• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jim Murdoch Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Coton De Tulear

Windsor Championship Show 28th June 2018

Coton de Tulear

I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity of judging my own breed. I would also like to thank the good-humoured stewards for a job well done. I appreciated the efforts that the exhibitors made to present me with extremely well-prepared dogs that were a credit to the breed and the sporting way that they accepted my decisions. 

Since I last judged the breed in 2016, a significant number of new exhibits have joined the show scene and so I was presented with a significant number of dogs that I have never gone over but only observed from the ringside. I was very pleased with the quality of the four green card winners – all of them were excellent examples of the breed. Indeed, the choice for BOB was my hardest decision of the day, reached by the narrowest of margins.

Generally, I am sorry to say that there were a significant number of exhibits that were some way from having straight front legs and more seriously, the younger exhibits little better than the older dogs I examined 2 years ago. I also found a number of exhibits where the elbows were not close to the chest – something that I did not find previously. At the other end of the dogs, there were still a significant number with a high tail set, where the breed standard has always called for a low tail set.

Having pointed out my observations for the benefit of breeders in particular, I also need to point out the high standards of preparation of every dog – even from novice exhibitors – with some reaching near perfection. All of the exhibits had the correct scissor bite, ear placements and all nostrils were fully open. With a few exceptions, dogs retained the rise over the loin on the move with no real “flat-backs” present.

PD (2,0) 1. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws going My Way. Just under 10 months, he has a well-developed coat. His overall shape reflects the breed standard. His head proportions are the correct 5:9 with lovely black nose. His pigment throughout is totally black. His shoulder placement is correctly sloped back, letting his front assembly stretch forward on the move. His thighs are well-muscled. However, he was reluctant to lift his tail for most of the time.

2. Morsy’s Happypaws In The Loop. A very young boy and at only 6 and a half months was giving a lot away in terms of maturity to 1. His overall shape is correct and his tail set is low and translates into a well held tail carriage. His black pigment is complete throughout. He has dark round eyes.

JD (3,1) 1. Hanckock’s Flamencoton Seimi. For a 15 ½ months old boy, he showes real maturity in the ring. The overall appearance is of a balanced dog with the correct height/length proportions that combined with a well arched neck and head assembly that gives a near text book outline with no exaggeration. It is finished with a low tail set and excellent tail carriage throughout. His coat was presented to perfection with the correct texture. His dark eyes and excellent pigmentation will stand him in good stead as he progresses to adult classes. He is still a little below the maximum height but has scope to develop without joining a number of our exhibits who are tending to be at the top height limit for dogs and bitches – especially with the new height differences in the breed standard.

2. Kutz’s Cotonkiss Pluto. Overall, he is rather long and at 16 months, I really hope that he has stopped growing as he is perilously near the top limit for height. He has wonderful black pigment and very dark round eyes. The standard would suggest a slightly shorter muzzle to match his well-developed head. He has a strong, well-arched neck. He has a strong front with sound chest that drops to the elbows. He appeared to lose the rise over his loin while on the move. His tail set is low and his tail carriage was a good example for others to aspire to. He was well-muscled and was one of only a few with discernible muscle on the second thighs.

PGD (4,0) 1. Holley’s Imerina Teddy Edward at Valeast. Picture-book outline with correct body proportions, evidence of an arched neck with proudly held head and all with excellent presentation. There was even a slight curl at the end of the tail that reached the hocks. On checking his head, his very dark round eyes were framed with the darkest of pigmentation that was evident throughout the dog. His head proportions are absolutely correct. He has a well-developed front- given that he is only 19 months old. His straight legs made him one of the few to demonstrate these. He moved confidently round the ring as if he owned it, helped no doubt by his correct shoulder placement and his well muscled hindquarters. While his tail set is a fraction high, it doesn’t stop his tail carriage being well within that required by the standard. His very well-developed coat that protrudes through his front legs can be distracting when he is walking towards the judge but having observed him carefully, his fore and aft movement is indeed parallel. BD and BOB

2.Milton’s Cotonkiss Frozen Xplosion. Another superbly presented dog with correct texture of coat. He appeared very slightly long in profile. His head proportions were totally correct with dark, round eyes and a strong front. His movement fore and aft was parallel with plenty of energy – even on such a hot day – from his well-muscled thighs. He was another of the few exhibits with a low tail set that ensured that his tail carriage was exemplary. The feathering on his tail didn’t quite match his full coat.

LD (1,0) 1. Needham’s Cotonbrie Marco Polo for Cotoncloude (Imp Ita). Another example of correct proportions and balanced dog whose outline mirrored the breed standard. His head proportions had the correct 5:9 proportions with dark round eyes. His teeth were sparkling white with excellent pigment throughout. Another exhibit with a straight front with arched neck leading to well laid-back shoulders. His tail set may be a fraction high but his tail carriage was not effected with a stylish performance. The heat may have influenced his energy level as on the move he moved steadily but not with enthusiasm or purpose – something that set him apart from the BD but his overall class meant that he deserved the RBD accolade.

