• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Irish Setter



MINOR PUPPY DOG (4) 1. GWENDARIFF UCAN’TMISSME. A very appropriately named youngster, and miss him I did not! In fact, I thought to myself, what a find! He is a fantastic puppy, very mature for his six months with excellent bone and super depth and overall substance. His head is classically masculine and refined and he has the darkest and keenest eye. His outline flows from head to toe and he holds a strong top-line. He has the perfect tail-set and carriage. Superb for angulation fore and aft, with wonderful muscle-tone and excellent feet, he floated around the ring in side-gait, covering the ground with precision and style. I absolutely loved him, he headed a super first class and I could find nothing that pleased me more or fitted the standard so well in my interpretation. I was delighted to award him the Dog Challenge Certificate, Best Puppy in Breed, and was pleased to watch him win a very strong Gundog Puppy Group later in the day. 2. QUENSHA BACK TO BASICS. My notes say WOW, another cracker here, just so much rawer and a touch un-co-ordinated, but absolutely brimming full of quality, and I note is a son of the BOB winner. He also scores in breed type, has a fabulous head and such an intelligent eye. Expertly handled, I had to have another look at him when considering the Res CC. He has a superb outline and all the essentials to take him to the top. I am sure that he will finish well. 3. DANWISH ON HIGH.

PUPPY DOG (2) 1. DANWISH ON HIGH, third in the previous lovely class, and I am delighted to be able to critique him. A masculine and balanced head, well-ribbed and with a well-made body, top-line and tail-set. He moved with accuracy coming and going but I felt that he was a little less fluid in side-gait and didn’t quite have the extension of the two minor puppies. Another promising prospect. 2. REDCLYST HEAD FULL OF DREAMS. This raw baby really appeals in head and expression and has an easy and fluid side-gait. I felt that he just dropped away a touch over the croup which spoils his outline, but he has lots of growing to do and has time on his side.

JUNIOR DOG (7) 1. STARATLANTA GET A WIGGLE ON TO MARZANNE, this juvenile headed a mixed and difficult class to judge. I didn’t immediately see him as my winner, but on closer inspection he has lots to like. He has very correct angles fore and aft, excellent hindquarters with real definition to second thigh all of which allowed him to reach and drive with precision. I would prefer a touch more detail to his head. 2. STARATLANTAS OUT A TIME JW, litter mate, I see, to the winner but this one was a real handful and never really settled to the job in hand. I preferred his head to his brother and he too has very good angles and moved out well. His outline is pleasing; he had lovely bone and excellent feet. 3. LYNWOOD HOCUS POCUS AT SETTESOLI

YEARLING DOG (10,1) 1. GWENDARIFF IN THE LIMELIGHT WITH GILLIEGRAE. An excellent moving dog with a lovely front assembly, well-muscled hind quarters, a perfect coat and wonderful overall condition. For me, I found his expression just not quite my cup of tea, but his overall quality and style took him to the top of this class. 2. RIVERBRUE GALLIANO FIZZ TO CLONAGEERA. Quite lovely, I have judged this promising youngster before awarding him BPIS at a Group show. Alas today, entered in the wrong class, he looked a touch at that ‘in-between’ stage and wasn’t quite as positive or settled as I have seen him before. His head and expression appealed immensely and his outline flows from tip to toe. He has it all there in spades and has time on his side. One for the future. 3. STARATLANTA GET A WIGGLE ON TO MARZANNE

GRADUATE DOG (9,2) 1. HEATHCLARE AMERICAN DOLLAR JW ShCM. A substantially made dog with a lot of style, he appealed for overall breed type, if like the winner of the previous class, his expression wasn’t quite for me. He was ultra-sound coming and going and fairly fluid in profile action. 2. GWENDARIFF GONNA GO FOR GOLD AT GLENNLOKHEN. A classically male and very appealing head here, a dog who showed more fluidity and a bit more reach than the winner but was just not settled at all coming and going. I don’t think the indoor surface brought the best out in him, but he appealed in lots of breed points and I would love to see him again. 3. STARATLANTA GET A WIGGLE ON TO MARZANNE

