• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: June Piper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Dobermann



I wish to thank the committee for inviting me to judge.  A big thank you to exhibitors for giving me such a fabulous entry and the opportunity to judge so many quality exhibits.  With such a good entry it inevitably meant that in the higher classes so many quality dogs that I admired went cardless.  It was a shame the weather was against us and the wet weather ring wasn’t ideal but unfortunately there wasn’t an alternative.  My hands have never been so cold when judging.  My apologies for the lateness of my critique but it does give me the opportunity to congratulate Dunn, Bradley & Ingram’s on gaining the crowning CC with Jojavik Super Chief JW, the Barber’s on gaining the crowning CC with Amazon Chanel for Alcumlow and Clive and Nancy Evans on their 50th Dobermann Champion – well done everyone. 

VD (3,1a) A good start to the day.  1. Stansbury & Pilgrim’s Ch. Woodbriar Luciano JW SHCM Smart standard brown/rust 8 year old male. Presents a compact square balanced outline.  Good head planes with dark eye and neat well set ears.  Stands on good feet with straight front.  Good reach of neck flowing into strong firm topline and spot on tailset.  Good depth of chest and spring of rib with short loin.  Good angulation front and rear.  Strong powerful mover who retained his outline when moving.  Well handled and presented and pushed hard for the RCC in the challenge. 2.Thorn’s BE/NL Grafmax Louis Armstrong SHCM RL 1EX Nearly 9 years old black/rust male who was unlucky to meet 1.  Another standard sized male with clean outline and in lovely condition.  Good expression from his well set dark eyes.  Good reach of neck flowing into strong topline.  Deep chest and good spring of ribs.  Moved out well. 


MPD (2)  Two lovely puppies who have the same sire but are at different stages of development at the moment. 1. Jones’ Korifey Dark Knight Smart 7 months old black/rust male.  Dark eye of good shape giving a good expression.  Lean neck leading to a firm topline and tailset.  Stands on good feet, straight front with good forechest, deep in brisket with balanced angulation.  Moved well.  Expertly handled and presented – should have a bright future in these very capable hands. 2.  Edyveane’s Jojavik Victor Rizzi at Katemead Brown/rust who was of heavier build than one and needs time to mature and fill his frame.  He has strong round bone and good outline. Strong masculine head with good head planes and well shaped dark eye.  Good reach of neck into good topline and tailset.   


PD (6,1a) 1. Grace & Lawson’s Nerak Wot a Dream Lovely brown/rust male who I just fell for.  Handler was new to the championship show ring but I could still see his qualities.  Found out after judging that I gave his litter sister Best Puppy in Breed.  Really liked his square balanced outline.  Lovely head with good reach of neck to firm sloping topline.  Stands on well knuckled feet and has good round bone.  Good front with good depth of brisket and short coupled. Moved well.  Best Puppy Dog. 2. Mycroft & Brown’s Supeta’s Backstabber Very smart standard black/rust male who was well handled and presented.  Lovely square compact dog with good angulation fore and aft.  Moved very well.  3. Payne’s Khaneve Black Ice at Riddinca 


JD (4,1a) 1. Webb’s Shalissa’s Siriusly Costy (AI) Well presented stylish black and rust male.  Strong masculine head with good head planes and correct shape dark eye giving good expression. Good depth of muzzle.  Clean outline with good flow from neck to firm topline and well set tail. Good front with brisket down to tight elbows.  Very stylish on the move retaining good balanced outline. 2. Nicholl-Jones, Bemand & Ingram’s Jojavic Cookie Mobster Standard black/rust male who has a good head with dark eye and neat well set ears.  Lovely arched neck leading into good topline and tailset.  Moved out well. 3. Richardson’s Jasprico French Rebellion  


YD (7) 1. Dunn, Bradley & Ingram’s Jojavik Super Chief JW Black/rust.  One I have loved since he was a puppy.  Super stylish male who has a striking outline and who stood out in this class for his balance and ring presence.  He has a masculine head with deep muzzle.  Dark eye giving a keen alert expression.  Rich rust markings.  Good flow from neck into gently sloping topline and well set on tail.  Well developed forechest with good front and well sprung ribs.  Good round bone and well bodied. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  Well muscled and shown in excellent condition.  Moved with good reach and drive.  Pleased to award him the CC & BOB.  2. Murray’s Luftez Solstice.  Standard black/rust dog who was short coupled. Pleasing head with neat well set ears.  Liked his overall balance with good flow from neck to topline.  Good turn of stifle.  Moved well.  3. Santoriello’s Korifey Amulet JW 


ND (5, 3 a) 1. Jones’ Korifey Dark Knight, 2. Robertson’s Cockneyoka Rastaman, Although 18 months still needs more time to mature.  Substantial black/rust male with strong bone who enjoyed his day in the ring.  Strong masculine head and good length of neck.  Short coupled. Moved okay when he settled. 


