• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Manchester Terrier

WELKS. Manchester Terrier

I was very impressed with the conditioning of all the dogs, all were in lovely hard condition. I thought heads and ears were a bit varied, as was colour.

Veteran D.ne Puppy D (1 abs) Junior D (1 abs) Yearling D ne Post Grad D. Ne Limit D (3) Difficult class to sort as they all had different virtues and failings. 1ST TALANORS IN FOR A TREAT (MRS C & MR D STRAUGHAN & CRIPPS) Quite a well balanced d. He has a clean head with slight stop and flat skull,, ears could be better. Crested neck. Front ok, can knuckle over when v alert. Well ribbed. Fair rear. 2ND EAGLESPUR CLASSIC CHARMER (MR L ALMOND) Larger d who could also have better ears. Lengthy and strong head. Patterns could be firmer. Topline is ok. V good mover. 3RD PAUCELIN FALSTER JW (MR D & MRS A HEBB) Open D (4) 1ST CH DIGELSA DECLARATION (MR K CARTER) He has a super head, well set ears, dark eyes. V clean cut. Strong neck. Straight front. Could be slightly better in topline. Strong rear. Accurate out and back. CC 2ND CH MAGPIEBANK ASH (MR C HARRISON) Liked his head. Ears were ok. Lengthy neck. Super body. Balanced in angulation. Just a bit untidy out and back. RCC 3RD CH TALANORS DIAMONDS N' DREAMS AVEC JANMARK JW SHCM (MR M & MRS J WALSHAW) Sp Beginners D ne Sp Beginners B (1) 1ST RUFFAGGA RITZY RIZZO ( MRS L J PLANT) Quite a typy b, just needs a bit more ring training. Fem head. Eyes could be darker. Flat skull. Neck is ok. Deep chest. Nice topline. Veteran B ne Puppy B (2,1) 1ST PANTYCELYN PICTURE PERFECT (MRS A J WEST) Promising pup of v good proportions, just needs a bit more confidence. Fem head, good ears when she uses them. Dark eyes. Straight front. Well bodied. Topline can still develop. Accurate mover. BP Junior B (3) 3 v good young ladies. 1ST DIGELSA DATE NIGHT AT HOLTAIRE (MR A & MRS J A GOODWIN) Really super b. Liked her proportions. Fem head of strength. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Strong neck. Straight front. Well bodied. Could have a little more arch in loin. V good rear. Just a fraction untidy in front as yet, otherwise a v good mover. Was v taken with her CC & BOB 2ND JANMARK BACK T'BLACK (MR M & MRS J WALSHAW) Another super b, with a good head and lovely ears. Enough neck. Not quite the shoulder of 1 and lifts her front high moving, but she is also v playful & full of fun. Well bodied. Topline ok. Super muscle. Hind feet could be better. 3RD MARLABLUE QUEEN BEE (MISS B R CAWLEY) Yearling B (2) 1ST TALANORS TYPICALLY SPECIAL (MR C & MRS G KNIGHT) Pleasing b of good proportions. Fem head of strength with well set ears and dark eyes. Straight front. A little steep in pastern, super body. Liked her topline. V well muscled rear, just a fraction wide going away. 2ND RUFFAGGA RITZY RIZZO ( MRS L J PLANT) Post Grad B (3,1) 1ST LARKSWING BELLE STAR (MRS B H HARRISON) She has a lengthy head, slight stop. Ears could be better. Medium length of neck. Straight front, just a fraction untidy on move. Good underline. Topline ok. Well bent stifle. 2ND RUFFAGGA RITZY RIZZO ( MRS L J PLANT) Limit B (5) 1ST UTTERBYGREEN MINT CHOCOLAT (MR D & MRS P GREENSLADE) Fem b of a v good size. Has a balanced head, v good ears. Medium neck. Straight front. Well filled in chest. Good underline, topline is ok. Well bodied. Rear is ok, hind feet could be better. Accurate mover. RCC 2ND SIMJEST BACK TO BLACK BY DOBERMATIAN JW (MRS V SAVILLE) She has a strong yet fem head with good ears. Lengthy neck. Not as accurate in front as 1. Chest almost to elbow, well ribbed, strong rear. 3RD TALANORS DIAMOND TREAT (MR C & MRS G KNIGHT) Open B (3) Fairly even class. 1ST CH TALANORS TREAT ME GOOD AT SIZLIN SHCM (MRS J WALKER) Scored in ears over her rivals. She has a fem head. Dark eye with super expression. Ok neck. Straight front. Quite a well laid shoulder. Deep chest with good underline. Just a bit moderate in her hind angulation. Accurate mover. 2ND NIGHTFURY BOLD VENTURE JW (MRS D BARLOW) V showy girl. Lengthy neck. Would like better shoulders. Deep chest. Well bodied. Enough hind angulation. A slight tendancY to side wind on the move. 3RD CH MARLABLUE IN A TWIRL SHCM (MISS B R CAWLEY)

Jeff Horswell