• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Bath. Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Surprisingly large absentee rate amongst the males. I thought the breed to be in pretty good shape, no extremes of type with too heavy or too light present. Fronts are still a bit of an issue (but that’s in very many breeds). Most were really well muscled, ridges were ok and temperaments v good. Minor Puppy D (2,1) 1st: 6696 MILLS, Miss S & MILLS Mrs L Priorpark Jabari For Nzuri Well conditioned d. Masc head, v good eye and expression. Strong neck. Could have more angulation to shoulder and upper arm. Chest to elbow. Level topline. Moderate rear. Rather proud of his tail moving. Puppy D (1 abs) Junior D (5,4) 1st: 6732 WHITESIDE Mr & Mrs A Jimanns The Doctor V good moving d, accurate out and back and goes with an easy stride. Masc head, slightly strong in cheek. Strong neck. Could have a slightly better front. Decent fill of chest for his age. Level topline. Well ribbed back. V good rear which he uses so well. RCC Novice D (1 abs) Post Grad D (6,2) 1st: 6651 CANN Mrs D C & Mr M G Neelanjali Jay Monrow Strong and powerful d, who moved the best in this class. Well proportioned head. Good eye and expression. Ears slightly big. Strong and lengthy neck. Well angles front, elbows could be tighter. Chest to his elbow. Level topline. Ok rear, turns a hock v slightly. Super feet. 2nd: 6655 CHAVEZ-NOVOA Mrs L M Carlincox First Impression JW Shapely, athletic looking d. Masc head of good balance. V good neck. Well laid shoulders, upright in upper arm and waves his pasterns on the move. Chest is deep enough. Well ribbed back to strong loin. Well made rear. 3rd: 6657 COLLIE, Mrs A & COLLIE Dr J Kitoko Uptown Funky Fritz Limit D (9,3) 1st: 6702 NIX Miss S Kitoko Wherever You Go Eiko JW Very easy moving d, looked his best moving round individually. Well balanced head. Good eye and ears. Lengthy neck. Shoulders set slightly wide. More fill of chest than 2. His chest reaches his elbow. Level topline. V well made rear. Accurate out and back and a v easy profile action. CC 2nd: 6675 FARLEIGH Mrs M L Kinabula's Taking Chances V powerful looking d, with a v good outline. Slightly short in muzzle and a bit throaty. Strong neck of sufficient length. Quite a good front. Can still fill in chest. Well bodied, firm topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks, which he uses so well v good hind action and holds his outline in profile. 3rd: 6683 HOUSE Mr M J H Diamondridge Distant Storm For Kemgordoni Open D (6,1) 1st: 6672 DUNN Miss C J Ch Fadil Nallah By Luanda For Tukela (Imp) Liked his proportions and he moved round with an easy stride. Head is ok, could be a little stronger in muzzle. Good length of neck. Would like a little more angulation in his front. Chest to elbow and well filled. Level topline. Well made rear. More accurate out and back than 2. 2nd: 6660 COX Mrs L A Gens Julia Toretto Always The First At Carlincox Liked his proportions, he is well balanced. V good head, would prefer a darker eye. Super neck. Quite a good front. V good in chest. Just a little sloppy with his pasterns moving, level topline. Rear matches front. Goes with an even, lengthy stride. 3rd: 6663 CRAVEN, Mrs G M & MACKFALL Mr J Ch Hespa Henry Higgins JW Veteran D (5,1) 1st: 6711 PIEHL Mrs L Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW Sh.CM V good moving d. He has a masc head, with lovely eye and expression. Lengthy and strong neck. Has more fill of chest than 2. Good front, just turns his feet in slightly standing and moving in front. Well bodied. Level topline, short loin. V shapely rear. 2nd: 6684 HURN Mrs N & Mr M Rufus On The Lawn Of Matikiridge Sh.CM Liked his outline and balance. Super head. Strong neck. Quite good shoulders. Can stand wide in front and lacks chest. Level topline. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. V good profile mover. 3rd: 6677 HAWKINS, Ms J & SMITH Mr J W Veldtkammer Hot Shot Of Lonaza Sh.CM Sp Beginners D/B (2) 1st: 6657 COLLIE, Mrs A & COLLIE Dr J Kitoko Uptown Funky Fritz Easy moving d, could carry his tail lower. Liked his head, but throaty. Lengthy neck. His angulation is moderate and balanced. Level topline. