• Show Date: 15/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julie Moyes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

 Ladies Kennel Association 2018  Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 

Thank you to the personnel of the LKA for making my day with you such a pleasure. Many thanks also to my competent stewards. 

My thoughts generally on the breed today are, As usual there is greater depth in bitches than the dogs. Mouths I am pleased to say have improved with lots of large teeth on show in the nicest possible way! Presentation as usual is a moot point, where most were clean and some beautifully scented I did find a number with tangles and had to wipe my hands before finishing. Also there appears to be a trend of trimming the head, taking the hair short on the skull and the sides, in my mind giving a courser look to the head, totally removing the “soft” look to the dog. I hope this does not become the norm. All my winners were presented in a more natural way but still tidied for the enhancement of breed points. One last point of note, please watch your dogs moving and move them at the pace most suited to them, just because the dog in front of you is flying you do not have to follow suit.  

MPD (3) 1st. Morris’s Loofahsa Hiraeth. Smart, well balanced pup of good size. Stood four square, loved his head shape, neat well set ears. Nice length of neck, good front, level topline & good tail set. Well sprung rib, lovely rear. Beautiful coat of good colour, very well presented. Moved very well. 

2nd. Hanna’s Kinaelan Kilmore Irish coated dog with beautiful shine, colour & texture, lovely outline, liked his head, dark eye, well set ears excellent bite with huge teeth, so good to see. Super neck & shoulders better front legs & feet than 3rd placed dog. Good rear angles. Played his handler up today but has a bright future when he learns his trade.  

3rd. Kenneally’s Loofahsa Humdinger 


PD (1) 1st. Morris’s Loofahsa Hiraeth 


JD (6,2a) 1st. Moles, Williams’s & Dalton’s Celtannia Atlantic Gold. Stylish well-balanced dog. Good head properties coming together to form a handsome masculine head. Elegant neck leading to well placed shoulders, good legs & feet. Firm body condition & good rear angulations. Moved so soundly, his maturity beat the lovely puppy. 

2nd. Morris’s Loofahsa Hiraeth 

3rd. Taylor’s Eblanahalls Silkbeard 


PGD (4,1a) 1st. Wardle’s Denzilly He’s Got The Look. Nice stamp of dog who won on his precise movement. Good head shape, length of neck & front. Slightly sloping topline, tail set bang on top. Jacket of loose curls and good colour.  

2nd. Satherley’s  Silkcroft Freeze Frame. A beautiful free moving dog, wearing a stunning coat of loose waves with good colour and shine. Better in topline than 1 but was not as positive in rear movement.  

3rd. Taylor’s Eblanahalls Teckle Ish 


LD (3) Not the easiest of class to judge, 3rd place did not help his handler today. 1st. Barrett’s Saffini Shining Star. This dog was better in movement and coat, he has a good head and neck but it was not enhanced by the way he was trimmed. Good shoulders, deep chest, level topline and excellent spring of rib. Lovely rear angles. 

2nd. Williams’s Flaxela Living Legend of Gwendonydd. Presents a beautiful picture standing, well balanced dog, similar qualities to 1st. Erratic rear movement lost him the win today. 

3rd. Lui’s Eblanahalls Aye Right 


OD (5,1a) Good class. 1st. Dowdy & Dowdy’s Ch Greentree Gold Mombo To Denzilly (Imp) Super free moving dog of great balance and size. Good head, flat skull, strong muzzle, good bite. Kind eye and huge black nose. Body flowed with great synergy. Beautiful clear colour to coat. Moving and showing at one with his handler. CC & BOB  

2nd. Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny For Avard Sh.CM Close up to 1st. Particularly liked his head, small well set ears, kind eye, good length of muzzle, good bite. Adequate neck, good shoulder placement, level topline, deep chest with good ribs. Tail set good, lovely rear angulation. Beautifully presented coat falling in waves. Showing well. RCC 

3rd. Thackray’s Abiqua Wild On An Ace Trip SH.CM 


VD (1) 1st. Gleeson’s Oglyssanes Durango Dust.  Smart looking 8 years young. Stunning coat. Good movement, particularly in rear. Good body proportions, level topline and good tail set. Good head though a little lazy to use his ears.BV 

GCD (1,1a) 


MPB (2,1a) 1st. Brooks’s Loofahsa Hugger Mugger. Beautiful size and shape, lovely head plains, dark eye, dark muzzle with good bite and large teeth. Well placed shoulders, deep chest, level topline and super rear angulations. Soft coat of excellent colour, she floated around the ring, with great presence for such a baby. BP. 


