• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Basset Hound

Birmingham Basset Hounds

I think the breed continues to make progress away from exaggeration. Encouraging to have some v lovely youngsters entered. Minor Puppy D (2) 2 very promising pups of a v similar type. 1st: 3223 ELLRICH Mrs D & Mr M Malrich Reubenjames Well proportioned. Just had the edge on front, tighter elbows than 2. Well laid shoulder. He has a lengthy head. Eyes ok. Correct planes. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Needs a bit more drive in rear. 2nd: 3236 INGRAM Mr S & Mrs J Sedonia's Gran Torino Also v good proportions. Has a masc head, well balanced. Correct planes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly short in upper arm and a little wide coming towards. Well ribbed. He has a super rear. Puppy D (5,1) 1st: 3242 JONES Mr & Mrs K & S Qubo Avaleur Du Sabre Met Clanwillow (Imp Bel) He doesn't need to get any heavier. Has a pleasing head, eyes ok. Enough neck. More forechest than 2, quite good shoulders. Well ribbed. Level topline. Stands a bit cow hocked, but parallel on move. Has potential. 2nd: 3247 MELBOURNE, Miss D & MURRAY Miss J Diheath Baldrick He is well balanced and is a little moderate in his angulation. Masc head with a strong muzzle. Lengthy neck. Needs a little more forechest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Accurate mover. 3rd: 3222 DANSON Mrs L G Alcaro First Class Junior D (2,1) 1st: 3255 SCOTT Mrs M Sedonia,s Moet At Dalpatrick Very free moving d of nice type, handler tends to pull him back when she should let him move out. He has a masc head, well balanced. Quite good eyes. Lengthy neck. Shoulder ok. Needs a longer upper arm. Well ribbed. Firm topline. V good rear. Would prefer less loose skin on his underline. Post Grad D (3) 1st: 3206 ALLCHORNE Mrs C Nelgus Thyme Bomb JW Quite a typy d who was the best mover and had best head in this class. Masc. correct planes. Eyes ok. He has a lengthy neck. Fair shoulders. Would like tighter feet. Well ribbed. Firm in topline. Enough hind angulation with low hocks. 2nd: 3248 MELBOURNE, Miss D & MURRAY Miss J Diheath Wreckless Eric Slightly heavier type of d. He has a masc head. Eyes could be better. Enough neck. Little forward in shoulder and short in upper arm, but feet v good. Well ribbed back. Topline ok. Moderare rear angulation. He is accurate out and back but not stride of 1. 3rd: 3227 FREUDENREICH Mrs K Malrich Quantum Of Solace Limit D (6) 1st: 3256 SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Cosworth V well presented d. Good outline and balance and a v easy mover. Masc head. Correct planes. Good eyes. Lengthy neck. A little narrow in front. Shoulders ok. Well ribbed. Level topline. Moderate rear. 2nd: 3266 WILLIAMS, Ms D & REVITT Mr J Bromp Brian Smart He presents a really good outline stood, just a little up and down using his stern. Masc head, not as refined here as 1. Long neck. Liked his front. Well ribbed. Super topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 3rd: 3230 GWYER Mr C Kortebin Dwarf King Open D (6,1) Very strong class, slight variation in type. 1st: 3232 HILI, Mr & Mrs A & R & RATHMELL Mrs D Multi Ch Yogi Bear Dos Sete Moinhos He has a super outline, not overdone, correct proportions. Well balanced head, clean eyes. Lengthy neck. Could have a slightly better laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Super body. Level topline. Well made rear with low hocks. Maintains his shape on the move. V much the type of Basset that should be aimed for. CC & BOB 2nd: 3260 SMITS Mr R & Mrs H NL Ch Ure My Model V Grunsven Heavier type of d. He has a better head than 3. Lengthy neck. Good angle to his front but a bit heavier over the shoulders than 1. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Strong rear which he uses really well. Preferred the lines of 1. 3rd: 3208 ARMSTRONG Miss L Ch Lauralee Code Red Veteran D (1) 1st: 3224 ELLRICH Mrs D & Mr M Ch Malrich Sir Ruff Diamond 9 year old in hard and fit condition. Masc head. A little heavy in lip. Clean eyes. Long neck. Well made front. Could have a little more chest. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Used his rear fairly well. RCC Minor Puppy B (4,2) 1st: 3257 SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Infiniti Really lovely baby, liked her fairly clean lines and proportions. She has a fem head. Good eyes. Lengthy neck. Shoulders are ok. Enough forechest. Well ribbed. Slightly high at the rear stood but levels off moving. Well made rear, which she uses well. 2nd: 3267 WILLIAMS, Ms D & REVITT Mr J Bromp Lola Brown V much a baby of 6 mths but lots to like about her. Fem in head. Lengthy neck. Needs a bit more forechest as she develops. Well bodied. Moderate hind angulation. Would like a cleaner underline. Puppy B (6,1) 1st: 3214 BLEVINS Mr R A & Mrs L A Blevwils Right Impression Really lovely pup. Liked her proportions and lack of exaggeration, similar stamp as the BOB. Fem head. Eyes are ok. Lengthy neck. Well made in front. Well ribbed to a fairly short loin. Strong rear. Moved well. RCC & BP 2nd: 3250 PRICE Mrs B Wellsbayview Rock On Ruby She is a bit heavier in type and a slightly plainer head than 1. Long neck. Fairly clean front with a good shoulder. Well ribbed. Level topline. Needs a. Little more forechest. Enough hind angulation. 3rd: 3238 INGRAM Mr S & Mrs J Alcaro Fleurie At Enguerrand Junior B (4) This was a good class, with a variety of types. 1st: 3235 HUDSON, Mrs J, MURRAY, Miss J & MELBOURNE Miss D Diheath Bob She is a really well made b. Doesn't want to be any heavier. She has a good head, correct planes, v good eyes. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. She has more forechest and a longer upper arm than 2. Well ribbed back. Short loin. Topline is level on move. Handler tends to stand her rear under her. V shapely outline moving and good out and back. 2nd: 3215 BLEVINS Mr R A & Mrs L A Blevwils Ravishing Rita Really liked her for type. Maybe a bit plain as yet in head, but still a pup. Long neck. Well bodied with a level topline. Well bend stifle and low hocks. Moved v well. 3rd: 3231 HARDS Mr A & Mrs H Clanwillow Amber Delight For Braemoray Post Grad B (8,2) 1st: 3226 FREUDENREICH Miss C Malrich Puss N' Boots V well handled b who put in a v good performance. She is well proportioned. Fem head. Long neck. Forward in shoulder. Quite good legs and feet. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Used her rear v well on the move. 2nd: 3217 BRUNSKILL Mr & Mrs I & B Diheath Koala She is a v well made b who didn't put much effort in. Pleasing head, fem, correct planes and good eyes. Well laid shoulder. Enough forechest. Well bodied. Not rear or hind action of 1. 3rd: 3246 MELBOURNE, Miss D & FRYER, Mr & Mrs S & STORTON Diheath Steffii Limit B (6) 1st: 3239 INGRAM Mr S & Mrs J Enguerrand Maleficent Mimi Typy b who is unexaggerated, well made and sound. She has a fem head, correct planes. Good eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, needs a longer upper arm. Well bodied. Level topline. Pleasing rear. Went v well. 2nd: 3261 SMITS Mr R & Mrs H Earnest Elza V. Grunsven A really lovely b who was not using her tail much, on final circuit put it up sufficiently to gain her place, such a pity. She has a good head. Long neck. Well made front. Super body. Well made rear with low hocks. 3rd: 3262 THEXTON Ms S Barrenger Harmony Open B (7,5) 1st: 3258 SEDDON Mr I & Mrs J Sedonia's Dawn Treader V moderate type of Basset. She has a fem head, correct planes. V good eyes. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Could be tidier coming towards. Super body and rib. Level topline. Well made rear moves so well in profile. CC 2nd: 3243 JONES Mr & Mrs K & S Switherland Dutch Delight With Clanwillow Nicely balanced b. Head plans are parallel. Long neck. She is a bit short in upper arm so not stride of 1. Well sprung ribs. Slightly long in loin. Moderate rear steady mover. Veteran B (2,1) 1st: 3209 ARMSTRONG Miss L Ch Switherland Imajean Quality b, just a bit inconsistent with her stern for further honours, she has a v good head. Long neck. She is heavy over the shoulder. Well developed forechest. Super body and ring. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks, using rear so well on move.

Jeff Horswell