• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog


16TH June 2018


I thoroughly enjoyed my first appointment for this charming breed, at one of my all-time favourite Championship Dog shows with a setting only comparable to Windsor. A small but top quality entry with sporting exhibitors awaited and made for a rewarding experience. Thank you to my excellent stewards.

PUPPY DOG (2,1) 1. CHARIBERE MY SWEET LORD AT BEVERLENN. What a brilliant start to the day, for this youngster at just 6 months is one of the most exciting future prospects that I have judged in any breed for a long while. He has absolutely everything to like and is so co-ordinated for one so young that he literally took my breath away. His head is typical and well-filled under the eyes, his pigment is good and will only improve and his expression soft and intelligent. He has a lovely front, excellent bone, good flexibility to his pasterns and he is totally balanced with good flow. He holds a strong top-line and has good muscle-tone to his strong quarters. He used his tail well on the move and his fluidity in side-gait and his accuracy coming and going made me smile. BPIB.

POST GRADUATE DOG (3) 1. LISJOVIA ESTEVEZ. I felt that this relatively raw youngster was a clear winner in this class, although all three had many positives, and it was a case of personal taste which sorted out the overall placing. This lad appeals in head-piece, not too much stop, as per the breed standard and with good fill under his exquisite and expressive eyes. I liked him for strength and muscle-tone in his rear where he really scored. He has a correctly built front and is flows well from neck into shoulders. He was a touch out of jacket which meant that on the stack he appeared a little longer cast than he actually is. On the move and in side-gait in this class he really did come alive and covered the ground with accuracy and ease. Close up for top honours, but was playing about in the challenge and he paid the price. 2. NIGHT OWL, not my immediate second on first appraisal, but this raw youngster was so very positive and accurate with real propulsion from well-muscled quarters when he moved that he edged out a less than enthusiastic, if more typical dog, into third spot. This one needs more body coverage and his head needs to break, but he is totally sound and used his tail to advantage too. 3. GILLANDANT SPIRIT OF XMAS AT LAKAMONI, excellent for breed type but really not showing or moving to best advantage at all, which was a pity as he has many lovely positive points and a super head-piece. I would like to see him again when he is more enthusiastic!

LIMIT DOG (3) 1. LISJOVIA TAKAHASHI JW. A different head type to this male but still pleasing in many aspects. He has excellent pigmentation, lovely lips and a super nose with good fill under his eyes. I would prefer a touch more body but he holds a strong top-line has a lovely sweep to his croup and on the move he could not be denied in this class. His strength and accuracy behind and his foot-perfect front won him the class. 2. KALKASI EXPECT ONLY THE BEST. Stood, I thought that this dog was my winner. He has a classic head-piece and a super eye shape and colour. He had much better body coverage and his top-line was spot-on. On the move however, he was most definitely not as positive going or coming as the winner and he was determined not to use his tail! 3. GILLANDANT SPIRIT OF XMAS AT LAKAMONI

OPEN DOG (2,1) 1. LISJOVIA BORIS BEAR AT DARMAROR JW ShCM. I recently judged this youngster and awarded him BIS and my opinion of him is still strong. He appeals in many ways and really moved to advantage with precision and style. He presents a lovely flowing outline and has a dark and intelligent eye with good fill underneath. His neck flows smoothly into his shoulders and his top-line is firm. He has a lovely front and good flexibility to his pasterns. In the challenge, I felt that the Veteran had the edge in head-piece and overall body coverage but I was delighted to award him the Reserve Certificate and am sure that with maturity he will make-up with ease.

VETERAN DOG (1) 1. CH/IR CH KALKASI IN HIGH SPIRITS JW ShCM. A new one to me, I have never had the privilege of seeing or judging this exhibitor’s stock before. This male has exactly the head-piece that I was looking for today, so kind and with such expression, wonderful pigment especially for his age. At nine years plus this dog is in outstanding condition with a superb jacket and undercoat, excellent depth and coverage. He has a strong top-line, a super front and wonderful width to his quarters with real strength and in the challenge for the CC he moved superbly. I had no hesitation in awarding him the Certificate, his 23rd, I gather! Well done. In the challenge for Best of Breed, although on the stack he looked the more finished article, he was tiring and had to give way to the youthful bitch, but I absolutely loved him.

PUPPY BITCH (1) 1. CHARIBERE SECRET CHARM AT RANACANI. Litter sister to the dog puppy, not so mature but shows promise. Expertly handled to maximise her attributes, her young owner really did bring out the best in this raw baby. Her head needs to develop and of course she has time on her side. She has lovely bone and very good pasterns and a decent top-line. Her dentition is excellent and she has a super croup and uses her tail to advantage. One for the future.

JUNIOR BITCH (1) 1. SAJOBEIN GASTONS GIRL AVEC FEBUS. A free and fluid moving bitch at that in-between stage. She still needs to develop in fore-face and I would prefer a touch more depth of bone too. She is fairly well-bodied and holds an OK top-line. On the move she is totally accurate coming and going.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (4,1) 1. LISJOVIA EMILIO. Quite a find I thought, she really did appeal immediately that I saw her. She scored for me in ring presence, star quality with a super outline and lovely feminine head-piece and excellent pigment. She flows from top to bottom and holds the firmest of top-lines, has a sweep to her croup and spot-on tail carriage. Presenting a picture of perfect balance with really good definition to her rear quarters, she out-moved everything here today. She just needs to totally fill her frame, coat-up and she will trouble the best. I absolutely loved her and had no hesitation in awarding her the CC, her first and BOB. 2. SKETRICK PAPAGENA AT LAKAMONI. Another good one here with lots to like. She has a great front and super outline and also presents a picture of excellent balance. Different in type but very appealing too with a good head-piece and kind eye. She just wasn’t so fluid on the move but was close up. 3. KALKASI MOONLIGHT SHADOW

LIMIT BITCH (4,2) 1. KALAKSI EXPECT TO BE A STAR. A classic head here for me and I loved her expression. She has a correct front, super feet and is well-bodied. She is very good to go over and her top-line is perfect stood and on the move. She goes well in side-gait with fluidity, if a touch closer than ideal going away, she just ‘pipped’ the second to win this class and the Res CC. 2. SKETRICK PAPAGENA AT LAKAMONI

OPEN BITCH (2,1) 1. KALKASI MOONLIGHT MIST. A fabulous head-piece to this bitch and she is substantially built with a very firm top-line and she was in excellent coat. I just felt that I would prefer a touch more strength in pastern and this showed in her movement with not quite the accuracy coming or going as the major winners.