PB (3) 1st. Brooks’s Loofahsa Hugger Mugger 

2nd. Springford’s Keevasdream White Linen. A handful but gorgeous! Loved her head, neck and shoulders. Deep chest, level topline, good rear angles. Pretty coat of lovely colour and wave. Free standing she looked a picture. When she gets her act together she is sure to have a bright future. 

3rd. Francis’s Sawheaten Kiss From A Rose 

JB (6) Good class. 1st. Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap. What a stunner! Feminine head, long neck, level topline, firm body, super shoulder placement, good legs and feet, lovely rear. Steady slow pace really showed off her precise movement. Beautiful coat colour with soft waves coming. Very well handled to get the best from her. RCC  

2nd. Brooks’s Loofahsa Hugger Mugger 

3rd. Gleeson’s Glendowan Golden Brandy 


PGB (5,1a) 1st. Lui’s Elanahalls Honeytrap 

2nd. Shears’s Denzilly Kinky Boots At Bearbay. Good sized bitch with lovely colour to coat. Did not like her trim to her head but I saw passed that as she has good head properties, good front, level topline and lovely rear angulation. Handler needs to steady her on the move.  

3rd. Mackenzie’s Kiss On The Chic 


LB (6,1) 1st. Lui’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes At Eblanahalls Sh.CM I liked the look of this girl as soon as she entered the ring. A lovely medium sized package without exaggeration. Feminine head, neat ears, good bite. Lovely neck and shoulder, deep chest with good ribbing, level topline, good tail set and rear angulation. Moved and handled very well.  

2nd. Hughlock’s Janeyjimjams Joline At Keevasdream She was enjoying showing her socks off. Beautiful head and expression, good neck, shoulders, topline, rib and loin. Good rear angles finishing off her square outline. Lovely wavy coat of pale gold. Happy mover. 

3rd. Jones & Jones’s Saffini Suga Pie Honey Bunch 


OB (10,2a) 1st. Moles & Williams’s Ch. Celtannia Extra Chic. She came in, she looked balanced and natural, handled quietly. Ticking all my boxes. Beautiful coat with slight curl and of excellent colour. Super head planes, expressive eyes and neat ears. Good bite. Well set neck and shoulders, good depth of chest, perfect for length of back, good rear giving propulsion to her sound movement. Loved her. CC. 

2nd Johnstone’s Loofahsa Fiamma Rouxboos.  Others in this class pushed this girl but I could not deny her. I love her balanced head, super neck and shoulders, level topline, deep chest and rear angulation. She is of correct size and has a beautiful silky coat of a gorgeous champagne colour. She just was not as precise in rear movement as 1 today.  

3rd. Satherley, Meister & Brooks’s Silkcroft Some Magic Rose 


VB(4,2a) 1st. William’s Ch Brynhir Rochelle Lil Rock. Hard to believe that this girl is 11 years young!  She has a lovely coat of beautiful colour. Super neck and shoulders, excellent head, neat ears good bite. Still carries a very level topline and good tail set on. A little heavier now but carries a lovely outline and balance and still moves very well. 

2nd. Busby & Busby’s Calvenace Killer Queen At Zakby. A sweet girl enjoying herself. Good head and front, a little short in back, level topline, good rear. Moving well.  


GCB (1) 1st. Busby & Busby’s Calvenace Minnie Ha-Ha At Zakby Sh.CM. A smart bitch with good head and small neat ears, good bite. Good in shoulders and ribs, level topline. Balanced and free moving. 

Julie Moyes Judge.