• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Norfolk Terrier


A very enjoyable entry, they are such characters. Good to see quite a few with a straight tail held correctly. Watch mouths, a few had lower incisors pointing forward rather than square to the jaw. Temperaments were excellent. Puppy D (5) 1st: THOMPSON-MORGAN Mrs C S Belleville Crumble Topping Most forward of these pups and put on a v assured performance. Chuncky body. He has a good head, well balanced and fairly flat in skull. Correct neck. Straight front, could be a little longer in upper arm. Well ribbed back with a short loin. Level topline. Well made rear. Accurate up and back. In super jacket. BP & PG2 2nd: PHILLIPS, Mr M P & PHILLIPS Tell A Tale To Jaeva TAF V much a baby but a lot of potential. Head still needs to develop, just a bit rounded in skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, well ribbed back. Level topline. Super tail. V good mover. 3rd: 1414 PHILIP Mrs L & Mr M J Nordalset Festivities Junior D (1) 1st: STEVENSON Mrs J R Brickin Just A Pickle He has a super temperament. A really lovely head, masc, correct proportions. Dark eyes. Standing he looks rather long, but tends to shorten up on move. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Could have a little more neck and carry a fraction less weight. Super topline and tail. Lovely coat. Post Grad D (1) 1st: LLOYD Miss J Orison Ice Tee Masc d having fun. He looks a little leggy and up in the air, but still quite young. Liked his head. Dark eyes, v good expression, well set ears. Ok neck. Balanced in angulation. Could have a firmer topline. Moves quite well. Coat coming through. Limit D (4) 1st: GEE Mrs R Watercroft Calling Time Really good d, liked his shape, which he holds on move. Masc head, well balanced. Super eye and expression. Enough neck. Well made front. Big ribs, short loin. Level topline. Would prefer a bit more hind angulation, but he uses his rear v well. In super coat.RCC 2nd: ATKINSON Mrs M E Charlie Blake at Moortop He is v good for type. Well balanced head. Dark eyes. Ok neck. Well laid shoulder, a bit short in upper arm, and so comes at you slightly wide. Super body. Firm topline. Excellent tail. Well made rear. 3rd: 1409 JENKINS, Miss D & MCCOURT Mrs S Kinsridge Crackshot TAF Open D (5,1) 1st: 1429 VAN-STUIVENBERG Ms G NL Ch Jaeva Bit O'bover He is a super type and so beautifully well made and conditioned. Masc head which is well balanced. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good upper arm. Super body. Well sprung ribs. Short loin. Level topline. Super set tail. Well made rear. Accurate out and back. Holds his lovely shape on the move. In super jacket. CC 2nd: 1406 HURRION, Miss K L & STANDEN Mrs S Villassa Jack Be Quick Liked his shape v much and he moves and shows so v well. Pleasing head. Would like a longer neck and slightly better shoulder. Level topline. Super ribs. Well made rear. In excellent coat. 3rd: 1403 HORNE Miss D L Ch Marchdens Mark My Words Sp Beginners D ne Sp Beginners B (2) 1st: MACARTNEY Miss F J Nordalset Little Bit Of Sun For Ivrig Fem b with a lovely nature. She has a better head than 2. Slightly long in back and forward in shoulder. Ok neck. In super coat. 2nd: BRITTAIN Ms A P Lexinor Rising Star V fem b, her coat is just holding. Could have a little more neck. She too is slightly long. Big ribs. Went well. Puppy B (6) Some v nice pups here, not much to choose between them. 1st: STEVENSON Mrs J R Brickin Devine Tilly Liked her shape. She has a v good head. Enough neck. Straight front. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good rear. Went really well when it mattered. 2nd: THOMPSON-MORGAN Mrs C S Belleville Back To Black V raw and a bit up in the air at the moment, which is fine. Fem in head. Short back. Good front. Just needs a little more hind angulation. Super jacket. Junior B (6,1) 1st: MACBEAN Mrs S J Pryorvale Bow Belle She is a good type, really well made and the best mover in the class. Not as well trimmed as some others, but coat is harsh. Fem head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder, good length of upper arm. Well ribbed. Level topline. V good rear. 2nd: JENKINS Miss D Kinsridge Chitchat Standing she is super, but not as good moving as 1. Fem head, well balanced. Lengthy neck. Ok front. Shorter in back than 3. Enough turn of stifle. 3rd: PHILLIPS Miss J Blakens Party Planner Post Grad B (6,1) 1st: THOMPSON-MORGAN Mrs C S Belleville In The Black Promising pup who was a comfortable winner here. Typy, fem b. Well balanced head. Medium neck, she is just a little heavy over the shoulder. Well ribbed. Straight front. Level topline. Moderate hind angulation. Accurate out and back and a nice stride. 2nd: HAYDON, Miss J A & GIBBINGS Mr M W V Villassa Jelliwobble At Earthtaw Nice outline and a chunky body. Just a little short in muzzle. Ok neck. Front is a little forward and just a bit narrow coming towards. Level topline. Liked her rear. 3rd: MACARTNEY Miss F J Nordalset Little Bit Of Sun For Ivrig Limit B (5,1) 2 really super bitches. 1st: GEE Mrs R Watercroft Pink Fizz Thought she was just a fraction shorter in back and slightly more settled on the final run round than 2. She has a fem head, well balanced with a lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Level topline. Good rear. Would prefer a better tail carriage. Accurate out and back. In super jacket. Thought she had super Norfolk type. CC & BOB the G3 2nd: PHILLIPS Miss J Blakens Look No Further She has a super head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Long, sloping upper arm. Well ribbed. Better tail set than 1, although it could be better. Liked her rear with low hocks. 3rd: WALSHE Mrs S Beritas Bedevilled Open B (5) 1st: THOMPSON-MORGAN Mrs C S Belleville Ovation Liked her type, lovely proportions. She has a fem head, well balanced. Dark eyes. Correct neck. Quite a good front. Short back. Big ribs. Just a fraction too much hind angulation, but low hocks. Level topline. Super coat. RCC 2nd: GEE Mrs R Watercroft Gold Dust Liked her size and type, couldn't match 1 up and back. She has a v good head. Correct neck. Fair front. Level topline. A fraction longer than 1. Well bent stifle, low hocks. Super coat. 3rd: PHILLIPS Miss J Ch Marchdens Look To The Sky For Blakens

Jeff Horswell