PGD (9) 1. Hogg’s Mianna’s William Wallace  Substantial black/rust male who has plenty of bone and substance and clean outline.  Pleasing head with correct shaped dark eye with kind expression.  Strong muscular neck flowing into level topline.  Well developed forechest with straight parallel legs. Good front with deep chest and tight elbows.  Tight feet, strong pasterns and well turned stifle.  Moved well. 2. Hefferman’s Avamer Ethan Close decision between these two.  Lovely standard male, who has the desired short back and was well balanced in outline. Masculine head with dark eye, good earset.  Good front with good forechest, good depth of brisket and spring of rib.  Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks..  3. Gethin’s Abovo Independence Day 


LD (10) 1. Metcalf’s Linda’s Wot a Thriller SHCM  Topped a really good class.  Docked brown/rust male.  Won this class on his square balanced outline.  Lovely head with good eye colour for a brown.  Strong muscular neck leading to slightly sloping firm topline and good tailset.  Strong bone, good front with deep chest and close lying elbows.  Good angulation fore and aft and strong hocks. Moved well.  2.  Layton’ Ottia Uptown Funk at Kaistart JW Black/rust.  Different type.  I liked his sharp clean balanced outline.  Good head with good head planes, dark eye and good expression.  Good reach of neck leading to strong topline. Moved well.  3. Wall’s Dobehaven Atlantic Storm JW SHCM 


OD (11,2a)  Brilliant class with so many quality dogs.1.  Ingram’s Ch/Ir. Jojavik Midnight Express JW SHCM  A real showman and didn’t put a foot wrong.  Standard size black/rust, clean outline, good depth of brisket, strong firm topline and good turn of stifle.  Good head piece with neat earset and dark eye and arched neck. Well filled front.  Moved really well. RCC.  2. Fisher’s Ch. Jojavik Elite Mafia One I have admired from the ringside and didn’t disappoint.  Lovely black/rust male, with balanced outline, nice front, dark eye, good reach of neck, turn of stifle.  Moved out well.  3.  King’s Ch. Nerak American Dream JW SHCM 


SPB D (2)  1. Plummer’s Grafmax Alfie Boe JW Lovely black/rust male unplaced in the strong postgraduate class but well deserved his win in this class.  Pleasing head with will set ears and correctly shaped dark eye.  Well balanced outline with good depth of brisket and tight elbows.  Moved and handled well.  Pleased to award him Best Special Beginners and was thrilled to see him get a 2nd place in the Special Beginners Working Group.  Well done. 2. Billington’s Luftez Meridian for Yrieix.  Black/rust.  Pleasing head.  Has a clean outline with good depth of brisket.  Moved well. 


SPB B (3) 1. Massey’s Jojavik Kissy Suzuki SHCM Standard size black and rust bitch.  Very smart with clean sharp outline.  Feminine head with alert expression.  Good front with well developed forechest.  Well angulated front and rear.  Moved out really well and so in tune with her handler.  Shown to perfection. 2. Carpenter & Barber’ Luftez Pandora 22 months substantial black and rust bitch with a good outline.  Lovely head with good expression.  Good length of neck, brisket well let down to elbows, good angulation front and aft. 3. Frost’s Zeegez Walks in Beauty 


MPB (6, 1a) 1. Tousent & ingram’s Jojavik Camorra  Black/rust.  Well grown youngster with good round bone.  Lovely shape with a very clean outline.  Good depth and good forechest.  Lovely head with good expression, lean neck, good front, good angulation and topline. Moved and handled well.  2.Williams’ Newfords Whiskey Lulluby  Brown/rust.  Another lovely youngster.  Loved her square balanced outline, good front with plenty of forechest.  Pleasing head with a keen expression.  Well presented and very enthusiastic on the move. 3. Caffel & Kavanagh’s Doberway Repeat After Me 


