• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Borzoi

SWKA. Borzoi

There is a great deal of variation within the breed at the moment, there is great variety of shape, from long to short. The topline of a Borzoi is in my opinion a breed feature, around the world they seem to be getting flatter. Feet and pasterns need watching. All were well muscled, all clean. Minor Puppy D (3) 1ST ZAR ELBUR KALINOW OF PALAMEDEES (IMP DEU) (MRS A C LEE-BROWN) Very much a baby. He is well made with a good front. Correct neck. Has an arch in his topline. Enough hind angulation. Masculine head. Accurate out and back. 2ND DONSKOI TCHAIKOUSKY (MRS D LYDEN) This d has a really lovely head. Enough neck. Balanced in angulation. Correct topline. Could be tidier out and back. In super muscle. Puppy D. Ne Junior D. Ne Post Grad D (2) 1ST THRILLSEEKER KOSMOS (MRS D LYDEN) Liked his general proportions. Long head, bit too much stop. Correct neck. Stands rather wide in front and turns his feet in standing and moving. Good depth of chest. Correct topline. Enough hind angulation and really well muscled. 2ND MANITIAS SILVER PRINCE OF VOYSHKA (MR C J UMFREVILLE) Needs more confidence on being gone over. I liked his head. Strong neck. Rather wide in front and body. Ok rear. Limit D (8,2) 1ST SKYROSE SPIRIT OF WARRIOR (MR D FORAN) I liked his outline, which he holds on the move. Lengthy and masc head, eyes could be better shaped. Good strength of jaw. Correct neck. Best shoulder in this class. Can drop in chest still and he looks raw compared to the older males. His topline is quite good. Super rear. Accurate out and back and the best stride in class. Correct coat. 2ND NIBRASS KING PENDA (MR & MRS N EDWARDS) Lots to like about him. He has a long, masc head. Liked his eyes. Correct neck. Rather steep in shoulder and pastern. Fairly deep chest. Better ribbed back than 1. Has a fair topline. Rear angulation matches his front. 3RD DONSKOI ROMULUS (MS M DONNELLY) RES MISCHRAN SILENT WITNESS (MR H & MRS A BAKER) VHC MANITIAS SILVER PRINCE OF VOYSHKA (MR C J UMFREVILLE) Open D (4,1) 1ST CH UJAY KALINOW AT MENIGMA JW SHCM (IMP GER) (MRS S M PINKERTON) Found him the most shapely in this class, holding an arched topline standing and on the move. Head is long and masc. correct neck. Fairly well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed back to a strong loin. Rear matches his front v well. Could have a little more stride. CC 2ND CH KORSAKOV RADOST POWER OF LOVE MENIGMA (IMP USA) (MRS S M & MS L PINKERTON & CATTONI SARMAN) He has a lovely head. Moderate neck. Quite a good shoulder. Can still drop in chest and I would prefer more topline. V good rear. Has a lengthy stride and good out and back. RCC 3RD RYAZAN JOSHUA AT JULAM SHCM (MRS J & MR J SMITH) Veteran D. Ne Good Citizen D Ne Minor Puppy B (1) 1ST DONSKOI TALSIYA (MRS D LYDEN) Very shapely baby with a lot of quality. She has a fem head. Well placed eyes. Strong jaw. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Good topline. Well ribbed back. Liked her rear. Just needs to firm up in front. BP Puppy B (1) 1ST JANSAMS TIRAMISU (MRS R & MR V L CODLING & JONES) Still raw but right for her age. Fem in head lovely expression. Correct neck. Could have a slightly better laid shoulder. Good topline. Just needs to develop in chest. Moderate rear. V good hind action. Junior B (2,1) 1ST TYYSGOL GUINEVERE (MRS J BARRETT-WILLIAMS) Fem b who is very shapely on the move. Liked her head, super eye and expression. Correct stop. Fairly good neck. Rather slack in pastern and feet. Good topline standing and on the move. Plenty of hind angulation. V accurate out and back. Post Grad B (2,1) 1ST DONSKOI LULU (MR P J & MRS A M YARDLEY) She is beautifully conditioned and really well made. Fem head, slightly deep in stop. Lengthy neck, which could be a little stronger. Topline ok for a bitch. Disappoints in out and back movement. Limit B (2) 1ST NIBRASS ELEANORE REGINAE (MISS KANOO) V honest sort of b who is really good moving out and back. Could have more strength to underjaw. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well spring ribs that go well back. Moderate rear. So well conditioned. Just needs more chest. RCC 2ND SERENEFOL ALICJA (MRS J & MS M DEVEREUX & DONNELLY) Needs a bit more confidence. She is in super muscle. Liked her head. Strong neck. Well balanced angulation. Not the topline of 1 and could be tidier coming towards. Open B (7,2) 1ST DONSKOI ALEXANDRA (MR D & MISS C FORAN & MULLANE) V shapely v. She had a long and fem head with well-placed eyes. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Would prefer a slightly deeper chest. Well sprung ribs to a strong loin. Some arch in topline. Super rear, which she uses so well. Flicks her front slightly. Super feet. CC Her proportions took her to BOB. 2ND DONSKOI AZAROVA (MS M DONNELLY) She is a super shape, but held back by her pasterns and feet from the top spots. V good head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Fair depth of chest. Ok topline. Rear matches her front. Could be a bit tidier out and back, but really super in profile. 3RD RYAZAN PERDITA OF HILLOHAWKS SHCM (MR R M & MRS A M EARDLEY) RES MANITIAS JELENA AT JANSAMS (MRS R & MR V L CODLING & JONES) VHC CLAIRLEIGHS CUBA KHARUSSO (MISS R L THOMAS) Veteran B (4) 1ST CH STRELKOS SKYLARK OVER BEAMER (MRS R GODDEN) Beautifully conditioned lady of 12. Long and fem head. Slightly stop. Well set ears. Enough neck. Well made front. Feet quite good. Deep chest. Could have slightly more topline. V good rear. Took a while to get into her stride. Strong contender for top honours. 2ND CLAIRLEIGHS CUBA KHARUSSO (MISS R L THOMAS) She is a shapely b of 11 years. Typical head and expression. Correct neck. More hind angulation than rear and turns feet in. Liked her topline. Good profile action. 3RD BEAMER STARQUEST (MRS R GODDEN) RES TURGAI GLINKA (MRS M E WRIGHT) Good citizen B. Ne Jeff Horswell