• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Julia Spittle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge at this very well organised and prestigious show.

Veteran D/B (1)

Murray’s Grajenco Royal Male With Murroch

Mature, red, smooth male shown in super condition.

Good type, well proportioned and balanced. Moved out well.

Lovely expression with dark eyes, correct turn-up and large nose pad. 

Ears could be smaller to complete the picture. - BV

Junior Dog (1)

Selby and Whitehead’s Zilcan Fly The colours

A red, rough ‘cobby’ dog that excels in breed type. He has the desired ‘ large circle on a small square’.

Correct conformation ensuring sound movement both fore and aft. Plenty of fore chest, lovely arch to neck and good tail set. 

Beautiful head with wide open features giving him a super expression. Good chin, turn up and nose placement with wide open nostrils. Smaller ears would further enhance the picture.

Correct coat texture with an excellent depth of colour.

Presented and handled extremely well. I will watch his future with interest.

Delighted to award him BD and BOB.

PGD ( 2)

Suggitt’s Aptrick Time For Elevenses

Red, rough dog in a neat, little package. 

Balanced on the move but would prefer him to have more angulation and crest of neck. Has a level top line and tail set. Good texture to his coat.

Pleasing expression enhanced by lovely high set , small ears.

Presented and handled well. 

Bennett - Harrington’s Beauborne Crusader

Black and Tan Smooth that has a sleek, tight coat that shone with condition.

 Very different in type to 1 - longer cast and unfortunately lost his top line on the move.

Balanced and moved with purpose.

Very typical head with an extremely ‘ naughty’ expression and has a wonderful temperament and attitude.

Presented and handled extremely well.

Open Dog (3) 

Gruninger’s Darkle The Cabin Boy

Black and Tan, rough dog of a good type.

Well balanced and moved well but would prefer more drive behind.

Large head with a pleasing expression.Good width of under jaw, chin and turn up. 

Good nose pad and placement with lovely wide open nostrils.

Coat texture good with well defined markings.

Pleased to award him RBD

Swinge’s Harpersband Case In Point At Balthazar ( Imp) JW

Red, rough dog that is very different in type to 1.

Moved out very enthusiastically retaining his top line on the move.

Good arch to neck and correct tail set.

Pleasing head with a nice expression.

Still immature so needs to deepen and develop throughout- has time on his side.

Selby and Whitehead’s Zilcan Color Me In.

Junior Bitch (2)

Selby and Whitehead’s Ru Paul’s Twerkin For Birkin With Zilcan( Swed Imp)

Red, smooth bitch, just out of puppy, that excels in quality and breed type. 

Very clean lines with correct angulation , arch of neck, top line and tail set.

Exquisite head with super pigmentation, set off with high set, small ears.

Extremely naughty in expression and attitude and gave her handler a very hard time! RBB

Swinge’s Balthazar Shakira

Very pretty red, rough bitch. 

Different in type to 1 and needs time to mature.

Balanced and moved out well.

Nice head with very expressive eyes, good chin and turn up.

Wide open nostrils and well placed nose pad. 

Handled well.

PGB (2.1)

Suggitt’s Aptrick Liquorice Toffee.

Black, smooth bitch with a pretty head.

Compact and short, good angulation. Today, on the move, didn’t like the ground and let her handler know! 

Would prefer her coat to be sleeker and deeper in colour.

Expressive face with good width to jaw, correct nose placement and dark eyes. 

High set , small ears finishing the picture.

Open Bitch (4)

Swinge’s Balthazar Tainted Love.

Red, rough bitch now approaching maturity.

Well made and moved out well retaining her top line.

Very pretty head with a lovely expression.

Wide open nostrils, good width to jaw and turn up.

Good texture to her coat and depth of colour.

Handled well. Pleased to award her BB

Selby and Whitehead’s Groovy Chic

Black and Tan rough that oozes breed type.

Cobby and square with a beautiful expressive face. 

Would prefer her to be slightly longer in leg to complete the picture.

Moved well in front but needs more drive from the rear.

Extremely well covered!

Kirkwood’s Grajenco Miss Saigon JW

Julia Spittle ( Judge)