• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jo Boughton-White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Whippet

I was delighted with an entry for my first CC appointment in my breed. Unfortunately the weather was determined not to play ball and alongside a rather wet tent there was also longer than ideal grass. This affected some more than others and unfortunately many lovely hounds were placed further down the line than they may have been in more whippet friendly conditions.

I was looking for an unexaggerated whippet which flowed from their head to their tail,  that moved soundly in all directions and demonstrated that typical whippet gait showing drive and extension and neither ‘over reaching’ or  picking up their feet. My main concern for our breed is the huge variability in fronts, this ranged from cathedral fronted through to those which I could fit more than a hand between their legs and loaded fronts with muscle protruding 1-2 inches on each side – this is not typical and however glamorous the hound I feel strongly this should not be able to creep into our elegant breed. Thank you to all my exhibitors who gave me the honour of judging their hounds and also to my efficient stewards who braved the weather!

SBD/B (11 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: TROUTON’s Runnel Run For Fun

This 2 year fawn boy really is a classic whippet through and through. Handsome head with correct ears into moderate neck and well laid shoulders and front assembly. Smooth topline with slight rise  and curvy underline to match. Nicely angulated rear quarters which were correctly moderate. He is not the most glamorous boy, but he is pure whippet! He moved soundly in all directions, retained his shape on the move and was in wonderful fit condition. Was delighted to see he went on to win the SB group under Judge Mr Mark Cocozza.

2nd: ALLANSSON RUNESSON & MACDONALD’s Nattah Echo In The Mist Over Macalldon

This 3 year old blue fawn is not indifferent to my winner although constructed on a more compact frame and is spot on for size. He has a handsome classic head and strong neck into good shoulders. Again a nice curvy outline and enough length to present a balanced picture. He moved well in profile and true coming and going. He again was in super fit condition and well handled.

3rd: THOMAS’ Nattah Sweet William

MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HOWGATE & HULL’s Palmik King Of Clubs

This flashy parti boy was absolutely spot on for size. He has a handsome head and good length of neck, extremely well laid shoulder and a proper return of upper arm but still moderate in front.  He has slightly more rear angulation than I prefer but has good low hocks.  Moved well around the ring and was very sound coming and going which won him the class.

2nd: WILTON-CLARK’s Aaniston Celebrity News At Shalfleet (Swed Imp)

This 6 month fawn pup really caught my eye. He has a super head, good length of neck and correct front assembly. Good depth of chest, he still has plenty of frame to fill as he matures.  He moved well around the ring and just needs to strengthen up as he matures. Will watch with interest!

3rd: RICHARDS Richclass Run For Cover

PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PRICE’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW

A fawn boy of just under a year. He really didn’t put a foot wrong today. He has a lovely handsome head and super ear, correct length of neck and good front assembly with enough front fill. Nice deep chest and spring of rib. Curvy outline and sweeping moderate rear quarters. Absolutely spot on for size. He was sound from every angle and was the clear winner. Delighted to award him BPD

2nd: ANDREW’s Railfied Rainoir At Sharmus

This chap was similar in type to 1 but from a larger mould. He has a masculine head and lovely set ears and good strong muzzle. Nice length of neck and correct front assembly and he really does flow from head to tail. Again a good deep brisket and nice tuck up. Correct rear quarters. He wasn’t quite so good on the move today compared to the winner in the testing conditions.

3rd: KNOWLES’ Lolani Storm Rider

JD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st:  NEALE’s Runaround Starman At Stormalong

This 13 month fawn dog unfortunately again was a little affected by the weather and didn’t look at his happiest but this boy still easily won this class. He is such a classy dog, quite a strong head but not overdone, enough length of neck into a very smooth front assembly with correct front fill. Lovely deep chest and spring of rib. Sweeping topline and underline and was so well balanced. Lacks a bit of enthusiasm on the move so although very sound and correct didn’t quite show himself off to his best. He looked better in the challenge was strongly considered for the RCC.

