• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Pike Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Pomeranian Club

Breed: Pomeranian

The Scottish Pomeranian Club Championship Show 20.5.18 

A big thank you to the Committee for offering me this appointment on your special 30th Ruby Anniversary Show which was dedicated to the memory of Eve Smail (Toybox). A minute silence was held in her honour. 

A well organised show, as always. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, thank you, to the two  very efficient stewards, especially Andrew Stewart keeping things ticking over smoothly. I felt it was a good atmosphere and I would like to thank everyone for their support entering their super dogs under me. 

MPD (6,0) 

1st Miss LG Simmons Sueacres Legend Of Pettipom 7mth old o/s. Lovely size boy, foxy face with dark small eye. Medium ears set high and used well. Short cobby body of good substance with tail set high & straight. Coat of good texture, correct for age. Neat feet and stood four square. Moved well. 

2nd Miss A K Ogilvie's  Pakov's Nat King Cole. 7mth old black boy with a beautiful sweet expression. Tiny ears set correctly, small dark eye. Good well ribbed body under a correct coat nicely trimmed to show super balance. Head set nicely back on to shoulders in the stance. Movement a little high stepping at the moment, but I am sure will only get better as he matures. 

PD (4,0) 

1st Mrs C D Holman Baromar Dubonet at Altina. 10 mths bright orange boy with plenty of coat of good texture. Head good with correct stop, small dark oval eyes. Tiny ears set well. Correct length of neck on to a short back and well ribbed body. Good width to chest, straight front and cat like feet. Tail straight and long, set well, a good plumb to finish the picture. Moved with drive and up on his toes, straight coming and going. BP & RDCC. 

2nd Mrs S Adamson Darade Paco Rabanne With Sylvids 11mths Orange. Head mature appearance, slightly shorter in face. Dark eye, a little round. Good dark pigment. Small well set ears. Good cobby body sporting a good harsh coat. Tail set high and carried well. Moved a little wide in front . 

JNR (6,2) 

1st Mrs A Norman's Alexiasdream is Fabioso. 17mths O/S. Foxy face with dark pigment. Good bite, small dark oval eye. Ears small/med set correctly and used well. Neck of good length on to well laid shoulders and short well ribbed body. Tail set good and straight. Sadly left his best jacket at home today but was of correct texture. Moved well . 

2nd Mrs S Adamson's  Darade Paco Rabanne with Sylvids. 

Novice (3,0) 

1st Mrs C D Holman Altina Manhatten. 14mths O/S. Nice expression, short in muzzle, good stop and width of skull. Dark pigmentation. Small dark eye,small ears set well. Clean bite. Good width of chest, well laid shoulders. Short coupled cobby body, tailset well in full plumb. Appeared to toe in behind and I would have like him to move with more drive. 

2nd Mrs S Simpsons Darade Boston Shinning Star. 11mths Orange with sweet face shorter muzzle. Good pigment, dark eyes, small but a little round. Small ears set high and hidden by good head coat. This lad is lacking in body at the moment, but I am sure it will come. Moved well. 

PG (6,1) 

1st C&M&M Hills. Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah. 2 yr Black. Good dark eye, a little round. Clean bite, good stop and width to skull. Ears good size well set. Neat straight front and well laid shoulders. Short in back, of good body. Tail straight and carried well. Left half his jacket at home today, which spoilt the overall picture.  Moved a little close behind. 

2nd C Stewart handling for Manzie. Zaandam Mr Tee. Rich Orange 2yr old. A plainer head. Round dark eye, clean bite dat pigment. Medium ear set well. Well ribbed body with tail set high. Moved well in front & behind. 

Limit (6,0) 

1st Mrs T Berrington's Kamis TinTin At Altina. 22mths clear orange. Good head and expression. Eye dark but a little round. Ears small & neat set high. Clean bite. Dark pigment. Straight front, short cobby body, tail set high with good plumb. Rich coat of good texture. Movement clean and brisk going and coming. 

2nd E & N Chilton & Davey Sixth Sense Hanky Bannister By Klassna. 1 ½ yrs o/s. Nice head on this boy, dark small eye, small ears set high, good pigment and clean bite. Correct neck set on to well laid shoulders. Straight front and good depth of chest. Short well ribbed body, tail set high and straight. His coat is a rich colour of harsh but almost brittle texture and a little too trimmed on the back end for me. He moved true with drive. 

OPEN DOG (5,1) 

1st A Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch.Lireva's Tarquin Fly The Bear. 3yr O/S Good head with typical expression. Clean bite, eyes dark oval, good stop and width of skull. Medium ears set well hidden in a thick ruff. Good depth of chest and straight  front. Shoulders well laid on to a good barrelled rib. Tail set high and a profuse plomb upto his ears. Full dense coat of correct texture. Moved with purpose. 

