• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Bolognese

Not the easiest entry to judge. I was looking for a square, white d. Most had correct coats and none looked over groomed or trimmed. However, presentation left a lot to be desired in some, not just coats, but nails that needed a trim and teeth that were dirty.

Veteran D (3) 1st INT CH PREDATINO BENGI OF MOORHEY (IMP HUN) (MRS S HEWITSON) Squarest of these. Masc head, nice width of skull. He could have better pigment. Enough neck. Well angulated front and rear. Well bodied. Moved v well. 2nd STROPHAIR LUIGI (MRS B R HOPKINS) Slightly longer than 1. Well balanced head and pigment is ok. Moderate neck. Nice front and chest. Level topline. Moved well. 3rd BLOOTOON'S CAMERONS LOON (MR G & MRS E LOVIE)

Minor Puppy D ne

Puppy D ne

Junior D (6) 1st BELSTOWN MERLAU BLACKBIRD (MRS K HOLLIDAY) Very well made d, just a fraction longer than square. Well balanced head. Good pigment. Correct neck. Well made front. V good body with a level topline. Good turn of stifle and low hocks. Moved v well. 2nd LAFFORD HERO (MS V & MR A DOWTY & DAVIDSON) He is squarer. Nice head. Not quite the shoulder of 1. Well ribbed. Topline arches a little. Moderate hind angulation. 3rd DANTE BEL DIAMOND (MR P PIPTA)

Post Grad D (5,1) 1st LITTLE WHITE WONDER SOCRATE ENEA [ATC AU00949NLD] (MS V & MRS K DOWTY & BEGG) Fairly square d. He has a v good head with super pigment. Enough neck. V good front. Level topline. Medium rear, which he uses well. With a little more composure should do v well. 2nd AEMILIA'S ROBERTO (MRS F WALKER) Liked his proportions, good head. Dark pigment. Could just put a bit more in. 3rd BIANCOPALE SHOOTING STAR (J L & C L JOHNSON)

Limit D (7,2) 1st LAFFORD MILKY BAR KID (MRS C P LEES) He is a square d, moved v well. Super pigment, lovely skull, but too narrow in underjaw. Well made front and rear. Level topline. Moved so well. 2nd BLOOTOON'S HOWES ACRE (MR G & MRS E LOVIE) He has a masc head, which is well balanced. Ok neck. Liked his front. Well bodied. Could have a better rear. 3rd DONOCIELO ALESSANDRO AT STROPHAIR (MRS J D HOUGH)

Open D (5) This was a nice class, conditioning and presentation played a part. 1st GER/INT CH HARVEY WHITE LION VOM HOF DOMINIQUE [ATC AU02527DEU] ( SCHWARZ-SCHULTZ) He is a fraction longer than ideal, but he has a lovely head, well balanced with good width of skull. Super eye and expression. Nice width of chest well bodied. Level topline. Ok rear. RBD 2nd DONOCIELO CEASARIO (MR D A & MRS C M MULLIGAN) Liked him v much. he is square. Just a little long in muzzle. Super eye and pigment. Ok neck. V good front. Well bodied. Would like a little more hind angulation. 3rd RADAMANTINO ORLANDO DI LAFFORD (MR C F YOUNG)

Good Citizen Scheme D (1) 1st INT/FR/IR/GIB CH BOLOGNESE STAR DONALD AT HAVANESE STARS [ATC AM01023CHE] (MS V & MME DOWTY & SEEBERGER) Square d in wonderful condition. He has a v well balanced head, masc.and with super pigment. Correct neck. Well made front. Level topline. Super body good rear. Could be a. Little cleaner in front action. V good in profile. BD

Veteran B (4,3) 1st FIGGARONY ANDROMACHE AT BELSTOWN (MS M L THOMAS) Really lovely B. She is square. Well proportioned, fem head. Enough neck. Super body. Balanced in outline. Moderate rear, moved v well. Minor

Puppy B (1) 1st DONOCIELO GIULIETTA (MR D A & MRS C M MULLIGAN) Really pretty fem pup. She has a well balanced head with good pigment. Fairly square. Well made in front. Already well bodied with good ribbing. Level topline. Ok rear. Moved v well. BP Puppy B (2) 1st AEMILIA'S BELLFLOWER (MRS F WALKER) Very pretty baby of 7 mths. She is square in outline. Well proportioned head. Dark pigment. Enough neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Moved quite well. 2nd STANHOME KATHARINE HEPBURN (MRS J STANLEY) Slightly longer pup. V fem in head. Angulation is balanced. Coat could be better.

Junior B (5) 1st PHENDELLE FLAMINGO FLING (MRS H MCARDELL) Sweet b, square in outline. Liked her head. Super pigment. Enough neck. She is really well made front and rear. Ribs go well back. 2nd CLARCHIEN ROCK WITH YOU (MS V DOWTY) Another v promising b, just needs a little more confidence. Fem head, correct width of skull. Level topline. Good angulation. 3rd BELSTOWN CHEEKY PUMPKIN AT MOORHEY (MRS S HEWITSON)

Post Grad B (9,3) 1st AEMILIA'S ENGLISH ROSE BEL JUN CH (MRS F WALKER) Square in outline. She has a nice width of skull, would like a shorter muzzle. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Good front. Well bodied. Rear is ok. Moved well. 2nd RHOSYNANGEL SEREN (MR P R & MRS J P FULLER) She is a fraction long. Liked her head. Dark pigment. Good front. Would prefer a bit more hind angulation. V well presented. 3rd LAGSPRING BABY (AS2) (MR G & MRS E LOVIE)

Limit B (8) 1st STAREXPRESS MYSTERY GIRL (MRS G FRANKLIN) Very nice b. Almost square in outline. She has a well balanced head. Dark pigment. Ok neck. Level topline. Good front. Could have a just a little more hind angulation. RBB 2nd DONOCIELO SERAPHINA (MR D A & MRS C M MULLIGAN) Slightly longer sort of b. She has a fem head, well pigmented. Ok neck. Level topline. Balanced in her angulation. 3rd BIANCOPALE SHINING STAR (J L & C L JOHNSON)

Open B (4) 1st KAYLO VH BALGZAND (IMP NLD) (MISS K A GOLDEN) Really pretty b. She is square. Has a well balanced head. Dark pigment. Correct neck. Well made front. Level in topline. Good bend of stifle and low hocks. Coat v well presented. Thought her quite lovely. BOB 2nd IR CH CLYNYMONA JO I'M ALONE CW15 (MS V DOWTY) Square b who is v well made, could just look a little whiter. She has a well balanced head. Maybe a bit sturdy in build. Level topline. Well set tail. Moved fairly well. 3rd TUMBRIL TANTRUMS AND TIARAS AT PHENDELLE (MRS H MCARDELL)

Good Citizen Scheme B. NE