perfect head. Strong wedge shape, muzzle and skull of good proportions. Small well covered ear giving an alert expression and a keen brown eye set obliquely. Short, strong neck. Broad laid back shoulders. Good return of upper arm. Straight front. Well arched feet, well padded. Coat coming through of dense undercoat and stiff guard hair. Enough bone throughout. Strong rear and well muscled. Would like more turn of stifle. Strong hock.  Strong straight topline which he held on the move with slight tuck up. Moved out with purpose and maintained a good length of stride around the big ring. Effortless. BD BOB. Pleased to see him shortlisted in a strong Working group. BD BOB 


Special Beginners - Dog 

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0  

AKNA CARROZ ** (MRS P A BYRNE) as per postgraduate dog 


Post Graduate - Bitch 

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1  

1st Baileys AKNA DALE **  21 month White and grey bitch. What a promising youngster this girl is. Feminine but has the substance to back it up. Head coming on nicely of good proportions and typical wedge shape.Dark Brown obliquely set eye.  Ear well set and of correct shape and good covering. Nice, balanced angulations front and aft. Still needs to drop in chest a bit. Level topline. Moderate spring of rib. Enough bone throughout. Feet need to tighten up more but well padded. Strong hock. Her movement is clean in all directions, joy to watch her around the ring. Brisk even gait never dropping her topline. I did consider her for top award but she was denied by the open bitch who just had that finished product to her. Sure she will go on win well. RBB 


Open - Bitch 

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0  


1st Bailey and Atkins HR CH AKNA ASAVAKKIT** (MS R E & MISS S M BAILEY & ATKINS  5 year old. Up to size white and red. This girl was in tip top condition from nose to tail. Strong wedge shape head, good breath of skull. Chestnut eye with good brown pigment. Well covered ears set correctly. Strong short neck onto well laid shoulder. Good return of upper arm, strong pastern and well covered feet. Excellent depth of brisket. Good length of back. She has good bone throughout and enough rear angulation, strong thigh and straight hock.Well boned. Carried a good coat, dense, just a touch soft in places. Moved with purpose in all directions, effortless. BB 


2nd Atkins AKNA PEECHEE* white with red marking. 3 year old white with red markings. Daughter of my winner. She has a finer build and longer in rib than 1st. Lovely head shape. Very feminine. Yellow eye, with good brown pigment. Strong neck, a touch longer than desired. Up on leg, plenty of upper arm, straight front. Would like slightly broader in chest but good depth. Moderate spring of rib, slight tuck and tail set correctly. Well angled rear. A slight tendency to hock in on the stand but this improved on the move. Clean paces but lacked the drive and power of my winner. Beautifully turned out today, just coat was soft in places. 


Veteran - Bitch 

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0 

1st Baileys SHEPHERDSWAY ESKIMO ANGEL AT AKNA  9 years old Grey and white. What a special lady this is. Love the profile of this bitch. She gives nothing away in age. Super wedged head, appealing brown eye and correct ear set completes the picture. Strong neck onto well laid back shoulders. Enough length of back, short coupled with slight tuck up. Lovely straight front, good depth of chest, moderate spring of rib. Well turned stifle and let down hock. Carries a good coat of correct texture. Well coated tail carried well on the move. Steady paces around the ring, but holding a beautiful shape and topline throughout. BV