2nd C D Holman &Roberts Ch. Misteriya Del Esto Orion At Altina JW. 5yr Clear Orange . A super dog to go over. Lovely head and expression. Eyes small & dark, ears small and high set and a clean bite. He has a firm short cobby body,straight front with good width. Straight behind with high tail set. To finish him off a thick dense coat and full ruff. But today was a laid back day, and his movement was laboured and he wasn't up to a second day showing. 

Rosegrange Memorial Veteren Dog (3,1) 

1st Mrs J Chalmers. Earnpride Foxtrot. 9yrs young rich orange boy was full of himself. He had a sweet expression with a distinguish grey muzzle. His pigment still good, eye dark and small well set ears. A welled ribbed short coupled body, high tail set and full plumb to match a good thick coat of good feel. On his toes, he moved straight and true 

2nd C &A Nixon's Kazpom Code Name. Another 9yr old that could show some of the youngsters how to move. Clean head , fuller dark eye , small ears well set. Heavier cast than 1 and in full glorious coat. Neat cat feet stands four square and move true up on his toes. 

MPB (7,1) 

1ST Mrs C D  Holman’s Altinas Morgana. 9 mth o/s. Very sweet expression on this bitch. Shortish muzzle ,good stop and skull. Dark small oval eyes, small correct set ears. Clean bite. Plenty of body short & square. Straight in front and good rear angulation. High set tail and full profuse coat. Moved straight fore and aft. 

2nd Ms S Smith’s  Sueacres Just A Dream. 7mth o/s. Femine head, small dark oval eye and good stop and flat skull. Clean bite. Smallish ears set well. Well sprung rib, carrying good body, short coupled , tail set high and straight. Stand four square and moved really well, up on her toes. 

PB (7,3) 

1st A Cawthera-Purdy's Lireva's Dancing With Stars. 9mth Clear Orange. Sweet expression given by small dark correct shape eye. Muzzle to skull proportion good. Correct stop on to flat skull with small ears set well. Nice straight front, well laid shoulders. Body short, well ribbed, tail set high. Neat feet and good overall balance. Super true movement. 

2nd B & A Black & Black-Bunce's  Dilina Royal Biene Masa Mit Zaandam(Imp Est). 10 mths orange of good size. Good bite. Small dark eye, sweet expression, small neat ears hidden in a dense ruff. Well ribbed cobby body. Tail set high, plenty of coat of good texture. Straight movement but needs to settle to improve position in the line up. 

JNR Bitch (8,3) 

1st Mr & Mrs G & I Robb's Klassna Just Imagine Gleniren. 15mths, Clear orange bitch that catches your eye on entering the ring. Sweetest of heads, dark small oval eye, enough stop, perfect pigment and clean mouth. Small ears well set and used, hidden in dense ruff. Good neck set on well laid shoulders. Straight front of correct bone, neat cat feet. Well sprung rib and short coupled body. Correct angulation and tail high set and straight giving full plumb. Super coat with correct texture. Due to her confidence, can stand a little long, but you only have to put your hands on and see her on the table to assess her superb balance, which enables her to move freely with drive and attitude. BCC & BIS. 

2nd Mrs M Green’s Pomdelys Legally Blonde With Klassna. 15mths Orange. Nice expression, dark small eye and small ears placed well. Clean mouth. Slightly bigger built than one, with short cobby body in super coat. High tail set, Moves well , straight to & fro. 

Novice B. (3,1) 

1st Mrs C D Holman’s Altina Morgana. 

2nd Miss C Nixon handling for Ogilvie. Pakovs Midnight Gift.20 mths Black girl, small and lively. Beautiful head, small jet black eyes, tiny ears well set, good bite. A little longer cast in body, and not in her full glory coat at present. Moved well. 

PGB (12,2) 

1st J&J Chinn. Gilberta Wings Magical Eyes At Midawn. 2 ½ yr o/s. A slightly bigger good dual purpose bitch. Muzzle of medium length with good pigmentation and clean mouth. Correct stop, eyes a little round, ears small and well set. Neck of good length set on well laid shoulder and a straight front with good of depth of chest. Ultra short body, well ribbed. High tail set and coat profuse of correct texture. Moved sound and solid. 

2nd Mrs F Matthews-Jones handling for A Cawthers-Purdy. Lireva's Tickle Her Fancy.20 mths Orange bitch with nice head. Good pigment, small dark oval eyes, medium ears well set. Holds head nice back on to well laid shoulders. Well ribbed body with high tail set. Coat correct and well presented. Move well behind. 



1st Mrs N Davey's Pomhaven's Gotta Have A Dream At Klassna. (Imp Can). 22mth o/s This little girl holds a super shape standing and on the move, Dark small eyes, medium muzzle giving sweet foxy expression. Good bite small ears set high. Short coupled, well ribbed body, high tail set . Profuse coat with harse texture. Move well, straight coming and going. 

