• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Deerhound

Bath. Deerhounds

Congratulations on the improvements made since last I judged. There is now more depth of quality, out and back movement is much better, and breed type has been maintained. Fronts and still improve and a few had flat toplines, but I was really heartened with this entry, in my opinion the breed is on the up. Minor Puppy B ne Puppy D (3,1) Both v promising pups. 1st: 6471 PEACH Mr & Mrs G & M Kilbourne Samuel Pickwick V typy d with a light and springy stride. He has a v good head. Lovely eye, neat ears. Strong neck. Better shoulder than 2. Well bodied for age. Correct topline. Strong and well muscled rear. 2nd: 6447 FAIRCLOTH Mrs L & Mr J Beardswood Uther V good moving pup. V good head. Dark eye and kind expression. Ok neck. Good legs and feet. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle. Accurate on move. Junior D (2) 1st: 6472 PEACH Mr & Mrs G & M Kilbourne Shrike Really good young d. Lengthy head. Kind eye. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder, stands on good legs and feet. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Good turn of stifle. Turns hocks stood but ok on move. Light and springy stride. Really good prospect RCC 2nd: 6458 LEWIS Mr A & Mrs V Greyhawks Romanie Mishto of Luckhurst More immature but a well made and sound d. V good head. Slightly thin neck and could have a little more width through. Well ribbed. Topline a bit severe. Rear is ok. Novice D (1 abs) Post Grad D (6,2) 1st: 6473 PEACH Mr & Mrs G & M Kilbourne Lloyd V typy d, with a light and easy stride. Liked his head, eyes could be slightly darker. Would like a v slightly longer neck. Shoulders are quite well laid. Super topline, held on move. V good rear, used so well. .Still young but think he is a lovely d. CC & BOB, well done on G3 2nd: 6459 LEWIS Mr A & Mrs V Luckhurst Paisley Earns this place on type and topline. Pleasing head. Better neck than 1. Quite a good shoulder but too steep in pastern. Well bodied. Moderate rear and could be better going away. 3rd: 6481 TAYLOR Mrs C & Hoddingrey Peregrine Limit D (2) 1st: 6441 BAUMANN Mrs S Packway Loxley Norton Typy d who won on his better front and topline. Lengthy and masc head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder and quite good return of upper arm. Could perhaps have a little more turn of stifle. Accurate mover and a light, easy stride. 2nd: 6467 MORTON, Ms A & MORGAN Mr J Cotherstone Cold Steel He has the most lovely head and eye. Correct neck. Front assembly is forward and elbows could be tighter. Flat in topline. Moderate hind angulation, turns hocks standing. Open D (3,1) 1st: 6450 FINNETT, Miss S L & HEATHCOTE Miss N Ch Hyndsight Desperado V sound d with excellent angulation. He has a good head. Dark eyes. Strong neck. Would like more topline standing and moving. Well bent stifle. Hocks ok. 2nd: 6444 CONSTANTINE Mrs K Kaleginy The Forester Sh.CM He has a v typical head. Dark eyes. Strong neck. A little more moderate in front than 1 and elbows could be tighter. Well bodied. Flat in topline. Strong rear. Not front stride of 1. Veteran D (1) 1st: 6442 BAUMANN Mrs S Multi Ch Regalflight Tarloch He has a springy stride and is fairly true out and back. Nice head. Strong neck. Long and flat in back. Coat is a bit soft. Well bent stifle, needs more muscle. BV Sp Beginners D/B ne Minor Puppy B (2) 1st: 6479 SPENCE Mrs L A Shagiead Stormy Seas (ai) V much a baby but shows huge promise. Fem in head. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Super body. Correct topline. Well made rear with good length hip to hock. Lifts her front slightly at moment, but a super pup. Couldn’t resist her for BP. 2nd: 6443 CANNON, Mr M & Miss F & DUDDELL Mrs J Hyndsight An American Girl At a more teenage stage. She is strong, fem and typy. Good neck. Balanced angulation and topline ok. Went well. Puppy B (4,1) V even class of promising pups. 1st: 6445 CONSTANTINE Mrs K Cotherstone Seranade At Kaleginy She has a lovely head. Lengthy neck I'd a bit thin. Upright in pastern. Well ribbed. Topline can delevop. Liked her rear. She has a lengthy and springy stride, which won her this class. 2nd: 6456 HELPS Dr S Beardswood Unique Gem Very curvy sort of b. She has a fem head. Strong neck. Well developed in body. Feet could be better. More hind angulation than 3. 3rd: 6485 WILCE QUINTON , Mrs J & QUINTON Mr R J Kilbourne Louisa Chick At Kirjojax Junior B (4) 1st: 6439 BARTER Mrs S E Kilbourne Saffron at Ehlaradawn Lovely b. Harsh coat and not fully coated yet and so looks a little plain in head, her head is v good. Super neck. She has a good front and is slightly better in pastern and feet than 2. Well bodied. Curvy topline. Enough hind angulation. Movedr v well and so well muscled. Thinks she is a super prospect. RCC, understand she is litter mate to the lovely junior d. 2nd: 6474 PEACH Mr & Mrs G & M Ormanstar Queen Of Hearts To Kiilbourne She is super for type and had a v good outline. Lovely head, so fem and a dark, kind eye. Lengthy and strong neck. Good front, just lifts her feet slightly at the moment. Well bodied. Liked her topline. Well muscled rear. 3rd: 6440 BARTER Mrs S E Serenity In The Silence of Ehlaradawn Novice B (1 abs) Post Grad B (5,2) 1st: 6486 WILCE QUINTON , Mrs J & QUINTON Mr R J Kilbourne Marie Claire At Kirjojax Typy b who has a bit more bone and substance than 2. Pleasing head. Thin neck, good front. Liked her topline. Turns hocks moving, light in profile. 2nd: 6475 SEYMOUR-JACKSON Mrs L B Kilbourne Lucy Fem and curvy b who is rather untidy put and back. Good neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Harsh coat. 3rd: 6487 WRAGG Mrs J Neroche Juno Limit B (5) 1st: 6468 MORTON, Ms A & MORGAN, Mr J & CONSTANTINE Mrs K Cotherstone Islay Mist At Kaleginy TAF V good moving b. She has a fem head, perhaps needs a little more underjaw. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders, a little upright in pastern. V good topline and rear. She is so well balanced, accurate out and back and v easy in profile. In top form moving. CC 2nd: 6452 FINNETT, Miss S L & HEATHCOTE Miss N Hyndsight In Your Dreams Another v good b. She has a fem head. Good eye and expression. Liked her neck. Could have a better shoulder, although elbows nice and tight. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed. Good turn of stifle. Just goes with rear slightly under her. 3rd: 6463 LUCAS, Miss R & DARGONNE Mr C J Packway Little Loxley Open B (6,2) 1st: 6438 BAILEY Mr & Mrs G & N B Greyflax Lady Sings The Blu's Typy b who has a v good outline. Liked her head. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Nice depth of chest. Well made rear. Hocks could be lower and could be slightly tidier out and back. Lovely profile action. 2nd: 6453 FINNETT, Miss S L & HEATHCOTE Miss N Ch Hyndsight Mandolin Wind She has a fem head of lengthy. Ok neck. Fairly good front. Well ribbed back with good depth of chest. Topline could be slightly better. Well bent stifle. 3rd: 6480 SPENCE Mrs L A Shagiead Mrs Bridges Veteran B (3,1) 1st: 6482 TAYLOR Mrs C & Saint Valentene Lilly Better bodied and muscled of these 2. She has a fem head. Strong neck. Could be better in pastern, tendency to knuckle. Well bodied. Coat ok. 2nd: 6477 SEYMOUR-JACKSON Mrs L B Cassacre Aelfrida of Ghiltan Shapely b, fem head. Well ribbed back. Rather soft in coat now.

Jeff Horswell