• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Norfolk Terrier

Bournemouth Championship Show 13th August 2018 

Norfolk Terrier 

My thanks to the committee for the invitation and for making me feel so welcome, & my two competent stewards. We were very lucky with the weather, a bright warm day but with a cooling breeze. Thank you to all the exhibitors for taking my decisions so sportingly and bringing such quality dogs for me to peruse. 

SBD/B (0) 


PD (1)1st. Atkinson’s Moortop My Mark Again. BP Smart 9mth red d, handsome masculine head super eye & good bite. Good neck length, well placed shoulder, good body proportions. Level top line, pleasing rear quarters. When he gets his act together should put on a good show. Moved more positively in the challenge. 

JD (2,2a) 

PGD (2,1a)1st.  Nunez’s Cherokee At Treehouse (ATC AU01542USA) Striking looking B&T, loved his skull to muzzle proportions. Good shape eye, neat ears & good bite. Good neck & shoulders, excellent rib, level topline. Tail set could be a little higher. Beautiful coat in good condition moved well. 

LD (1)1st.  Atkinson’s Charlie Blake At Moortop. RCC Mature red d, of good type. Showing with panache. A balanced d with a super head, neat ears & good bite. lovely front, deep chest, short back, level topline . Good positive rear action. Put down in excellent condition. 

OD (2,1a) 1st. Gee’s Watercroft Calling Time. CC A happy chap enjoying himself, very easy on the eye, loved his head proportions, neat ears & expressive eyes. Good neck, well placed shoulders, good chest, straight front legs. Compact & cobby body with level topline, good rear angles giving good propulsion. Beautifully presented. His crowning CC I believe. Congratulations. 

VD (1) 1st. Green’s Ch Wharfvalley Diamond Star. BV. A 9yr special boy, with a masculine head, good body condition, good straight front, deep chest topline & excellent tail set. Just a little wayward in rear movement today. 

MPB (0)  

PB (1,1a) 

JB (2) 1st. Haydon’s Villassa Jelliwobble At Earthtaw Two youngsters at the raw stage of growth, I chose this one because of her more balanced body proportions. Of an excellent type, attractive head, good neck & shoulders, good spring of rib, level topline & good rear. Moved well. Well presented, give her time & you will be rewarded.   

2nd. Macbean’s Pryovale Bow Belle Feminine head with good eye & black button nose, good neck length & good shoulders, level topline & good rear. More length to her loin than 1. Showed well & settled to move well. 

PGB (0) 

LB (4) 1st. Gee’s Watercroft Pink Fizz. RCC 1 & 2 pushed each other for top spot, both beautiful bitches. Loved her feminine head, good eye & ear, excellent strength of muzzle. Good front, legs & feet, good topline, short back, good spring of rib, excellent rear setting her driving movement. Shown in great condition. 

2nd. Phillips’s Blakens Look No Further. I guess on another day it could be hers to win, it really was a close decision. Either bitch I would be proud to own! I love this girl’s outline, super neck & shoulders, level topline strong rear. Good head, dark eye & good set on of ears, would prefer more of a wedge shape to muzzle. Good bite. Shown & presented in great form, moving soundly.  

3rd. Dixon’s Perrisblu Tanzanite 

OB (3) 1st. Gee’s Watercroft Gold Dust. CC BOB.  A super moving low to ground compact bitch of excellent type & quality. Attractive head qualities, with strength of muzzle, enough neck, well placed shoulders, good chest, straight front, lovely body condition. Level top line & strong rear quarters. Moved so positively around the ring, free standing with such presence. In excellent coat, a real pleasure to judge. 

2nd. Ch Marchdens Look To The Sky For Blakens.  A stunning B&T loved her head shape. Lovely dark eye, neat ears & good muzzle & bite. Excellent length of neck, good shoulder placement, good chest with well sprung ribs. Level topline, & good rear. Good compact shape. Just not so positive on the move as 1.  Beautifully presented.  

3rd. Green’s Wharfvalley Persuasion 

VB (0) 

Julie Moyes (Judge)