PB (5, 2a) 1. King’s Nerak Pocket Full of Dreams.  Brown/rust.  Very promising puppy with plenty of bone and substance and so well balanced.  Lovely head and expression.  Good front with good forechest and tight feet.    Good length of neck leading into a firm topline and tailset.  Good turn of stifle.  Moved well.  Well handled and presented.  Loved her.  Best Puppy in Breed  2.Everley’s Manzart Voodoo Magic  Black/rust.  Unlucky to meet one and a different type.  Very elegant with a very clean cut balanced outline.  Attractive head, arched neck leading to firm topline and tailset.  Good turn of stifle.  Moved out really well. 3. Tyler’s Nyx Asteri Wot a Thriller 


JB (12, 1a) 1. Wall’s Aritaur Pacific Passion.  Promising youngster who topped a really good class.  Brown/rust with good parallel head planes and alert expression.  Good front assembly with well filled forechest, good layback of shoulder, elbows tight to elbows, tight feet.  Balanced angulation fore and aft and good turn of stifle, strong hocks.  All in all a very balanced bitch who pushed hard in the challenge for Reserve CC. 2. Brown’s Stay in Style Valentina Lovely black/rust, good reach of neck, good topline, good depth.  Lovely outline, nice dark eye.  Good front, good turn of stifle.  Handled well. 3. Shaw’s Gracelands Chocolate Drop 


YB (7, 1a) 1.  Ingram’s Jojavik Forget Me Not JW SHCM  Black/rust.  Very smart with clean outline and well balanced.  Attractive head.  Good neckline leading into correct topline and tailset.  Angulation fore and aft is good.  Moved out well. 2.  Rimmer’s Amazon Touch the breeze in Millwood  Black/rust, elegant bitch, tightest of feet, well balanced, lovely neckline, good front.  Liked her expression.   3. Caldicott’s Aritaur on a Mission to Philmont JW 


NB (7, 1a) 1. King’s Nerak Pocket Full of Dreams 2. Everley’s Manzart Vogue Black/rust, litter sister to 2nd in Puppy Bitch and is very well balanced with a clean outline.  Lovey head with keen expression.  Excellent topline and tailset.  Good front and tight feet.  Moved well.  3.Tyler’s Nyx Asteri Wot a Thriller. 


PGB (14, 2a) 1. Shaw’s Izralight Relight my Fire.  Black/rust.  Well presented stylish bitch who is so well constructed.  Lovely balanced outline with an attractive head.  She has a well arched neck leading into a slightly sloping topline.  Good front with well pronounced forechest.  Deep chest with tight elbows.  Front and rear angulation good.  Moved well. 2. Evans, Pittendrigh & Bloore’s Amazon Let Me Love You.  Another lovely bitch, good outline, good front and deep in chest with tight elbows.  Good turn of stifle.  Moved well. 3.Cattermole’s Supeta’s Phoenix for Kalvadene JW 


LB (13, 4a)1. Barber’s Amazon Chanel for Alcumlow.   Black/rust. Lovely elegant bitch who is so well balanced.  Feminine head with good head planes and well set ears giving a keen expression.  Loved her clean outline from her good reach of neck flowing into correct topline and tailset. Good forechest, deep in brisket, short coupled and good turn of stifle.  Moved well.  Well handled and presented. Pleased to award her the RCC. 2.  Downes & Wileman’s Jojavik Daphne Blake at Zusaca  Black/rust.  Black/rust.  Very nice standard sized compact bitch who is well balanced and short coupled.  Good angulation front and rear and good forechest..  Attractive head with correct shaped dark eye.  Moved well. Well handled. 3.  Gallagher’s Izralight Firedancer JW SHCM 


OB (11, 1a) 1. Ingram’s Ch. Jojavik Penelope Pitstop JW  Black/rust with rich dark rust markings.  A super bitch who is a real showgirl and demands attention.  Lovely feminine head, correct planes and very keen expression.  She has good round bone and sufficient substance but still retains elegance.  Clean neck into good layback of shoulder and strong topline. Good forechest, depth and tight feet with good turn of stifle and strong hocks.  She moved effortlessly around the ring with great style.  Pleased to award her the CC.. 2. Ingram’s Ch/Ir Ch. Jojavik Poison Ivy JW SHCMCW16 Cracking bitch looking in great condition following her maternal duties but didn’t have the sparkle of her younger sister today.  Top quality bitch who deserves her title of the Bitch Breed Record Holder.  She fits the standard so well with her excellent balanced conformation.  Everything fits together so well from her excellent head, clean neck line into strong topline.  Good layback of shoulder, well pronounced forechest, tight feet, close lying elbows and she moves with good drive.  3.King’s Ch. Nerak Twist of Fate JW SHCM 


Judge:  June Piper