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed. 2nd: 6652 CANN Mrs D C & Mr M G Hespa Whisky Mac Liked his outline. He has a masc head. Strong neck. Could have a little more front angulation and flex when he moves. Well bodied. Level topline. V good rear. Crowns could be better. Minor Puppy B (6) V good class 1st: 6664 CUNNINGHAM Mr G & Mrs J Walamadengie Coco Chanelle Beautifully conditioned b, so well muscled up. Fem head with a .lengthy neck. Well laid back shoulders, probably the best in the entry. Nice feet. Well bodied with a short loin. Super rear. A bit puppyish on the move as expected, but a really lovely prospect.Should have a bright future, RCC & BP, I see she won the puppy group, well done. 2nd: 6708 PARSONS Miss H Priorpark Pipsqueak She is a v good b, with a super profile action. Liked her head. Good neck. Well made front, not the fill of chest yet of 1. Super body. Enough hind angulation. Needs to muscle up. 3rd: 6654 CATLEY , Miss A & MCGIMPSEY Mr R Diamondridge Roll The Dice Puppy B (6) Thought these were at a bit of an awkward stage in their development. 1st: 6709 PARSONS Miss H Priorpark Pipsicle She is v well made and conditioned. Fem head. Nice chest. Level topline. V good feet. Went quite well. 2nd: 6658 COOGAN Mr A Rovigo Este V good profile mover. She is just a bit long and carrying too much weight. V good head. Strong neck. V good legs and feet. More angulation in front than rear. 3rd: 6665 CUNNINGHAM Mr G & Mrs J Walamadengie Mademoiselle Junior B (5,2) 1st: 6650 BOWLUS Mrs J Firedance's On Her Terms Promising b, still some maturing to do. She has a fem head. Moderate neck. Quite good shoulders. Super feet. Well bodied, ribs go well back. Level topline. Moderate rear. Liked her balance and easy movement. 2nd: 6726 TAYLOR Mrs E Tokwe Truly Gintastic Shapely b. Head is ok, quite deep in stop. Good neck. Quite a good shoulder. Feet can tighten up. Well bodied, topline needs to settle. Moderate rear. 3rd: 6700 NASH Mrs P Tokwe Ginvincible With Mutoko Novice B (1) 1st: 6699 NASH Mrs P Mutoko's Blaze Of Glory V happy pup, could carry her tail lower. She has a v good head, fem but strong. Good neck. Front is ok, needs to tighten in elbow. Just a bit tubey in body as yet, but a baby. Post Grad B (7) 1st: 6721 SEAMAN Mr & Mrs D J Sofala Smart Jazz At Sansilver Good mover, accurate out and back and a fair stride. She is slightly long in body. Fem head of strength, lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Shoulders well laid, upright in upper arm and could have more fill. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Moderate rear, well muscled. 2nd: 6727 TAYLOR Mrs E Tokwe Truly Tickety Boo Good profile mover with a lengthy stride. Has a v good head. Long neck. Needs more fill of chest. Well bodied. Shapely rear. 3rd: 6689 LARKIN Mrs J E Rubicon Red Do The Right Thing Royaal Pearl (Imp) Limit B (9,3) 1st: 6682 HODGE Mrs K Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW Sh.CM Won class on here easy profile action. She has a fem head, well set ears. Would like a little more neck. Quite a good shoulder. Tight feet. Upright pastern. Grand body. Level topline. V good rear. Accurate out and back. 2nd: 6717 RAYMOND Mrs N D Sofala Isabella Pearl V shapely b. Just a little bit lippy. Super neck. Well laid shoulder, slightly steep in upper arm. Level topline. Deep chest. Super rear. Just not the front stride of 1, but uses rear v well. 3rd: 6707 PARRISH Mrs D Rottzridge Me And My Girl Open B (12,2) V even class that took a lot of thinking about to sort. 1st: 6692 MANSFIELD, Ms H & KIRBY Mr J Ch Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose Liked her proportions and was a v good mover. Fem head. Good eye and expression. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be slightly better in upper arm. Well filled chest. Level topline. She is well ribbed back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Her easy typical action too her to CC & BOB 2nd: 6666 CUNNINGHAM Mr G & Mrs J Ir Ch Walamadengie Milady Luck Ir J Ch V typy b who is v good in profile. liked her head. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Not the fill of chest of 1. Well ribbed back. Topline is firm. Moderate rear. 3rd: 6676 FARLEIGH Mrs M L Kinabula Young Gifted An Red Veteran B (4,1) 1st: 6693 MANSFIELD, Ms H & KIRBY Mr J Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk Really lovely old girl who excels in profile action. Fem head, long neck. Well made front, just a bit careless coming towards now. Super body. Firm in topline. Excellent rear and v well muscled. BV 2nd: 6728 THOMPSON, Mr G A & TAYLOR Miss D S Ch Kelshanti Jamila Urbi String, fem and type b. She has a v good head. Medium neck. Angulation is v well balanced. Level topline. Went v well. 3rd: 6718 RAYMOND Mrs N D Sofala Scarlett Dancer

Jeff Horswell