2nd: ANDREW & REES’s Kierpark Hello Love

This 18 month chap has a very handsome head and such a kind eye. Lovely length of neck and smooth front assembly. He lost his shape and topline a little in the conditions today but on the move he really excelled with extension and drive and this showed his correct whippet profile.

3rd: ROYLE & FRICKE Chiendetom Andante

YD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: POOLE & WINKLEY-BALMER’s Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace

This chap is such a show man! He is spot on for size and has a super head and lovely length of neck. Well laid back shoulder and correctly filled front. Good depth of brisket and nice length to present a balanced picture. Nicely moderate rear end with low hocks. This boy is so attentive to his handler and just doesn’t stop showing. His profile movement is absolutely spot on.

2nd: COURTNEY HANDLING & GOWER’s Courtbirch Storm Warning

Handsome boy with correct head, nicely shaped eye and perfect ears. Plenty of length of neck and well constructed front. Unfortunately another feeling the weather today which meant he wasn’t as relaxed when stacked or on the move today. He was sound coming and going and well handled.

3rd: HEWLETT & BROWNING’s Dejare Dutch Coin

ND (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: ANDREW’s Railfied Rainoir At Sharmus

As 2nd Puppy dog

2nd: COURTNEY HANDLING & GOWER’s Courtbirch Storm Warning

As 2nd Yearling dog

3rd: SHARPE’s Tigsisle Make Some Noise

GD (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: NEALE’s Runaround Starman At Stormalong

As 1st Junior

2nd: TROUTON’s Runnel Run For Fun

As 1st SBD

3rd: RISHWORTH’s Kierpark With Or Without You

PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BOWREY’s Cobyco Cause To Celebrate

3 year old fawn brindle who is up to size, masculine head into good strong neck. Good lay back of shoulder. Deep brisket and nice sweep on his underline. A little long overall which means he can lose his shape a little on the move. Good strong rear quarters which he uses to drive round the ring and this profile movement won him the class today.  

2nd: STEPHENS’ Erbys Celtic Dream Maker At Jasteal

Such a handsome head on this cream fawn boy with lovely dark pigmentation. He unfortunately was feeling the cold today which meant his profile shape was effected. He is well made throughout with moderate angles and was more compact and curvy then 1.  He is absolutely spot on for size and sound coming and going.

3rd: KENYON’s Bryntreia First Steps

MdLD (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: POOLE’s Crosscop No Matter What

This fawn dog looked an absolute picture stacked. He has a super head with correct fine ears. Lovely length of neck into well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. His front is correctly filled and he has bladed bone. He is so smooth and his owner has his condition absolutely spot. Lovely sweeping topline and underline with nice tuck up. Moderate rear end with good bend of stifle and lovely low hocks. He shows himself off to his best advantage, he moved absolutely foot perfect and was so sound in every direction.

2nd: SHEPHERD’s Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW Sh.CM

This red fawn boy is a delight. Loved his head and kind expression, lovely neck and smooth front assembly and good return of upper arm. His legs are placed well under his brisket. Smooth topline and correct tuck up.  Well angulated rear quarters and long tail. Lovely balanced picture stacked and a good mover, this was such a close competition between these two but 1 just got the nod on movement today. Will watch with interest.

3rd: WITHAM & FARRANT’s Likiria Moonshine Song

LD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: ELLIS’ Railfield Lone Rainger JW

I have judged this quality fawn before as a youngster and he really does just keep getting better and was the clear winner in this class today. Lovely classic head, into a beautiful strong neck. Well made front assembly and nicely balanced front with slight spring to his pasterns His neck flows into a super topline with just that slight rise. Deep chest and spring of rib. Lovely sweeping hindquarters  which are spot on for the angle of stifle.  He moved perfectly around the ring with extension and drive and was so sound fore and aft.

