• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Bolognese

A wonderful entry, not only numerically but also for quality. I was really impressed with the state of the breed. I thought heads varied somewhat in their proportions and some were rather narrow in front and could have had straighter legs. Overall good quality, fairly even, all were v well presented and temperaments excellent. Deciding between the 2 winners for BOB was a really tough decision, both are beautiful Cotons. This breed was a little late starting, my apologies for that and the rather brief critiques.

Veteran D (3,1) 1st FR DJED'S FORCE DES FLEURS D'ALOS [ATC AU01929FRA] (MRS L VINCENT) Really lovely d. Liked his size and proportions. Super front, which won him this class. He is well bodied. Good rear. Correct topline. Moved v well. 2nd IB CH DARWIN DE TAMARIS BAY [ATC AQ01420FRA] (MR VAN HERZEELE) Masc all through. Just a little close in front. Well bodied, typical topline. Uses his lovely rear v well.

Minor Puppy D (1) 1st CARBONEBIANCO GALAXY [ATC AU03136HUN] (B & F REMENYI) V much a baby, but shows lots of promise. Masc in head. Nice width of skull. Ok neck. Well made front. Super muscle in his rear. V good mover when he decided to cooperate.

Puppy D (5) Thought this a lovely class. 1st JESPERSENS COMMANDER AT BLOSSCOTON (MRS M KNIGHT) Really super puppy. Liked his head. Super eye and expression. Correct neck. Lovely front. Well bodied. Correct topline. Good rear. Super prospect. BP 2nd BUGATTI COTON DE LA SILESIE (MRS J MICHALIK) Liked his v much. Another with a super expression from his dark eyes. Not quite the front of 1. Well bodied. Nice topline. Good rear. 3rd FLAMENCOTON SEIMEI (IMP ESP) (MRS C HANCOCK)

Junior D (3) 1st COTONKISS HEAVEN HELP US (MRS C CLARKE) V well proportioned d. Liked his coat texture. Could have better pigment to his eye rims. Good neck. Stand a bit close in front but moves with decent width. Well developed chest. Correct topline. Good rear. 2nd HAPPYPAWS EQUINOX (MRS M B & MISS E A WATSON & DISNEY) He has a lovely face. Dark pigment. Correct neck. Liked his front. Typical topline. Well made rear. Not the coat texture of 1 today. 3rd COTONKISS RELIGHT MY FIRE (MR L & MRS J HALDANE)

Post Grad D (9,1) Very strong class . 1st CARBONEBIANCO QUENTIN JUN CH [ATC AT02753HUN] (B & F REMENYI) Really super d. He has a v good head, nice proportions and v good pigment. Enough neck. He has a better front than 2 and is better coming towards. Well bodied. Arch to loin. Super rear. 2nd IMERINA TEDDY EDWARD AT VALEAST (MR K & MRS J HOLLEY) This d has a most lovely head. Wide and the proportions as called for in the standard. Good neck. Well laid shoulders. Just weaves in front. Liked his topline. V good rear. Close call. 3rd COTONBRIE MARCO POLO FOR COTONCLOUDE (IMP ITA) (MRS S NEEDHAM)

Limit D (7,1) 1st BLOSSCOTON BARABUS (MRS M KNIGHT) Really nice d. Liked his masc head, good width of skull with muzzle in balance. Eyes ok. Well set ears. Enough neck. Well laid shoulders good legs and feet. Correct body. Well made rear. Maybe a bit wide coming towards. Typical in profile. 2nd COTONALBA CREACH ( MRS S J & MR J D CLOVER) Liked his proportions. Has a masc head. Enough neck. Well made in front. Good body. Well made rear. Also went well, 1 has a better head. 3rd COTONXTREME LORENZO (MR D & MRS J WALLER)

Open D (6) Strong class 1st FR JAMES WEST DES JARDINS DE GOSSYPIUM [ATC AU01621FRA] (MRS L VINCENT) Really lovely d. He has a well proportioned head with good pigment. Correct neck. Slightly better in front than 2. Super body. Typical in topline. Well made rear. BD 2nd FLAMENCOTON EXTREME (MISS D WALLER) He has a super head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Just a bit untidy in front. Well ribbed. Correct topline. V good rear. RBD 3rd COTONKISS MOON ROCK SHCM (MR T & MRS A CRAIG)

Good Citizen Scheme D (4) 1st COTONBRIE MARCO POLO FOR COTONCLOUDE (IMP ITA) (MRS S NEEDHAM) 2nd COTONKISS HEAVEN HELP US (MRS C CLARKE) 3rd COTONKISS BUDDY HOLLY (MRS C CLARKE) Was 3 in the nice post grad class. V well made d. Preferred his pigment to 2, but eyes just a little bold. Balanced and good mover. Veteran B (1) 1st IT CH COTONBRIE DINDARINDINA FOR COTONCLOUDE (IMP ITA) (MRS S NEEDHAM) Lovely b. She has a fem head of strength, well proportioned. Good eyes, pigment and expression. Well made front. Grand body. Could have a little more rise in topline. Moved v well.