2nd A Cawthera-Purdy's Lireva's Sweet Dream. 2 yr o/s bitch with typical foxy expression. Dark eyes correct stop. Smallish ears set correctly. Well laid back shoulders and a short firm barrelled body with her tail set high on top. Coat rich in colour of good texture. Movement let her down today, buoyant but sometimes erratic.  


1st Miss C Nixon handling for Ogilvie Ch. Pakov's Proud To Be Black. 4 ½ Black. This girl has a stunning head and expression. Small black eyes and tiny ears. Her face could melt the hardest of hearts. She holds her head right back over correct shoulders and a good depth of chest. Good spring of rib and tail set on high. Profuse coat in beautiful condition. Moves well but has a tendency to stand a little long in stance. RBCC 

2nd A Cawthera-Purdy's Lireva's Future Dreams 2 ½ bright orange bitch full of spirit and a cheeky little face. Small dark eyes, good pigment, small ears encompassed in thick head coat. Tail set high reaching to her ears. A well made short coupled body standing on fine bone, four square she makes a lovely shape standing, but tends to loose it a little on the move. 

Rosegrange Memorial VB (4,0) 

1st Mrs S Adamson’s Veltuds Summer Lovin. 7yrs Red girl with correct head. Small dark eyes, dark pigment, medium ears set high, good bite. Well bodied with good spring of rib. Tail set high with big plumb. Moved well. 

2nd C & A Nixon's Ch. Kazpom Just Be Coz. 7yrs and still full of life. A typical head with slightly fuller  dark eye. Small ears well set. Good compact body sporting a dense glorious coat of good texture. Moved well. 


1st  C&M&M Hills Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah 

2nd Miss A K Ogilvie's Ch.Pakov's Black Number. 4 ½ Black girl with character by the bucket load. Gorgeous head with small dark eyes and tiny ears buried in head coat. Mature cobby body with tail set well on back. Movement is super quick but tends to flatten and elongate on the move. 


1ST A Cawthera-Purdy's Ch.Reta Hugo's There Lireva. Nearly 2 yrs this boy carries the fullest of coat, dense and of correct texture. His head gives the typical expression with small dark oval eyes moderate stop, flat skull, small well set ears hidden in his ruff. Clean bite and good pigment. Correct shoulders and straight front with good width of chest. Body short and cobby, tail carried high with a huge plumb covering his ears , holds a lovely shape in stance and on move. Moves well. DCC, RBIS & BOS 

2nd Mrs C Stewart's Earnpride Lets Dance. 4yrs boy with a cheeky little face . Dark eyes a little round, good stop, smallish ears high set and used well. Good pigment and bite. Solid little body on straight legs with neat feet. Tail set high and bright orange coat of correct text. Moved true. 

Special Open Orange Sable.(6,2) 

1st. C & A Nixon’s Kazpom Spill The Beans. 4yr old ,  sweet expression, dark eye and small ears well set. Good front on to a short compact body. Tail correct and a good coat of correct texture to complete. I would have like to see stronger back movement. 

2nd Ms I Johnstone's Cairnpapple Surprise. 4 ½ yrs.  This lad had a shorter muzzle with a fuller eye, giving a slightly harder expression. Ears small and well hidden. Short cobby body and correct tail. In full correct coat. Moved well. 

Special Open AOC(1,1) 

1st Mrs J Nisbet's Angel Rocks Kickin Up A Storm. 1 ½ White boy with good pigmentation, dark eye, sweet face. Medium ears a tad low set. Holds a good body on fine bone legs, with a profuse coat. Moved a little loose in front. 

Special Open Stud Dog(6,4) 

1st. Miss A Ogilvie's Ch. Pakov's I'm A Celebrity JW. 6 ½  Mature male of quality. Short in face , dark pigment, dark small eye and the tiniest of ears set high and hidden in his beautiful coat of correct texture. He has a well ribbed short cobby body and a correct high tail set. Moved well today. A credit to you, on his show condition for his age. 

2nd Ms I Johnstone's Cairnpapple Surprise. 

Special Open Brood Bitch(1,1) 

1st.Mrs D Barr’s Degsy Star Turn. 8yrs young with a huge cream coat in excellent condition. Nice head with dark pigment and eyes. Tiny ears well placed. Of good brood type , strong in body and high profuse plumb. A little high stepping in front, but super to see her enjoying herself. 

Ellen Ballantyne Memorial Stakes Open (3,3) 

1st. Miss A Ogilvie's Ch. Pakov's I'm A Celebrity JW 

2nd A Cawthera-Purdy's Ch. Lireva's Future Dreams. 

Judge Mrs Julie Pike (Breezelyn)