2nd: HAWKER’s Mollytop Dream Maker JW

This cream dog, like 1 was spot on for size. Handsome head and dark eye, would prefer stronger underjaw,  strong neck and well made front.  Deep chest and nice underline. Correct rise over the loin, he was a bit effected by the weather today and his back end was a little tucked up which also showed in his movement.  Nice curvy boy in good condition.

3rd: PERKINS’ Dejare Dutch Masterpiece at Zeglynn

OD (10 Entries) Abs: 1

A beautiful class full of quality males, I was spoilt for choice

1st: HOWGATE & HULL’s Palmik Whisper Again JW

This boy! I judged him as a 6 month youngster and remember being so impressed by his soundness then. His owners must be so pleased how he matured and fulfilled his early potential.  He is a dog you really need to get your hands on to fully appreciate especially with his markings.  He has a masculine head with the kindest expression and fine well carried ears. Good length of neck which is still strong, this absolutely flows in the soundest of fronts. He has fill in front but is not overdone in anyway. Deep chest, good spring of rib. His topline is spot on and has a good tuck up. His back end is strong but perfectly matches his front in that the angulations are moderate and correct. He has enough stifle to really drive from and his perfect front allows him to extend around the ring. His handler and him have such a clear bond he gives her his all. Absolutely honoured to award him the CC which I later heard gave him his crown – congratulations!

2nd: JOHNSTON’s Ch Danluke Lord Of The Dance JW

Another super dog who already has his crown. A pale lemon brindle boy, he absolutely surprised me on the table, he is so nice to go over and really flows under the hand. Such an attractive masculine head, well laid shoulders and nice front assembly. Lovely spring of rib and depth of chest. A little less shapely than 1 but this boy is again so sound on the move, he extends and drives well and really shows like a dream. Could not be denied the RCC

3rd: WHEELER’s Mythic Balder Des Plaines Des Bruyeres Avec Ranvel

VD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: KIRTLAND’s Palmik Starlight Raider

The oldest fawn boy in the class. What a super type, he looked a picture. He has the kindest of expressions and a classic head, lovely front. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Correct type line and plenty of length. He moved well and still sound as a pound. He has the finest of coats and was well handled.

2nd: TURNER’s Dejare Beau Ami At Sammoll

A honest 7 year old chap. Handsome, classic head.  He is a lovely correct size and is well made throughout. Smooth topline with slight rise and correct underline with tuck up.  He moved soundly around the ring.

3rd: PROWSE’s Freehamlet Perfick Peter Sh.CM

MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HOWGATE & HULL’s Palmik Queen Of Diamonds. This parti girl is a real doll, feminine and spot on for size. She has the sweetest of heads and beautiful length of neck which flows into superb shoulders. Lovely bladed bone and good front. Plenty of length and will need a bit more time to fill her frame. Sweeping hindquarters and moved so well and really wasn’t bothered by the wind. Promising future.

2nd: SNELGROVE’s Kamasal Starlight Rascal At Huntinghill  Fawn parti girl who really looked the part.  She is lovely type with lots of curves, she has a feminine head and elegant neck. Good front and good depth of chest. Well defined loin and enough length to present a lovely balanced picture when stacked. Moved soundly and well in profile.

3rd: AYLETT-BISHOP’s Richclass Tylers Girl

PB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: JOHNSTON & WILSON’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea  A beautiful brindle that oozes femininity. The sweetest of heads and good length of neck. Nicely laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Her depth of chest is good, she needs a bit more time to mature to obtain all her curves. Moderately angulated rear end which she really used to float around the ring. Nothing seemed to bother her and I wrote in my notes ‘Moved round the ring like she owned it!’ Well handled.

2nd: DAVIS’s Jemalsheva Goldikova  Sweet pale brindle bitch just under a year.  Not the most glamorous bitch, but she is nicely constructed and is spot on for size. She is shapely and feminine and moved soundly fore and aft and in profile.

3rd: OSBORNE’s Florancy Above And Beyond Derohan

JB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: ELLIS’ Railfield Rainnymph Oh how I love this puppy! She is an exquisite fawn of exceptional quality.  She has a feminine head with nicely set ears, elegant neck into super smooth shoulders and she has a nice return of upper arm. Her front fill is spot on and she has a nice spring to her pasterns.  Deep brisket and lovely spring of rib for a youngster too. She is curvy but still has enough length to look perfectly balanced. Her underline and topline are so pleasing and screams breed type. Her back end just continues the curves and finished off with good low hocks.  She is sound as a pound and moved with perfect daisy cutting action. Pleased to award her BPB and BPIB, delighted to see her make the shortlist in the puppy group.

2nd: WILKINSON’s Citycroft Starfall This bitch has a larger frame but still retains her femininity.  She is a beautiful head and elegant neck. She is well made throughout with correct front and rear angles. She will continue to improve with maturity.  She showed her quality on the move, with sound fore and aft movement and classic profile movement.  

3rd: JONES’ Burnt Sienna Patiently For Chelynnah (Imp)

YB (12 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WHEELER’s Ranveli Sandy Shores  This brindle bitch is one I have admired from the ringside. Another with a beautiful feminine head, elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Super lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm which was really demonstrated in her excellent profile movement.  Her front is well filled and is correct for width. She is spot on for size and a lovely series of curves. Deep chest and good spring of rib, good length of loin but still retained that topline rise and tuck up. Correct moderate rear end. A proper showgirl despite the weather.

2nd: COURTNEY’s  Courtbirch Diamond Dust

Another quality bitch. This pale fawn was really delightful, lovely head and ears. Her neck flows into her very well constructed front. Legs sit nicely under her laid back shoulders. Very deep brisket and good spring of rib. Smooth flowing lines and she was incredibly sound. Would just prefer her a little lighter to compete with the best. Unlucky to meet 1.

3rd: HOWGATE & HULL’s Palmik Misty Eve JW

NB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: JOHNSTON & WILSON’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea

As 1st Puppy Bitch

2nd: WIGNALL’s Crosscop The Wonder Of You At Starswift

Fawn bitch of correct size and very classic in type. Feminine  throughout with an elegant head and neck. Quite raw still but one that will continue to improve with age. She didn’t enjoy the weather today but moved soundly and well in profile.

3rd: RIGBY’s Palmik Misty Sunrise

GB (14 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: WILKINSON’s Citycroft Starfall

As 2nd Junior bitch

2nd: HOARE’s Tormor Manyclouds

Lovely fawn bitch built upon classic lines. Pretty feminine head and elegant neck. Nicely laid back shoulders and nice fill in front. Correct depth of chest flowing into a curvy tuck up. Smooth topline with slight rise. She has moderate rear angulation and lovely low hocks.  She moved really soundly fore and aft and showed classic whippet movement in profile around the ring whilst retaining her whippet shape.

3rd: WIGNALL’s Crosscop The Wonder Of You At Starswift

PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: STEPHENS’ Dolce Diva Divine N Delary At Jasteal (Imp)

Red brindle bitch.  Pretty head with dark melting expression. A little unhappy in the weather but she showed enough to present a well balanced picture whilst stacked.  Deep chest and curvy underline and topline. Nicely angulated hindquarters. She moved soundly and had a nice profile action. Would prefer to see her a half a pound lighter.

2nd: BUNNEY’s Starswift Since Yesterday With Bunehug Pale fawn brindle bitch, she is understated but shouldn’t be overlooked as she is soundly made. She is feminine and spot on for size. She presents a classic shape when stacked and moved soundly coming and going and in profile.