POST GRADUATE DOG (7,2) 1. STRATHMEAD HUCKLEBERRY OF SETTESOLI. The soundest and most stylish in profile action of this class. He appealed for bone, body and ribbing with excellent angles fore and aft, with fine, well-laid shoulders and a good top-line. I found him a touch proud of his tail. 2. SANDSTREAM JUST A BREEZE WITH RALPHSKI. Here was a really lovely type with an outstanding head and superb expression. Beautifully presented and handled he just didn’t have quite the fluidity of the winner. 3. HUNNICOTE HANDYMAN

LIMIT DOG (11,1) 1. CASKEYS MISCHIEF OF STYLERSETTS JW. I thought this dog a clear winner in this class. I loved his head, balance and body. He simply flows in outline with no break from head to tail. His accuracy coming and going was lovely to see. I would just prefer a touch more reach in profile. 2. ALOLFRANA HOTTER THAN Y’KNOW JW. A youngster with a lovely head and expression, giving quite a bit away to the winner in body but very pleasing to examine at close quarters. Another dog who is excellent for angles fore and aft and he was particularly well-muscled, in tip-top condition, his movement took him to this spot. 3. GWENDARIFF PS I LOVE YOU BONHOMIE JW.

OPEN DOG (6,4) 1. SH CH/IR SH CH GWENDARIFF WHIPPERSNAPPER JW. I have judged this dog before and awarded him Group 2 at Driffield last year. I have also admired him many times from the ring-side. He is a stylish boy, indeed, the finished article. He has a wonderful flowing outline, a classic head and perfect tight feet. In super jacket he moved well in profile, but just wasn’t quite as positive behind today as I have seen him before. I was pleased to award him the Reserve Challenge Certificate. 2. WITHHELD 3. WITHHELD

VETERAN DOG (4) 1. CAISPERN LORENZO WITH SHUSHANA JW ShCM. A lovely make and shape with real flow and perfect depth, he was in excellent jacket. On the move I found him fairly accurate if a touch stiffer than ideal behind. 2. SK/H/MC CH GARDEN STARS RED BULL MULTI JCH. A decent head and eye on this Veteran. In super jacket his profile action was fairly fluid, but he couldn’t match the winner for front action coming back to me. 3. GWENDARIFF THE SPECIALIST.


PUPPY BITCH (4,1) 1. THENDARA CRYSTAL ICE. My notes say ‘wow’, another class of super minor puppies, which is really great to see for the future! On the stack this youngster really flows from the tip of her nose to the end of her perfectly set tail. She has a perfect scissor bite, a wonderful body with great depth for age and lovely ribbing and strength to her quarters. I absolutely loved her head and expression and she was so very accurate coming and going. Another excellent future prospect. Best Puppy Bitch. 2. QUENSHA DREAM A DREAM. Another with a promising show career ahead, if very much the raw baby today. She screams quality and also appeals greatly for type, head and expression also with a perfect scissor bite. So elegant in outline she moved out well in front but just needs time to strengthen behind but of course has time on her side. 3. DANWISH ON SONG.


JUNIOR BITCH (10,2) 1. GWENDARIFF WONDER WOMAN. Here was another very stylish head and a super eye. This bitch has great flow and freedom of movement, particularly in profile action. Accurate both ways, I would prefer slightly tighter feet and she still needs to fill her lovely frame. 2. GWENDARIFF ITS NUMERO UNO AT BONHOMIE. Another with a lot more growing to do but another with a great make and shape and she is full of type. She too had perfect flow and moved quite well. 3. TELERI INDIAM SUMMER JW

YEARLING BITCH (4, 1WITHDRAWN) 1. GLENNARA CILLEIGNE DERVLA JW. Classically feminine, I loved her head, flow, excellent fine shoulders and perfect top-line. She has just the right amount of bone, a super straight front, with good angulation fore and aft. A lovely moving bitch and a clear winner for me. 2. ZAKHAN’S DEMELZA. A lovely expression, very intelligent and kind. I liked this bitch for top-line and sound action. I just didn’t think that she had quite the refinement or fluidity in outline of the winner. 3. TREMONISHA FUCHSIA.

