• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Bournemouth Italian Greyhounds

Not ideal weather for Italians, they don’t really like the cold. The indoor ring surface sadly wasn’t as well mown as outside, however it seemed to ensure they had lift. Some showed much better than others and you have to judge what you see. Never an easy breed to judge, they seem to be able to twist themselves into unflattering shapes minutes after looking fabulous. Special Beginners D/B (1) 1st: SMITH Ms C M Minitopo Thoth V happy blue pup. Fairly tall. He has a super head, long, lean, lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. Needs to fill in front. More topline moving than stood. Nice rear. Minor Puppy D (4,1) Tail carriage a bit of a problem here. 1st: 2346 TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Little Scamp He is a lovely shape standing. Masc, lengthy head. Enough neck. Just needs to drop in front. Well bodied. Curvy topline. Enough hinds angulation and very sound behind. Profile gait was a little extreme, lift without a lot of propulsion today, and showing his tail off. 2nd SMITH Ms C M Minitopo Thoth 3rd: JONES, Ms E D & AMSEL Mrs J Artmeis Moon of Mercury Puppy D (2,1) 1st: RUTTER, Mrs K & BRYAN Miss C Chrisford Trumpet Trousers V well conditioned d, He has a masc head of length. Lovely expression. Correct neck. Typical front, just a bit wide at the elbow. Good topline. Well bodied. Stood a little steep in croup here but seemed less tucked under later. Correct turn of stifle. V good going away and moves with lift.RCC & BP Junior D (2) 2 evenly matched youngsters. 1st: HUBBLE Miss D Rockiggy Jumping Jack Flash Took a little while to settle, but sound when he did. Thought he had a better head than 2. Correct neck. Quite a good front. Well ribbed. NIce rear. Flattens a little on the move. 2nd: 2327 CARR Mrs K & Mr W Willakyme Oberon Went well and plenty of lift. Lengthy head, well placed eyes, just a bit deep in stop. Can develop in chest. Topline good stood but flattens moving. Well made rear and sound behind. Post Grad D (3) 1st: 2338 HUBBLE Miss C Rockiggy Light the Fuse Fairly typy d, he has a v nice head. Moved with lift, holds a good topline and better tail carriage than 2. Moderate length neck. Well bent stifle. Could be better going away but he is ok in front. Well muscled. 2nd: CARR Mrs K & Mr W Willakyme Oberon 3rd: CARR Mrs K & Mr W Ibisco The Main Attraction At Willakyme Limit D (1) 3st CARR Mrs K & Mr W Ibisco The Main Attraction At Willakyme Fairly sound d who is carrying too much weight. Up to size. Fairly well made but for me a little whippety in type. Open D (4,1) 1st: BIRD Mrs G Ch Tamiskene Rhumba JW V typy d of a better size than 2. He is sound and has lift. His cheeks are a little prominent. Enough neck. Typical front and liked his chest. Well ribbed back. Good topline with a correct croup. Well bent stifle. Liked his tail. Showed really well today. CC 2nd: DAVIS Mrs H A Minitopo Le Filippo Per Jemalsheva Sh.CM Up to size but he is v typical. Liked his head, long and clean. Lengthy neck. Chest to his elbow. Well ribbed. Has a better topline than 3. Well bent stifle, could just stride out slightly better. 3rd: HENSHALL Mrs C M Gemolli Make A Wish Sh.CM Veteran D. Ne Minor Puppy B (3,1) 1st: MACK, Mrs H & DAVIS Mrs H Minitopo Maat V bouncy pup who was sound once she settled. She has a most lovely head, fem, long and lean. Good neck. Liked her front. Could those a little weight to advantage. V good rear. Full of personality. 2nd: TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Little Sunbeam She has a lovely, curvy outline. Not as pleasing a head as 1, slightly prominent in cheek. Ok neck. Deep chest. Good topline. Just needs to firm up and back but a nice prospect. Puppy B (3,1) 1st: TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Love And Joy Liked this fem b v much. Quite forward for her age. V typy outline. Fem hard. Neat ears. Slender neck. Good front. Well bodied. Liked her rear. Could be tidier out and back but went with lift, holding her outline. RCC 2nd: MACK, Mrs H & DAVIS Mrs H Minitopo Maat Junior B (4,2) 1st: DOHERTY Miss J E Littlebriton Kissed By Fire Really lovely b who wasn't v happy being here. She has a super head, long, clean. Correct eye. Lengthy neck. Good front but just a bit slack in pastern. Super body and topline. Well made rear. Accurate moved, goes with lift and length of stride .Was even more unsettled in the challenge, she was my biggest frustration of the day. 2nd: HENSHALL Mrs C M Gemolli Antique Velvet Shows v well. Fem head, super eye and expression. Ok neck. Typical front. Well ribbed, curvy topline. Would like a stronger rear, knees are a bit close. Has lift. Post Grad B (1) 1st: BIRD Mrs G Tamiskene Viennese Waltz Fem b, nice outline, carrying plenty of body. Would prefer a better head, little weak in muzzle for her skull. Enough neck. Straight in front. Deep chest. Quite a good rear. Sound mover. Limit B (1) 1st: HENSHALL Mrs C M Gemolli Antique Tapestry JW V pretty b. She has a v good head, fem, long , flat skull. Lovely eye and expression. Ok neck. She has a good front. Well bodied. V curvy outline. Would like a stronger rear, just a little narrow. Open B (3) 1st :RUTTER Mrs K Ch Chrisford Hello V typy b who moves with lift and length of stride. She has a super head. Expressive eyes. Correct neck. Straight front. Topline and underline match, she certainly is a series of S shapes. Excels in rear, correct angulation and really sound. CC & BOB 2nd: AMSEL Mrs J B Ch & Am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole Of Regallust Different type. She was a better moves than 3. Pleasing head. Correct neck. Nice front. Tends to lengthen and flatten in topline on the move. Maybe a little long in second thigh but good going away. 3rd: HENSHALL Mrs C M Ch Gemolli Joie De Vivre JW Sh.CM Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell