• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jill Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Borzoi Club

Breed: Borzoi
Thank you to the Committee of this established Borzoi Club for the invitation to judge these two classes at their Championship Show; it was a pleasure and I very much enjoyed the opportunity. My general impression was that each class was of very varied type, construction and movement; there were a few with mats between their front legs, some dirty teeth and some that looked good and breed typical when stacked but sadly did not have the power or driving movement to underline their construction. Gabrielle Slater Memorial Special Open Stakes (10) Really interesting if not tricky, mixed class with the dogs being that bit more impressive however I really liked all of the five that were placed for different reasons, judging is very much on the day therefore ring presence, presentation and movement must play a good part as well as meeting the breed standard. 1) Pinkerton’s Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma (Imp USA), very pale golden/white very mature for age. Head of strength and balance, with good even length from skull to muzzle, correct in eye, had strength of bone tempered with elegance, well placed shoulder & good length of upper arm, good width in front & forelegs straight & elbows held well, good oval feet & thick pads, terrific depth & good over topline, good strong loin, sloping off nicely to strong hindquarters, good low hocks, super presentation, moving out with good low forehand action pushed out from springy pasterns, sound drive from the rear, shown in good coat & bloom. 2) Edwards Nibrass King Penda, very smartly turned out red/white of slightly taller proportions, still needing some maturity but today, he had style & ring presence, very good in head shape, lean & of good length with strength, well filled in & good eye, adequately laid shoulder, good length of bone, straight front, would prefer more slope to pastern, neat feet with arched toes, front with correct width, deep in ribs but maybe a bit more spring required, topline rising nicely with no exaggerations falling away to strong hindquarters, good length of second thigh, well-muscled, low parallel hocks, first class presentation & moved out very well, good side gait with nice smooth action. 3) Kanoo’s Nibrass Roger Fitzempress JW Special Reed Memorial Stakes (7) 1abs Another really nice class with quality ones present. 1) Pinkerton’s Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma (Imp USA) 2) Eardley’s Ryazan Perdita of Hillowhawks ShCM, red/white most lovely type of bitch, nicely sized, feminine & just my cup of tea, lean strong head shape, good eye placement, chiselled foreface, lovely forehand construction & sound, nicely rising over strong loin to moderately angled quarters, she has a good shape each part of her flowing into the other with no exaggerations, good use of pastern and moving okay here, would like to see her outside on the grass to get that bit extra. 3) Kanoo’s Nibrass Roger Fitzempress JW Jill Cross