3rd: SEVERN’s Nattah Candyfloss

MdLB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: HOME & FISHER-HOME’s Citycroft My Fair Lady Of Jasarat JW Sh.CM

Beautiful red fawn bitch. She is a classic girl and slightly rangier in type. She has an elegant head and beautiful shaped eye. Long neck into very clean shoulders. Nice length which is perfect to present a balanced picture when stacked and on the move. She was sound on the move and showed lovely daisy cutting action which won her the class.

2nd: LEATHART’s Molvine Zoe

White bitch of beautiful type and has really matured since I last judged her. Prettiest of heads on elegant neck. Well laid shoulders, deep chest and curvy under and topline. Sweeping curvy hindquarters which nicely complete the classic whippet profile shape. She held her topline well on the move and was sound in all directions.

3rd: BRIDGE’s Chesilven Morning Dew

LB (18 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: MITCHELL’s Crosscop Glittering Prize

This fawn bitch is pure class. A beautiful feminine head with well set fine ears. Elegant neck with enough length which flows into the best of fronts. Her shoulders are smooth and well laid back, good return of upper arm and her legs sit well under the body. She has good feet and spring of pastern. Her front is well filled. She has perfect depth of brisket and nice length of ribcage. Her topline and underline have gentle graceful curves which effortlessly flow into her perfectly angulated  hindquarters. I was so relieved that when she moved she did with perfect soundness and showed both correct daisy cutting extension and drive from the rear. She is in super condition with good muscle tone which helps her effortlessly cover the ground in profile action. The bond between handler and whippet is clear to see and this brings out the best in this bitch. I was delighted to award her this competitive class, CC and also BOB. She was also shortlisted in a superb hound group. I dearly hope she gets the crown she deserves.

2nd: WHITEHEAD  & SMITH & MIXIDES’ Winter Is Coming To Citycroft

Black bitch with white trim that oozes femininity and quality.  She has a pretty refined head and a long elegant neck. She has well laid shoulders and lovely front assembly. She has a good fill in front and bladed bone and neat feet.  Good depth of brisket and from this she is just as series of flowing curves, she really epitomises the breed type. I adored her profile both on the move and when stacked. She was a little busy on the move today with the gusty conditions, however she is so sound in every direction, she just couldn’t be denied the RCC. I will watch her career with interest

3rd: FINCH Danluke Lady Foxtrot At Zenobia JW Sh.CM

OB (10 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HOME & FISHER-HOME’s Ch Citycroft Creme Caramel Of Jasarat JW

Oh how I love this bitch, on the table she made me catch my breath. She is so classy and elegant. Her beautiful head and elegant neck. Smooth shoulders and well filled front. She has curves in all the right places as well.  Unfortunately she just wasn’t happy or completely settled on the move today which sadly meant she did enough to win this class but not to take top honours. On another day I am sure they may all change places. A beautiful champion.

2nd: WILTON-CLARK’s Shalfleet Coffee N Cream  Fawn parti bitch who really has the sweetest head and lovely underjaw. Strong but elegant neck into super shoulders and well filled front. Loved her deep chest  and gentle curves. She has nice moderate angulation behind and moved so soundly and with great extension and drive. Super bitch

3rd: HOWGATE & HULL’s Ch Palmik En Vogue JW Sh.CM

VB (7 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: SNELGROVE’s Huntinghill Jazzmatazz  I struggled to believe this classy bitch a veteran. Wow she showed the youngsters!  The prettiest of heads and good underjaw, elegant neck and clean front. Curvy underline and topline showing just the required gentle rise.  Lovely back end and she is absolutely so sound and her and her handler were in perfect harmony. She absolutely stole the class and was very close to the RCC.  BVIB

2nd: PROWSE’s Freehamlet Perfick Portia Shorter coupled fawn bitch who was feeling the cold a bit today. She is a super size, lovely head and nice length of neck. Good fill in front and curvy outline. She is still nice and strong in her rear quarters and moved really soundly and super veteran girl.

3rd: REESE’s Hazelnut Honeycomb

Judge Mrs Jo Boughton-White