• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: YKC Handling

Blackpool Championship Dog Show 22nd - 24th June 2018 

Day One 

YKC Handling 

6-11 years (10 entries) 

Danielle Wilson A quiet handler who did everything I asked, had complete control of her charge and had a good understanding of the breed in addition. Moved the dog at the correct pace, was well but not over presented and was for one so young, very professional. 

2. Morgan Tate Shoosmith great relationship between these two which shone through I thought the dog responded very well also had a good understanding of stacking and moving this large breed, the handler was correct in utilising most of the large ring. 

12 - 17 years (14 entries, 4 absentees) 

Luke Sampson A very competent handler who should real sympathy and empathy to his young charge, moved just at the right pace, and was very much at one with his charge. Put on a strong performance and I was pleased to reward his efforts in this strong class. 

2. Charlotte Westerman his young lady won her place because she was the only one with a smaller dog not to use the entire large ring, she was unflustered and phased by the need to be elsewhere (in another class) and came back she worked very harder with her, at times less than enthusiastic charge. 

18-24 years (3 entries) 

Rebecca Dobson This lady did everything and I asked and used an appropriate amount of ring totally at one with her charge and did everything right really got the very best out of her exhibit and I felt she had a real depth of understanding about the breed she showed today. 

2. Caitlin Penny Forbes A really lovely handler unlucky to meet 1 today I just felt that one was a  

     touch more in synch with her charge on the move. But coped really well with a young terrier and had such a kind and enthusiastic manner she could trouble the best. 

Day Two

YKC Handling 

6-11 years (10 entries, 1 absentee) 

Amelie Smith This young lady demonstrated a resilience which was quite remarkable for one so young she managed the excitable pointer with such confidence and in such a calm manner it was a demonstration of how unpredictable dogs can be and how to mange in these situations. I will watch her progress with interest. 

2. Alana Harp Jones A handler with a talent beyond her years did everything I asked of her calmly and efficiently it was a pleasure to watch her show her dog. Unobtrusive she puts the dog first and has an excellent knowledge of how to get the best from her dachshund. 

12 - 17 years (18 entries, 4 absentees) 

Georgia Brown a very quite calm handler it would be easy to overlook this polite handler who really got the very best from her springer, totally at one on the move, there was nothing over the top, a real talent. 

2. Sophie Mitchell pushed one all the way and they could easily switch places I thought her relaxed manner really paid off with a dog and consequently they worked very well together and clearly have a lovely bond. 

18-24 years (10 entries, 4 absentees) 

Antonia Leach her performance seemed remarkably effortless which enabled her to put the dog to the fore, her determination to show the dog off to best advantage meant that her own talents were allowed to shine quietly she was very well presented. 

David Griffiths A talented handler who had a lovely manner with his young Bracco and was sympathetic and encouraging also extremely polite and showed lovely sportsmanship like behaviour. 

Day Three

YKC Handling 

6-11 years (7 entries) 

Ashley Mark Sutton

This young man was so at with his charge, they made quite a formidable combination. He worked hard but nothing was overdone in anyway very smartly turned he looked extremely professional and could not be denied. 

2. Paige Hughes

Pushed 1 all the way but just she wasn't quite as tidy on the move as the winner very attentive to both the judge and her dog and had a lovely rapport used the ring appropriately and came across as calm but enthusiastic.

12 - 17 years (10 entries) 

Yasmin Blyton

A quite unobtrusive handler who had a real connection with her dog she won the class because she had the ability to let the dog shine and moved at just the right pace all done effortlessly and without anything being over the top

2. Lauren Huton

Another talented handler so at ease with free standing her dog which to me demonstrates a real dedication attentive and pleasant throughout she could definitely trouble the best well presented and nothing over done. 

18-24 years (1 entries) 

Antonia Leach

 Judged this young lady yesterday and thought her quite outstanding, today if anything she was better. She exemplified her real talent by being just as good with a totally different breed. Did everything I asked, showed her charge off best advantage and didn't point a foot wrong.