• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jim Murdoch Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Bolognese

Darlington Championship Show

16th September 2018


I would like to thank the committee for the opportunity to judge this delightful breed. The stewards ensured an efficient use of the ring and I thank them for their support. All of the exhibits were presented in lovely condition and reflected the hard work of the exhibitors. I found that the bites in all of the exhibits were correct with a true scissors bite. There was also consistency in skull shape with the correct wide flat skull ever present in all exhibits. There was some variation in the tail carriage with some tails rather tightly curled. I particularly noted that in a number of exhibits, the elbows were not close enough to the chest – something the breeders might keep in mind. I was very pleased with my main winners who all were very good examples of the breed. I appreciated the sporting way that the exhibitors accepted my decisions.

PGD (3,1) 1. Dowty and Davidson’s Lafford Hero, 22 months old with a correct square shape and correct level topline that was retained on the move. The head proportions were correct with high set ears that stood correctly away from the head. Round very dark eyes with full black pigmentation throughout. While he was slightly narrower at the front his legs were straight. His coat had the required texture but was a little short at the front. He moved well, with purpose. 2. Holliday’s Belstown Merlau Black Bird, 23 moths old with very good strong front, well laid shoulders and straight legs. I felt he was a little long and the topline was not as level as the standard requires. His head proportions were correct and he had dark eyes and very good pigment. His tail carriage was good, and he moved correctly and firmly.

OD (2,0) Dowty’s Multi Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo, at nearly four years old showing with style and maturity. He is a square dog with absolutely level back. His skull proportions are right with muzzle correctly slightly shorter. Eyes round and dark and full of expression with very dark eye rims. His large black nose was an excellent example of the standard required. He had a strong straight front from well laid-back shoulders. His brisket came down to the elbows that were close to his body. The angulation in the rear was able to drive him forward with panache while retaining balance. His tail set was high, and the carriage was carried well over the back. BD and BOB; 2. Towers’ Enjanicka Midnight Blue, 2 years old also with an easily seen square shape with level topline. All of his head attributes were correct with high set ears and lovely dark round eyes framed with black rims – pigmentation that he showed everywhere else needed. I felt that he was a little narrow in front, but it is perfectly straight. His back angulation provided the leverage to drive him forward but not with the assurance and consistency of 1. RBD

PB (2,0) 1. Towers’ Enjanicka Toscana Mio Caro, nine months old but mature for her age. In profile she was square beyond doubt, with a lovely level topline ending in a high set tail that she carried well over her back on the move although it was perhaps rather curly. Her skull was wide and flat, and her face was framed with high set ears that stood off her head. Her very dark eyes were complimented by her totally black eye rims. I noted a straight front and well laid-back shoulders with elbows tight into the body. She had correctly shaped feet. Her movement was free, aided by her rear angulation that provided – with the well-developed muscle – a strong base for such movement. Her coat was correct and well developed. BP and RBB. 2. Hewitson’s Trilly La Signora Dei 100 Cani at Moorhey, a 10 month’s old who was ‘finer’ than 1 but had the correct square shape with level topline. She had an excellent tail carriage on the move. She had dark, round eyes and high set ears. Her nose was large and black.

PGB (3,1) 1. Hewitson’s Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin at Moorhey with a square shape and level topline. Dark eyes, black pigment throughout with black nails all round – worthy of mention as there were rather few of them overall. Straight front with correct oval-shaped feet, front and back. Took a few steps to get settled into her stride but walked positively thereafter. 2. Dowty’s Clarchien Rock with You, a 19 month old who was also square in shape but topline appeared to slope towards the back where her tail was the correct high set. Well laid- back shoulders led to a straight front but her elbows could have been closer to the body. Coat was well-prepared, and she moved easily - driven by good angulation at the rear.

OB (2,0) 1. Dowty’s Ir Ch Clynymona Jo I’m Alone, a mature bitch with square shape and level topline. Her head proportions were correct and high set ears that framed her face well. Her eyes were very dark and her pigment throughout was pure black. Well-laid shoulders led down to a straight front with her elbows tight to her body. Brisket was down to the elbows. Her rear angulation gave her drive and she walked parallel going and coming. Her tail set was high and carried well on the move. BB; 2. Golden’s Kaylo Van Het Balgzand, a ‘finer’ bitch throughout although well structured with square shape and level top line. Slightly narrow at the front but her legs were straight leading to correctly oval shaped feet. She was another where the elbows were close to the body. Her eyes were very dark, and her pigment was deep black throughout. Her tail set was high and was extremely well feathered and could distract when it fell below the level of the back both when standing and on the move. She moved briskly, using the good thigh muscles and positive rear angulation.

Jim Murdoch