• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Mastiff

Welsh Kennel Club Mastiffs

Im sure this entry was not a true representation of the breed at the moment due to location. I am aware of how hard it is to breed and rear the giant breeds, sometimes they just need leaving at home until they have developed. I felt hind angulation and movement was a problem today. A few had a scissor bite. Veteran D. Ne Minor Puppy D (1) Withdrawn as slightly lame Puppy D ne Junior D (5,2) 1st: COULMAN-HOLE Mrs T & Mr S Faynad Magic Man For Womlu He is a v good mover. Liked his head, well proportioned. Eyes are too loose at the moment. Strong neck. Quite good front angulation. Topline runs up and hardly any bend of stifle, but moved well. Will be interesting to see him at maturity. Sadly the others present I didn't make sound in the rear and therefore felt I had to withhold further awards in this class. Post Grad D (4) 1st: ZADEH Mr G Faynad Iron Man Only young and he is immature in body. Correct proportions and such a sound mover. Correct balance of muzzle to skull. He is a little rounded in skull, eyes could be tighter and a bit too much dewlap. Strong neck. Good front, nice width of chest. Well ribbed back. Quite a good rear. CC & BOB 2nd: WHITE Mr Swainsi Danny Boy Bigger d who has a better head than 1, although needs more chin and underjaw. Dark eyes. Correct neck. Good front. Topline is fairly level. Needs a little more hind angulation. 3rd: HAZLEWOOD Mr C Craiglestone Lord Thudfoot Limit D ne Open D (1) 1st: CLARK Mr M A Cwmtysswg Madoc Typy d who moves quite well. Well proportioned head. Would like better eyes. Strong and lengthy neck. Good shoulder. Nice width of chest. Well ribbed. Topline could be better. Moderate hind angulation. Rather threw in the towel in the challenge for the CC. RCC Veteran B ne Minor Puppy B ne Puppy B (1 abs) Junior B (4,2) Both fairly evenly matched few well grown girls. 1st: WHITE Mr Swainsi Princess Thia She has well proportioned head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Forward in shoulder. Wide chest. Better in pastern than 2. Well ribbed. Fair rear. Moved well RCC 2nd: COULMAN-HOLE Mrs T & Mr S Faynad Morticia For Womlu Liked her head proportions. Dark eyes. Strong neck. Pasterns could be firmer. Well ribbed. Needs more hind angulation which might improve her topline. Post Grad B ne Limit B (1 abs) Open B (2,1) 1st: ZADEH Mr G Faynad Storm In A Tea Cup She is a v sound moving b, with good outline and proportions. Fem head, well balanced. Eyes could be tighter. Strong neck. Good front. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Enough turn of stifle and low hocks. Could just be a little more confident moving. CC

Jeff Horswell