OD (1,0) 1. Watson & Disney’s Petit Casson’s Omega at Happypaws (Imp Dnk). While stacked on the table, he clearly looked the part of a mature open dog. I did go over him 2 years ago when he was a junior and he has continued to develop well. His body proportions have remained true to the standard and he is not at the upper limit of the height standard yet retains the overall appearance of a fully established male. He has plenty of coat of excellent texture. His head proportions are correct and he has large dark eyes with excellent black pigment where required. His slightly arched neck leads to well laid-back shoulders. His front is good but I detected that his elbows didn’t lie as tight to the chest as I would have expected – despite re-setting him on the table. On the move he went very well. His tail set is a little higher than the standard demands, but his tail carriage was correct on the move.

Sp Beg (3,1) 1. Hancock’s Szolohegyi Bitanguzo Jett (Imp Hun). In profile, he is a little longer than required by the standard. His coat was prepared very well with a true cotton texture. His head proportions were totally correct, and his very dark eyes were the best of the day. Indeed, his pigment was also the best of the day with an intense depth of black throughout. His front was well-developed, with laid back shoulders that gave him a positive reach on the move. His tail set was low and his tail carriage was excellent on the move. I was able to applaud his Special Beginners Group 3 placing later in the afternoon under Toy Group Judge Brian Rix.

2. Trickett’s Happypaws Going Places. This 9 months old puppy bitch was at the development stage where her leg length needs to catch up with her body length, giving the impression of being long but the passage of time should resolve the issue. Hopefully she will also build up some muscle to firm up her front. Her head proportions were correct with dark pigmentation throughout. Her shoulders are already well laid back. Her tail set is low and her tail carriage is correct both on the move and at rest.

PB (3,0) 1. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws In The Pink. This 11 month old had a lovely profile with the correct proportions. Her coat has started to change and hopefully she will retain the balance of coats as she moves into the Junior class soon. Her head proportions are good with the correct skull shape between the ears. Her dark eyes shone out and her overall pigment was excellent. Her chest is well let down to the elbows with correct tuck up. Her tail set is a little high but she carries her tail correctly on the move. She appeared a little narrow at the back moving away but age and growth should remove that small niggle. BP. I was very pleased to see her get shortlisted in the puppy group later in the afternoon under judge, Mrs Lynn Salt.

2. Trickett’s Happypaws Going Places (see above)

JB (4,1) 1. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws Fancy Nancy. Just out of puppy this young bitch has a delightful outline with correct proportions, arched neck and head held high while on the table. Her head proportions are correct with dark eyes to accompany the very dark pigment she has elsewhere. Her shoulders are well laid back and she moves with purpose. Her tail set is a little high but doesn’t affect her good tail carriage. Going away, she appeared a little narrow but as with the PB winner age and growth should assist.

2. Murray’s Happypaws Fancy Free. The litter sister to 1. Excellent presentation with correct body proportions. Dark eyes and excellent pigmentation throughout. Her head proportions are correct. Arched neck leading to well laid back shoulders and developing front that could tighten just a little more. Low tail set and excellent tail carriage. Moved well but not as consistently as 1.

PGB (3,1) Clemo’s Cotonextreme Peek A Boo. Good profile on the table with correct 2/3 proportions. Head held well above arched neck. Shoulder placement was correct. She had correctly textured and well presented coat. Her chest was down to the elbows with correct tuck up. Her tail set was a little high but as with many, it did not detract from a good tail carriage with the tail dropping down correctly as soon as she stood still. She moved well both coming and going with true parallel movement. RBB

2. Waller and Suttie’s Tsachillie’s Amazing Helaine (Imp Swe). Extremely well presented coat of correct texture. In profile appeared just a shade long. Her head proportions were correct with dark eyes and excellent black pigment. Her laid back shoulders are at the correct angle giving her easy front movement. Her tail set is low and her carriage was exactly as the standard requires. She was one of the few with a slight rise at the tip of the tail at the stand. She moved positively with parallel aspect both coming and going.

LB (0,0)

OB (2,0) 1. Murray’s Happypaws Carefree Sh.CM. She was presented in immaculate condition. Her profile on the table was an excellent example of the breed standard with no exaggeration, smooth lines and balanced. She has dark round eyes with excellent pigmentation throughout. Her head shape and proportions were absolutely correct with a feminine looking face. Her slightly arched neck flowed down to shoulders that were well laid back. Her front has plenty of muscle with elbows well tucked in to her chest. Her tuck up is correct and her hindquarters are also well muscled leading to an effortless movement that you felt she could keep up for ages. Her tail set is a fraction high and may be contributing to her tail carriage not always being in line with the spine. Coming and going demonstrates true parallel movement. BB

2. Watson & Disney’s Happypaws Be Dazzled. She is slightly bigger than 1 but comfortably within the new height standard for bitches. Her body proportions are correct and her head ratios are also correct. She has dark eyes and excellent pigmentation throughout. Her front assembly was not as straight as 1 but her shoulder placement was correct. She had good muscle tone in her hindquarters. Moving out and back showed correct parallel movement. Her tail set is correct but her tail carriage let her down since she was very reluctant to raise her tail much above the line of her backbone at any time.

Jim Murdoch