Minor Puppy B (2) 1st COTONXTREME RHEA (MRS S CLEMO) V promising baby. She has a well balanced head. Good neck. Well ribbed. V good rear. Such a good mover. 2nd COTONALBA BORERAIG (MR J K & MRS M MURDOCH & HIRST) V much a baby. Needs pigment to her eye rims. Well made and went v well. Lots of promise just raw.

Puppy B (5) 1st BETHESDA HEAVEN SENT EVANGALINE (MS B DOHERTY) Really promising pup. She has a well developed head, lovely eye and expression. Correct neck. V good front. Well bodied and typical in topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Moved v well. 2nd HAPPYPAWS FANCY FREE (MRS J-A MURRAY) Promising pup, v much a baby. Eyes are just a little close together. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Well made rear. 3rd BLOSSCOTON MUSTARD SEED AT CUKOTON (MR S & MRS J SCOTT)

Junior B (9 2) 1st COTONKISS PENNY FROM HEAVEN AT MOPSEYCOTON (MRS J & MR M PEARMAN & VINACCIA) Super young b. She is fem in head, well pigmented. Medium neck. Has a good front. Well developed body. She has a typical topline. Well made rear. Moved v well. Quality girl. Contender for higher awards. 2nd COTONKISS PETITE POWER AT COTONTOP (MRS L & MR I M PECKETT) Fem b. She has a nicely proportioned head. Pigment is ok. Nice front. Well bodied. Topline can still develop. Well bent stifle. 3rd COTONKISS MOVE OVER DARLING (MRS C BROOKS)

Post Grad B (7,1) 1st COTONKISS JUICY LUCY (MR T & MRS A CRAIG) V good to go over and I thought slightly better proportions than 2. She has a v good head. Correct neck. Good front. Well ribbed back. Enough arch to loin. Well made rear. Moved well. 2nd JESPERSEN'S ZIGGI WIGGI AT MOPSEYCOTON (MRS J & MR M PEARMAN & VINACCIA) Lovely b, fem with a v good head. Nice front. Correct topline well made rear. 3rd CUKOTON SKYS THE LIMIT (MR S & MRS J SCOTT)

Limit B (6) Not quite as strong a class as some, only class of the day that I really had to compromise in. 1st HAPPYPAWS BE DAZZLED (MRS M B & MISS E A WATSON & DISNEY) This b has a lot of v good points. She has width of skull, whilst still fem and she has dark eyes and pigment. Enough neck. Nice straight front. Correct topline. Rear matches her front. Easy action, could have a fraction longer stride. 2nd CUKOTON SKYS THE LIMIT (MR S & MRS J SCOTT) Liked her. Coat looks between stages. Good head. Nice front. Correct topline. Uses her rear well. 3rd COTONKISS FRENCH FLOOZIE AT COTONTOP (MRS L & MR I M PECKETT)

Open B (11,3) Lovely class. These first 2 bitches were hard to split. 1st GCH HOPECREST'S MARVELOUS NIGHT FOR A MOONDANCE [ATC AV00666USA] (MRS A & MRS L DERING & BUNTZMAN) She has a super outline. Would like v slightly better head for proportions. Eye and expression and lovely. Correct neck. V well made front. Super topline. Well bodied. Really good rear. Excellent on the move. BOB 2nd FR CH LEELOO DES JARDINS DE GOSSYPIUM [ATC AU01964FRA] (MR VAN HERZEELE) Liked her head. She has a sweet expression. Ok neck. Not quite the front of 1. Topline has the correct rise. Well bodied. Good rear. Accurate on the move. RBB 3rd HAPPYPAWS CAREFREE SHCM (MRS J-A MURRAY)

Good citizen Scheme B (1) 1st COTONKISS FRENCH FLOOZIE AT COTONTOP (MRS L & MR I M PECKETT) V well proportioned b. Fem in head. Nice front. Could just use her rear better. Nice topline.