• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla

SKC. Hungarian Wire Viszla

Obviously not a representative entry because of the location of the show. Construction and movement needs attention, most had forward front assemblies and out and back movement often left a lit to be desired. Some would benefit from carrying some muscle. Temperaments were all good and most had the correct coat, although at different stages of growth. Puppy D (1) 1. ZOLDMALI MONDA (MISS J SWEENEY) 6 mths and raw, as he should be. He has a super head. Strong neck. Shoulders well laid. Could be tighter in elbow. Good legs and feet. Super rear. Needs to grow a coat. Junior D (5,1) All 13 mths and all at a teenage stage with plenty to do. 1. HOSOKTER TOMPA ( MR R THOMAS) Thought he was the best proportioned in this class. Pleasing head, throat could be cleaner. Good legs and feet. Topline runs up. V good rear. Coat can develop. Easy profile action. 2. LEIBORSCHY MURACHADH (MR B J & MRS M A GARDEN) V good head, light eyes. Correct neck. Quite good proportions with a fair topline. Feet can improve. Went well. 3. EIBORSCHY LEIF OF FRYERFOLD (MRS S J STEPHENSON) Post Grad D (3) 1. GINGERWIRE MY KINDA HERO (DR A S & MRS J C DAVIDSON) Raw and some developing to do. He is very moderate in his angulation, but balanced, giving a v good profile stride. Masc head. Ok neck. Untidy out and back. Good coat coming through. 2. AUCHINNER FIONN (MR C & MRS Y MCNEILL) Liked his proportions, just carrying a little too much weight. Pleasing head. Deep chest. Topline ok. Movement could be better. 3. ZOLDMALI U R SPECIAL (IMP HUN) (MRS & MR SM & LW HOWARD Limit D (6,1) 1. ALDOZOVOLGYI-DROTOS NADOR AT ENRYB JW (IMP HUN) (MRS J BYRNE) V comfortable winner of this class. Correct proportions. He has a masc head, maybe slightly strong in skull. Correct neck. Well made front. Level topline. Good coat. Correct bend of stifle with low hocks. moved v well. CC 2. NAPVIRAG DOLGOS ARLO (IMP HUN) (DR J ALLISON) Liked his shape and proportions. Harsh jacket. He has a super head. Correct eye,.medium neck. His angulation is moderate. Hard topline. 3. EWTOR NOBODY DOES IT BETTER (MR A D MOSS) Open D (2) 1. ZOLDMALI TUDOR FOR GALVIKKI (IMP SRB) (MRS V A & MRS G A HOPE-CLIFFE & HOPE-ELLERSHAW) Perhaps could be a little more of him, but accurate out and back and has a balanced stride in profile. V good head. Ok neck. Well enough laid shoulder level topline. Flat croup. Enough hind angulation. Harsh coat. 2. HELIOS SOL AT EWTOR (MR A D MOSS) V raw looking and needs more body and muscle. V good hear correct neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Untidy out and back and over reaches in profile. Good coat. Veteran D (1 abs) Puppy B (2,1) 1. ALDOZOVOLGYI-DROTOS NYUZSGO AT ENRYB (IMP HUN) (MRS J BYRNE) Well developed pup. She has a fem head. Moderate neck. Shoulders ok. Elbows could be tighter. Level topline. Well bodied. Ok rear. In good coat. Has a lot of potential. BP Junior B (8,2) 1. LEIBORSCHY YAIKA (MRS D PARRY) Fairly well developed b of good proportions. She has a fem head. Correct neck. Fairly good front with tight elbows. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. Being so well balanced allowed her to outmove rest of class. RCC 2. FASSFIELDS LIKE A BARONESS (MR J & MRS G RILEY) Standing she is v lovely, at the moment tends to loose outline on move and really shortened up. Fem head, good neck. Decent front and better than those plced behind her in front. Chest to elbow. Level topline. Good coat. 3. REDRAFI GALDESSA (MISS J SWEENEY) Post Grad B (4) 1. LEIBORSCHY GIVE A TUPPENCE WITH SWNYDWR (MR W H & MRS J, MRS S & MRS J QUIGLEY, DAY & PIPER Liked her proportions and she was fairly good out and back. Fem head. Needs more underjaw. Ok for neck. Quite a good front. Chest to elbow. Level in topline. Rear matches her front. Needs more coat. 2. HAYGANWIRE ERISKAY (MRS C HUGGAN) Another who could have more coat. Fem head, but needs a stronger muzzle. Correct neck. Chest to elbow. V moderate but balanced in angulation. 3. MIADSC PRECIOUS PEARL (MISS K, MRS P & MRS R KAYE, BROOKER & SUMMERFIELD) Limit B (3) 1. REDRAFI OL TUKAI (MISS J SWEENEY) Could be a little more of her and more coat but won class on her movement. She has a fem head. Correct neck. Stands v wide in front. Forward in shoulder. Well bodied. Moderate rear. Well muscled up. 2. ELECTRA ATLANTIS AT EWTOR (MR A D MOSS) Correct proportions. She needs more body and muscle. Has a v good head. Better reach and front than 1, chest can drop. Well bent stifle. Rather untidy out and back. 3. BLACKCRAIG LACE AROUND FITZROVIA (MR A E & MRS C T S HARRIS-MAYELL) Open B (1) 1. SH CH BELATARR MAHALIA JACKSON SHCM (MS I E COLLIER) Really lovely b. She has a fem head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Upper arm is upright. Super body. Level topline. Good rear. V easy mover. Enough coat of correct texture. CC & BOB Veteran B ne

Jeff Horswell