GRADUATE BITCH (4) 1. SUSIE SNAPSHOT BY THENDARA JW. Lovely breed type here, with a super head and wonderful expression. I liked her for shoulders, body, bone, feet and out-line. She had great flow whilst on the stack. On the move I thought she was a little high-stepping and would have preferred a little more forward reach. 2. CRIMPINGTON FLIRTINI TO HENALEAS JW. Another good one here, whose front extension was more fluid and reachy. A good headed bitch holding a good outline but she was just a touch untidy behind. 3. ASTLEYVIEW ELEGANT I AM

POST GRADUATE (4) 1. RIVERBRUE OPHELIA AT GLENNARA JW. What a fabulous front construction to this bitch, lovely fine shoulders, well-laid, with super length and angle to upper arm. Really exuding breed type, I loved her side-gait, top-line and accuracy both ways. 2. DANAWAY GOODY TWO SHOES. Another really feminine bitch with great breed type. She scored for me in outline and flow, but was perhaps not quite as accurate on the move as the winner. 3. MARZANNE CHINA IN YOUR HAND.

LIMIT BITCH (7,1) 1. CLONAGEERA WALK IN THE SUN. She headed a difficult class to judge as the type varied dramatically as did movement and finesse. This bitch perhaps doesn’t have quite the refinement of the second, but I felt that she was by far the more accurate on the move and showed good depth, flow and excellent side carriage. She really drove away using her powerful hocks to advantage. 2. QUENSHA TUMBLE AND TWIRL JW. I preferred this bitch for head and expression and refinement, she is undoubtedly a super type but was just so unsettled coming and throwing her front, that today she had to settle for runner up position. 3. SANDSTREAM WELCOME BREEZE JW ShCM.

OPEN BITCH (11,2) 1. SH CH BARDONHILL PLEASE DON’T TEASE QUENSHA JW. There are only a few times in your life that when you judge a dog, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and today was one of those days for me. I now know that this same bitch was ’MY FIND’ at Hitchin Open Show in October 2012 when she was just 10 months old and I awarded her BOB, Gundog Group 2, & PG1. I have looked back at my critique form 2012 which reads “star quality” and that is what I saw again today. This bitch’s movement is Gundog perfection; elegance, style and true precision. She exudes femininity, she flows from head to toe and I love everything about her. She headed a fabulous class, one of the best Open classes in any breed that I have ever had the privilege to judge and I was delighted to award her the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed. 2. SH CH GWENDARIFF COC NUT CREAM. Another very lovely example of the breed, so elegant and refined, she just differs slightly in head type, but is equally pleasing. Shown in full bloom, she showed power and style exuding real quality. She made the most of herself on the move with a lovely tail-set and carriage. 3. THENDARA CHASING BOYS TO SUMARIC.

VETERAN BITCH (1) 1. SUTERSETT MISS CURIOUS ABOUT HENALEAS JW. A really well-balanced and attractive-headed bitch in tip-top condition. She has a lovely expression, a super front construction, firm top-line and excellent bone. A touch erratic on the move but once handled at the correct place was accurate and free-flowing. BVIB.

GOOD CITIZEN BITCH (4) 1. CATALUNA MAY QUEEN AT ZAKHAN. A sound moving bitch just carrying a touch more weight than ideal for me, but very typical and balanced in outline. 2. SANDSTREAM SUMMER BREEZE JW. A very elegant head and a strong flowing outline but I felt that this elegant bitch could do with a touch more weight. She moved OK. 3. MARZANNE CHINA IN YOUR HAND.