• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Large Munsterlander

Large Munsterlander 

My sincere thanks to the Blackpool Championship Show Committee for inviting me to award Challenge Certificates in this breed for the first time. My thanks to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions with such sportsmanship it was lovely to hear fellow competitors congratulating each other and clapping as awards were give out. 

There was definitely more strength in bitches than the dogs and movement on the whole was better than I anticipated. 

Veteran Dog / Bitch (2 entries)

Logie & Gray Sh Ch Albadhu Paws For Perfection An upstanding male shown in first class order wonderful straight coat with correct feathering correct amount of bone and a lovely size all over shown to full advantage I was delighted to award him the CC later in the day - the more he showed the more he got into his stride. 

2. Pilkington Tarkanya Daisys Daydream of Baycross A petite bitch with lovely kind eye and expression scores in depth of chest lovely square outline and holds her slightly sloping topline better than most lovely tight feet. 

Puppy Dog (no entries) 

Junior Dog (2 entries) 

1. Day Waldo Wom Busshof Mit Alfriston (imp deu) Correct proportions with lovely sightly sloping topline lovely dark eye and broad slightly rounded skull moved well handler just needs to make sure he is getting the best out of him. Best Junior and considered him for the RDCC.

2. James Darkensky Prometheus Not quite cooperating today but excelled on the move with free easy strides good coat well balanced but just needs it all to come together. 

Post Graduate Dog (2 entries) 

Macgregor Ekkolander Snowstorm scored in width throughout well muscles and nice strong bite all male but not overdone well laid back shoulder and pleasing arched neck much to like. 

2. Draper Quilesta Just Talented Longer male than the winner excellent coat moved around well and put on a good performance with prefer a little more width throughout but nice tight feet a good size. 

Limit Dog (2 entries) 

1. Lloyd & Smith Crumpsbryok Baylander Von Rulander Scores in head and skull with slightly rounded skull wide nostrils and high ear set lovely classic topline moved around with long striding gait pleased to award him the RDCC 

2. Day Raycris Constantin At Alfriston Really liked this chap had the outline I’d been looking for and presented in hard condition with a lovely straight coat lovely relaxed attitude well spring ribs and wide croup sadly his front movement let him down and cost him higher honours. 

Open Dog (5 entries, 1 absentee)

1. Groom Brockchime Comet of Grunjagen Tall upstanding eye catching male attractive outline a result of square proportions well off for spring of rib and depth of chest very well muscled today sadly his coat was not in the best order which cost him. 

2. Jenks Calabash Lightning I liked this chap but today he lacked some enthusiasm on the move lovely sound temperament unphased by the behaviour of others excellent hard condition workmanlike and masculine but in no way over done. 

Puppy Bitch (1 entry) 

1. Bargman Crumpsbrooks Molinia Pleasing sweet young lady who stood alone but was a worthy winner all the same wonderful temperament and disposition excellent depth of chest for one so young lovely proportions moved well coming and going a real pleasure to judge BP. 

Junior Bitch (2 entries, 1 absentee) 

1. O’Connell Jaudas Look at Me A real feminine young lady but workmanlike all the same really liked her size strong slightly sloping topline correct straight coat moved very well with typical springy gate just needs a little more ring experience. 

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries) 

1. O’Connell Jaudas Look at Me this bitch really came together in this class and she really caught me eye and could not be denied. 

2. Ogle & Butler Ursel Vom Ahler Esch At Raycris I was taken by this youngsters outline and can particularly praise her slight tuck up and spring of rib in excellent hard condition with an appealing head her front movement today cost her higher honours. 

Limit Bitch (6 entries) 

1. Gray & Uherkovichova Franorst Lady Pamela Headed this lovely class and was pushed by 2 all the way. Scores in neck and shoulder well sprung ribs lovely head with meshing expression high set ears not in the best of coats today but a real class act could have more angle in her upper arm. 

2. Robins Destanli Jedda’s Diamond such a balanced bitch and so typical extremely sound on the move but today I felt she just lacked a touch of sparkle good tail set and carriage and has the most laid back relaxed temperament. 

Open Bitch (5 entries) 

1. Ogle & Butler Ch Raycris Freja I have had the pleasure of assessing his lady before and I think she gets better with age not remotely showing her 7 years has such depth of chest but combines that width that many lacked so sound going around you could watch her all day lovely classic expression and super coat delighted to award her the CC & BOB 

2. Hargreaves Sh Ch Ghyll Beck Uutt Vossebeltseveld Pushed 1 all the way nice size workmanlike bitch well off for bone good head with slightly arch to the neck well bent stifles felt today she was just a touch untidy coming towards you but delighted to award her the RCC in strong company.